>Wow…4 years.

>Damn! It’s been 4 years since I’ve touched this blog. Honestly, I forgot I had it. Maybe it was a good thing I created so many blogs back when I was bored so I could have some kind of outlet later on. Work has finally cut off the support staff from social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Weirdly enuf, Xanga is considered as a social networking site so I’ve stopped blogging on there because I can’t during work. After work, I’m just too tired to sit in front of a computer to blog about stuff so I just let blogging slide.

But I’ve noticed I have access to Blogspot so now I can blog again!

I also got an Iphone so I can bypass the firewall at work to log onto the sites that I’m blocked from. I’m also blocked from any website that has to do with “gaming”, even videogames. I can’t even look up on faq’s for games that I’m currently playing or go shopping for games. It’s so ridiculously stupid. So I just do a lot of food blog reading at work or stuff on TV shows. Or news. But it all gets boring after a while.

So yeah, 4 years since I got married…Things have happened — good, bad, ok, overall good.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. My due date is mid-July.

I’ve been keeping a log of the pregnancy but I haven’t posted it anywhere. I guess I can post it here now.

We found out at 17 weeks that we’re having a baby boy. That was the first time Meanie came with me to the doctor’s so he saw the ultrasound and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I think he was so moved and amazed at the technology that he was almost reduced to tears. I do admit that it’s quite an experience to see it all like that. It’s amazing what technology has come to.

At 18 weeks, we went to meet my new doctor near our house. He was referred to us by my sister and he is really great. The office is about 15 minutes away from the house so it’s nice to be nearby.

At 19 weeks, I started to feel fluttery motions in my stomach. It was similar to a rodent running around in my insides, like a gerbil. Some people say it feels like butterflies in the stomach or popcorn popping in your stomach but it definitely felt weird. I remember I was scared to feel this movement starting from the beginning but I’ve come to enjoy my baby’s kicks and movements (it doesn’t hurt yet) and know that he’s doing alright in there. I definitely freaked out the first time I felt it though! 🙂

Not much has happened during the last few weeks except for the onset of heartburn and acid reflux. It really depends on the food I eat. I’m still trying to figure out what causes it and what doesn’t but it seems to change all the time. I keep a storage of Tums on me at all times because sometimes it gets really really bad.

I’m at 24 weeks this week. A few weeks past the middle mark. I can’t believe it’s halfway already! Time goes by during this pregnancy and it goes by too fast, I think. I’m sure I think that because it hasn’t been too awful for me, as it has been for others. I’m still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes but now I have some help from a generic Belly Band. I’m definitely sporting a baby bump now. You can definitely see that I’m preggers. And baby has been kicking me every day! I think he’s starting to respond to our voices too which is an entertaining thing.

So yeah, this is what’s been going on. I’ll remember to update this blog as long as I’m able to. If i don’t, it’s because I’ve been cut off from this site. Blah! Damn firewalls!


About babydot74

Just a 30-something year old mother of two little boys, who bitches, gripes, ponders & wonders about everything. View all posts by babydot74

3 responses to “>Wow…4 years.

  • Sarah

    >hi! good to see you. xanga seemed so quiet without your blogs.24 weeks already. that’s more than halfway through, right? wow!

  • jpjchen

    >I missed reading your blogs on xanga… glad it has been a pretty good pregnancy so far…

  • Curly Wurly

    >Hey girl! Hehehe i never knew you had a blogspot account but dont you think there is something that lacks on Blogspot? Like the Reply function, the photos and more ..however i aint complaining right now. Like Sarah Xanga seemed so quiet without your blogs ya know so BOO! HISS! at your work place for blocking Xanga. Although i still need to update my Xanga site otherwise the others will put me on MIA heheeheh but how in the world can your work place put Xanga as a social networking site? I dont get it its a blogging site grrrrrrrr, at least we can still keep ourselves updated with your journey towards motherhood here 🙂 I cant wait to see your Mignon

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