>I Need Sleep…

>Ugh, I’m running on very little sleep these days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…and I don’t think it’s a pregnancy issue. Even before I was pregnant, I never slept well on Sunday nights. I think it’s because I’m so anxious (not) to get back into work on Mondays. This past Sunday, both Meanie and I had trouble sleeping due to digestion issues and insomnia. Or…more like I had both of those issues and I kept on disturbing Meanie’s beauty rest. He left for the guest bed at around 430am and I finally fell asleep kinda but it’s a bit tough to survive at work on a 2.5 hour night of sleep. We still have no idea what caused our distress on Sunday night but we think it’s our home cooked meal. Haha…

We both called out sick on Monday to catch up on much-needed rest and I slept like a baby. I was still tired when I woke up in the afternoon. I think these days Mignon beats me up from the inside when he wants something, like food. My insides were getting a beat down when I finally got up to walk around but I was still very tired.

I was exhausted by the time I went to bed on Monday night around 11pm but yet, I couldn’t sleep! I couldn’t get comfortable and I just couldn’t get to Sleepyland. Great, another sleepless night and I can’t call out sick another day. I finally fell asleep around 430am. Hmm…Seems like a pattern but it’s frustrating. Ugh!

I’m so very exhausted and would like to catch up on sleep but I fear that if I nap or anything, my schedule will be thrown off all over again. Blah!

This week, the 25th week, is the start to my 7th month of being pregnant. Yikes!! Where did the first 6 months go? I used to think that 9 months was a really really long time but now it’s like I can’t put a stop to time. Soon, Mignon will be out and I’ll be even more tired being a mom! I would like to catch up on sleep, like people suggest I do, but it’s kinda tough when you can’t fall asleep. šŸ˜¦

Today is also the first day I cannot button up my pants all the way. =/ Thank goodness for Belly Bands. Those things are a God-send or else I’d be super broke paying for maternity clothes that don’t really fit. The affordable ones (Old Navy) are either too small or too large. And the other ones are just uber pricy.

Speaking of poor, we did our taxes over the weekend and I owe about $1800 in taxes. Yikes!! It’s just bad news right after another. Ugh. I hope this week gets better. At least the weather seems to be warming up!

Mignon seems to be thumping here and there. I think it’s kicks because sometimes it’s harder here and there and shifts all over the place. I think he likes to hang out on the right side of my uterus but now he’s hanging out in the middle. I still can’t discern what’s a kick, what’s a hiccup and what’s Braxton Hicks contractions. I just know that there’s sort of movements going on in my belly and it’s all my active little boy.

My wish for tonight: Get some sound rest. Is it really all too much to ask for?


About babydot74

Just a 30-something year old mother of two little boys, who bitches, gripes, ponders & wonders about everything. View all posts by babydot74

2 responses to “>I Need Sleep…

  • jpjchen

    >since you can’t seems to fall asleep till 4:30am anyways might as welll take a nap after you get home from work… when I was pregnant with A I nap everyday right after work.. cuz I know night time is rough… especially when you get to the end you have to get up and pee ever so often… so just nap.. you need it… take care

  • Curly Wurly

    >I hope you managed to have a good sleep! You’re 7 months? Already ?!! Seriously? It felt like yesterday when you announced your pregnancy to us faithful readers ..where does the time go?

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