What’s for Dinner??

I’m still here!  I keep on telling myself I have to blog but I’m worn out by the time the kids are in bed and I finally have time for myself at the end of the day.  The catch is that when I finally do have that time, I am exhausted.  Yesterday I was so incredibly tired. I was going to make myself a cup of coffee, put a mug in the Keurig and forgot to turn the machine on and make one!! What the heck?  So by the time the kids were in bed, I was utterly exhausted and not really making any sense.  I made sure I had my one cup of coffee today. Two, if you count the tea I had a few hours later for the afternoon pick me up.

Being a Stay At Home Mom is definitely more rewarding but I am beat!  I don’t miss my desk job either though and I have no regrets quitting my full time job and getting no income for the sake of spending more time with my children.  My kids love it though!  Ever since I’ve been at home, CB has been stuck to me as if he’s glued to me.  If I’m away for a just a few minutes, he will ask for me.  BB is loving it!  If I thought he was a happy kid before, he is totally loving it now!

On top of caring for my kids and feeding them – That’s a HUGE chore. No joke.  Especially for a really picky preschooler and a toddler who doesn’t really like savoury foods unless it’s fed to him by hand, not by utensil.  Wth?  Haha.  I have to have dinner figured by the time Meanie gets home!  Usually I made a huge dish on the weekend and we eat eat throughout the week.  I’ve made my mother in law’s curry chicken (2nd attempt) and it came out a lot better this time around compared to the first time. I forgot to take a pic, though.

Here are some things I’ve made so far and came out well!



If you start from the left top corner, there’s a pot of chicken and rice made from Goya products I received from BzzAgent.  There was a recipe on the yellow rice box from Goya but it was a bit too simplistic so I Google’d Arroz Con Pollo recipes online and kinda combined it.  I’ve been wanting to make Arroz con Pollo about forever but just never got to it.  I seasoned chicken thighs with Adobo (love that stuff!), salt and pepper and then seared and browned the chicken in a Dutch oven.  I also added onion and fresh garlic and then cooked the rice in low sodium chicken broth.  It came out pretty damn good!  I will definitely make this again but preferably from scratch and not from a box.

On the top right corner is Cajun Chicken Pasta from Pioneer Woman.  Have I mentioned how much I love that woman?  I love her recipes and her cooking show.  Most of the recipes I have tried of hers have tasted phenomenal.  I have made this dish numerous times and I think I’ve perfected it in the way how we love it.  Instead of slicing the veggies thinly, I chop them up into little squares.  I also omit the canned diced tomatoes and found my own Cajun spice to throw in.  I don’t use much cayenne since I’ve got munchkins eating it and my mom always complains how spicy it is, even when I don’t add any cayenne pepper. She thinks it’s too spicy to feed to CB…which I don’t get cuz the only thing that’s spicy in it, is black pepper and I can’t even count that as spicy.  This is nothing.  CB eats Indian food and loves it!

Under that is baked eggs. You know, the popular Pinterest pinup?  I made mine in ramekins and lined with ham. Funny story as I was making these. I handed CB a slice of ham so he can eat it while I was making these eggs.  He refused so I shrugged and ate it.  I started to line the ramekins with torn up slices of ham and the phone rang and it was my mom.  I started talking to her and then I noticed something strange. CB was eating ham…from where??  Turns out he was sneaking it out of my ramekins and chomping down on them.  ???  What the heck?  I just offered him a slice and he didn’t want it and now he’s eating the ham from the ramekins?  SMH.  At first I was like NOoo!  but then let him eat it.  At least he’s eating, right?  So I cooked them but I think I cooked them too long.  The yolks weren’t runny (one of my weaknesses is runny egg.  That was my #1 craving for pregnancy #2.  Over sushi, over steak, over anything. Runny egg!)  They were still good though.  And of course, CB wouldn’t eat them.  *sigh*  I even made it pretty and he still wouldn’t eat it.  See?

bakedeggs - Copy


Nope, wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole.  Meanie ate it all up and was pretty happy about.  At least someone is happy that I’m cooking!

I made chili one day.  It was really simple chili with no beans.  Meanie hates beans.  It was really good!  Here’s the recipe.  I just used ground beef. It was good the first day and it tasted even better after that. I served it over white rice, topped it off with shredded cheese and scallions.  The only thing that was missing was sour cream!

The last picture is of pork belly braising in a caramel liquid.  I was making pork belly buns for my family to celebrate BB’s one year birthday.  I don’t have a picture of the actual bun because we snarfed them down but at least I remembered to take a pic of them.  This is the second time I made these and I really love this recipe. I took this from Steamy Kitchen and it is quite lovely.  There was one thing traumatizing about this though.  I had to click off a nipple off of one pork bellies!  None of my knives were really sharp enough to cut through the raw pig skin so I ended up getting my kitchen shears to snip them off, except they weren’t so sharp either.  So I was basically sawing through the pig skin to get that nipple off!  It was traumatizing enough to see that but can you imagine me serving it and someone finding a nipple in their bun?  No dank yoo.  Other than that, it came out wonderful.  My mother made a pickled veggie to top it off and it was so so yummy.

ramen  - Copy


I usually forget to eat lunch when I’m at home but today I had instant ramen.  It’s been a while.  It’s a total perfection with runny egg on top of it.  In fact, everything is perfection with runny egg is on top of it.  *drool*

The Healing Power of Onions

Hah, nice topic, huh?  I’m still battling this cough I’ve had for more than a month. I’ve tried everything except going to a doctor.  Why?  Well, it’s because I had crappy insurance with my  employer when I was still working – for sick visits, I’d have to pay for the total cost of the visit itself.  That means just the examination is going to be at least $200 or so plus whatever tests they decided to add on, knowing my crappy insurance.  So I was looking to pay maybe around $500 out of pocket just to go see a doctor who was going to say “Oh, no antibiotic will help you. You just need to rest, drink a lot of fluids and you’ll get better.”  Well, easier said than done.  So I sucked it up and didn’t go to the doctor. Ha ha.  I think I may have had bronchitis.  Or still have but I’m definitely at the end of it.  I was taking OTC medicines like Robitussin (doesn’t do diddly), Delsym (didn’t work as well as I would have liked), Dayquil (worked the first day and not so much afterwards), Nyquil (doesn’t work as well as I would have liked but at least it knocked me out), all varieties of Mucinex (just turned my cough from a dry cough to a phlegmy one).  I even tried some home remedies for cough using lemon, honey, cayenne, etc.  Didn’t work.  Just the sight of another cough drop would make me gag on the spot so no thank you.

I started out with an extremely dry and itchy cough.  Nothing would quell it.  It was so bad that the bus driver on my commute actually stopped the bus and handed me a bottle of water to stop my coughing fits.  Total embarrassment!  After two weeks of the dry cough, I took Mucinex and it turned into a phlegmy and mucus-y cough and I was spitting up boogers all the time.  I still am!  Then I caught whatever daycare colds my son would get which would include symptoms like runny nose and that transformed into a post-nasal drip that made my coughing even worse!  Ugh!  This is endless.  It’s always like this. I always get sick starting in November and I don’t get well till it starts to get warm again. Gahhh.

My mom is big on reading articles in the newspapers.  She read somewhere that if you steam an onion and drink the juices from it, it would help the cough.  I didn’t believe her but I humored her when she would chop the onion, put it into a bowl and place it inside an old-school rice cooker where you put water on the outside of the bowl.  2 cups of water on the outside, if anyone is interested.  The onion would produce a small amount of juice.  Basically after it steamed, she put the chopped onion in a sieve and squished the juice out of the onion and handed it over to me.   It’s probably about like 2 oz of  liquid, not much. I was dubious at first, drank it and it tasted like sweet onions. It wasn’t so bad.

But I still didn’t think it worked.  I stopped seeing her every day because I quit my job to stay at home so there was no one to chop the onion for me anymore but she did leave the rice cooker at my place so I could do it myself.  But I was lazy and didn’t do it.

I noticed on the days that I didn’t drink the onion juice, my cough would be so much worse.  So I started doing the onion thing every day. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t do it and then I regret it afterwards.

So I chop an onion, like a medium sized one, every day.  Today I used 4 really puny onions.  I chopped it up and put it in a bowl and steamed it with 2 cups on the outside of the onion bowl in an old school rice cooker.  After it gets steamed, it looks like this:



I then take a spoon and squish the hell out of the onions to get that precious juice that seems to work on my chronic cough:



The onions look like this post-squishing:



You can discard the onions after using this or just eat them.  I ate them the first time (I threw them in an omelet) and was pretty onion-ed out by the end.  So these days I set the cooked onion for my mom and she dumps it into a soup or something and eats them.

I know this sounds like an old wives’ tale but this is the only thing that works for me.  I find that I cough a lot less after drinking this. I don’t cough as violently.  On the days I don’t make this onion tonic, my cough is much more violent and more often.  I’m convinced this is working for me.  Try it! You will see!


Lovely, another storm is hitting us as I type this but this time it’s snow. I really hope I don’t lose power this time.  I don’t know what I’m going to do if we lose power and have no way of getting out from underneath all that snow and with two little munchkins!  We were supposed to celebrate Lunar New Year this weekend and celebrate my father’s birthday this weekend with hot pot but that’s not happening anymore because of the storm.  I just hope it won’t be as bad as they say it will be! 😦



Citrus Lane – January 2013

Weird.  I thought I cancelled this subscription?  I checked my credit card to see if I was charged but nope, I wasn’t.  Did someone send me this as a gift?  It doesn’t say anywhere on my account at Citrus Lane.  I also never received the blue brag book that was supposed to be sent to me. I had received a pink one instead.  Is this to make up for it?  Whatever, I am happy and really surprised to see this arrive at my door a couple weeks ago!  I was mighty unhappy with the December 2012 box but the January box totally made up for my disappointment.  I love love this box!

They changed some things about the box.  Here we go!


Yay, nice to see you again, Citrus Lane!


When I first opened the box.  The packing list is on a folded sheet of paper now, not cardboard-type paper anymore.


Packing list!


25% off coupon at Skip Hop with a $30 purchase.
Have I told you how much I love Skip Hop?
Love love love!


Underneath all that yellow tissue paper.
Skip Hop!  *swoons*!  Just that alone has made up the unhappiness from the December box.


Another book – Bear About Town. ($6.99)
Both of my kids would love this book!


Episencial.  I love these products.  This came with a full sized tube of Soothing Cream and a sample of the Playful Wash.
I received a full size of Soothing Cream from Bluum last year and I still have it. It lasts for a long time and it really does soothe on itchy patches.
I’ve used it for myself, too!  A full sized tube of Soothing Cream is about $11.00.


A Skip Hop Elephant Insulated Lunch Bag! Yay! ($14.00)
CB received a Giraffe one over Xmas and I can give this one to BB when he goes off to school one day.


Ella’s Milk & Vanilla baby cookies.($4.21)

This is great! I’ve been wanting to give BB some cookies.
I got him some Mum-mums from Amazon and he loves them but the only downside is that it’s made in China!!
The Hot Kid website says that it tests all the Mum mums products so it’s all safe to give to your kids but I can’t help but feel suspicious about that.
Of course they’ll say that – but how much of it is true?

This is a great alternative to the Mum mums.
I’ve tried giving BB this but he doesn’t like the texture so much and it kinda dribbles out of his mouth on the side.
It’s a bit messy and it doesn’t have the certain crunch rice crackers have – which he loves so much.  Gah.


Clean Well Disinfectant Spray – I had gotten this from a prior Citrus Lane box.
I haven’t tried it yet though.  Have to soon! ($3.99)


Here’s the whole box! If you add all the prices that I’ve found, it comes out to about $40 for the whole box.

Not too shabby!

Love it! I hope I get another one mysteriously.  🙂

If you’re interested in joining Citrus Lane, please use my invitation code HERE.  I love Citrus Lane. I think it’s the best subscription box out there for kids!  If you click on that link and create your own subscription, you will receive $10 off their order and I’ll get a $10 credit!  So it’s a win win situation. 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday, BB!

Saturday was BB’s first birthday.  Where did the time go??


My LO (Little One) is already pulling himself up to stand and crawling (just started, so he’s still kinda slow). Soon he’ll be walking! He got the go ahead from the pediatrician yesterday to start on whole milk which is a relief to me. No more formula!  Woohoo! That stuff is mighty expensive!  I nursed BB for the first five months but then my milk production just died after that. I think it runs in the family or something. 😦  So we’ve been on formula since then.  7 months of buying formula was not fun.  Not at all!

Saturday we had friends and family come over to celebrate with tons of food.  I didn’t really take any pictures. Bad mama!  A lot of fun was had by all, I hope.  My friends took pictures, phew!  We celebrate again this weekend with my side of the family. My parents were out having fun in Costa Rica and missed their grandson’s birthday by a day. That’s ok!  Meanie will be making a big pot of chicken pho and I’ll be making Steamy Kitchen‘s Gua Bao recipe – Pork Belly Buns!  Yummy!  I made it a while ago and it was pretty awesome.  Actually my mom saw the leftovers in my fridge and asked me where I had bought them.  I mentioned to her that I had made them all by myself and then she goes on to insult me that the meat was too dry.  Typical.  She’ll be eating my “dry” pork belly buns this weekend as appetizer.  Can’t wait to hear what she has to say to that this time!

Still here…

I know I’ve been MIA on this blog but it’s been hard to find time to blog since I officially became a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) since last Thursday!!  Yep, a full-time mother.  No more full-time working mother.  It sure beats waking up early in the morning to hop on a commuter bus for two hours, work till 5:30pm, jump on another commuter bus going back home for another 2 hours and rush home to wash up and feed my kids.  I’ve been working in NYC for about 15 years and it was time to go!  I had the biggest smile on face since Thursday evening.  I wasn’t even sad to leave! 🙂

Now that I’ve left I can blog about all the crap that happened at my job. Ha hah!

I haven’t mastered the SAHM thing but it’s been rewarding so far to spend time with my toddler.  Whatever happened?  I used to have a baby and a toddler.  Now I have a toddler and a preschooler!  Where did all that time go?  It’s so sad how much time I’ve missed but I’m glad I jumped ship now better than later.  At least I have some time to enjoy them before they grow up to be really big.

I’m totally behind on product reviews and stuff like but those will come in time.  Right now, I’m enjoying my kids.  It’s been long past due.  It’s a lot of work but I rather spend time with my children than dealing with adults acting like children at a workplace.  At least my children have a right to act like children.  🙂  

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