>We settled on a name for Mignon. We’re going to call him Carey. We didn’t want a name that everyone else seems to have and we wanted a name that would stand out. All other male names are common – like Matthew (can you believe there are 5 Matthew’s on my floor?), David, John, etc etc. There’s nothing wrong with those names but we just want something more original. Plus “Carey” paired up with Meanie’s last name sounds very nice too and it’s very yellable from a parents’ view.

Which is kinda funny because I had dreamt over the weekend that Carey was a little toddler and he had done something pretty naughty (I forgot what) and I was screaming out his full name. LOL.

We came across the name “Carey” because we couldn’t agree on anything else. All the names I liked, Meanie hated and vice versa. Meanie’s also a die hard hockey fan and he follows the Montreal Habs. Their goalie’s name is Carey Price and he was doing really good (in the beginning of the season – not so hot now though) and we really liked the name. So you could say that my Carey is kinda named after a hockey player but that’s definitely how we came by his name.

I’m getting tired of people asking me why am I giving my baby boy a girl’s name? It’s not a girl’s name! Think of Cary Grant, Carey Price, isn’t Pink’s bf named Carey? It’s not pronounced like Carrie but instead it’s pronounced as “Care-ey”. I think it’s a very beautiful name. 🙂

I googled it and came across this link:


Resolved Question
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Carey as a boys name. From previously asked questions.?
Just curious to know did anybody call their baby boy Carey ? Is anybody called Carey?
1 month ago

Additional Details
Just curious to know. I saw a few people ask . My son is named Carey and he is well into his 20’s . I haven’t heard of anybody else
1 month ago

It is pronounced Carey as in Care and not Carrie as in Carry.I even think Cary Grant is not pronounced Carrie . Carey is another version of Cary. A welsh version I think.
1 month ago

I’ve heard people say Cary as “Care” yAnd it even says so in books of boys names. It’s just what you prefer

I find it entertaining that this question exists on Yahoo Questions but it sure does explain the name to people who just don’t “get it”.


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3 responses to “>Carey…

  • Curly Wurly

    >:-) I think Carey is lovely name for Mignon. Good choice! Did you guys have a list of other name choices too? Like my Big Lug he had 3 choices of names before he decided to choose the ONE.

  • Sarah Kim

    >Carey is a lovely name! And it’s definitely not a bad thing to remind people of Cary Grant. swoon. :-)Josh’s cousin’s name is Corey. When i first heard the name, I thought it was pretty unconventional, but I’ve grown to like it. It’s nice to have a slightly different name once in awhile.

  • Ka_ipo_a_me_ka_anela_a_Kawika _u

    >OMG..I FINALLY FOUND YOU! Glad everything is going well. Carey is a great name and like you, we didn’t want a popular common name and almost all the boy names are all common. That’s why we came up with Kurt…it not popular. I couldnt stand it when people would ask us what names we might have and we’d get the “why that name”-look or the “eeew..i knew someone that was bad/ugly/exboyfriend/convict/porn star with that name…” comment. I am going to follow you. I am also on blogspot too!http://housefullofmenandme.blogspot.com

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