>Stupid Me

>It’s really quite interesting to see how much dumber you get while you’re pregnant. I don’t know what the reason is but I’m super dumb these days! The things that come out of my mouth are just purely amazing. I feel like a total dumb cheerleader. 🙂

I’m on my 26th week of pregnancy – which is NOT my 7th month. Haha…I’m only 6.5 months pregnant. Deerrrr…. Now I feel stupid for telling people that I’m in my last trimester and am starting my 7th month. That’s not for another 2 weeks!

I definitely show now. I’m waddling like a duck and I have a protruding belly. My belly button hasn’t become an outtie yet. I’ve always had a really deep belly button so I’m counting on that to not be an outtie but I think that time is coming soon… One of these days I’ll have to upload my weekly belly pics. It’s come a long way! And I’m only going to get bigger!

I have trouble fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes. I can fit into some of them but they’re feeling tight. I’ve definitely gained some weight this month but I hope not too much. And I’m starting to feel the negative aspects of pregnancy – like swelling of hands and feet (pig feet!), leg cramps, tingling in my limbs, dizziness, feeling off kilter, shortness of breath, getting tired really easily and other “fun” things. 😦

We went to Babies R Us this past weekend to look at stuff like changing tables. Even though I’m getting really nervous and scared about labor and being a good mother, I couldn’t help but be excited for my baby’s arrival. Just imagining changing a diaper on a changing table excited me which is really odd! Who gets excited about changing a dirty diaper? But I guess in a way, I’m really excited at the prospect of being a mom. So weird!

I’ve been getting beat up from the insides (baby kicking and shifting and doing gymnastics) at times but it’s good to know that he’s doing ok. Whenever Meanie “talks” to him from my belly, Mignon starts moving around alot. I have to start playing classical music for him. I hear that it’s good for the baby. I think Mignon will be a total foodie. It seems like I’m constantly craving for ice cream and/or something like that.

I have my gestational diabetes test this Wednesday. I have to drink some sort of orangey looking thick liquid and an hour after that, they’ll draw blood from my arm to see if the sugar is being digested properly. I hope I pass it..I really don’t want to be pricking myself after I eat. *shudder* My sister didn’t have it for her first pregnancy but she was borderline during her 2nd pregnancy and she had to monitor what she was eating alot. Suckiness!
Let me starting blogging about non-baby stuff. 🙂

I saw Twilight on Blu Ray over the weekend. I totally loved the book series and fell in love with the characters. I’ve been wanting to re-read the series all over again but I feel like a child with ADD and can’t focus my attention on just one thing. I saw the movie the first time on a bootleg copy with horrible clarity and it was obvious that someone was video taping the movie from a handheld camera in a small theater. But I totally hated the movie. I hated what the director did to the story and trying to make it artsy-fartsy when you really didn’t need to.

I bought it anyway on Blu Ray when it came out and finally saw it over the weekend. I thought it was better than the first time. I don’t know why — maybe because it was clearer and I could see everything? I’m not really sure. I viewed all the special features – the deleted scenes and the extended scenes and I cannot figure out why the director would choose to delete these scenes. To me, those scenes were key for the non-reader to understand what was going on in the story! I really do hope the next director does a better job with the next installment.

I saw some eye candy in the newstands while I was walking to the subway in Port Authority:

[Gosh, I hate the formatting for blogspot. I wish I could access Xanga!! Arrghhh]


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2 responses to “>Stupid Me

  • Sarah

    >you have a good reason for forgetting stuff or getting things wrong. baby brain. if only i could blame my ditziness on something that valid.6 and half months! i bet your belly is looking very cute.

  • Curly Wurly

    >How about a pic of you with your belly girl? I bet you look really gorgeous being pregnant right now and you know what I always noticed women after giving birth look more radiant! Im like you Im starting not to like blogspot’s formatting, photo storage and comment format! As I said in your above blog I may migrate to WordPress back….

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