>2 Teef & Solid Feeding

>My baby has his 2 bottom teeth coming out.  Carey’s age is now 8 months and 2 weeks (34 weeks) but his adjusted age is 27 weeks, which is about 6 months and 3 weeks. It’s confusing with preemies because he’s got an actual age (when he was born) and his adjusted age cuz he’s a preemie.  He’s small compared to all other babies that are around 8 months old.  In reality, his real age is about a 6 monther.  But he seems to be doing very well!  I haven’t compared him with another baby his age so I have no grounds for comparison.  He’s got 2 teeth and I’ve started him on solids already.  We received a Beaba for Xmas so I’ve been making some of his baby food.  At first, I buy Gerber Organic or just regular Gerber (the ones in the plastic rectangle container) to see what he likes and then if he does like something, I’ll go out to the store and buy organic produce to make his own food.

I totally love the Beaba! I’ve read reviews that some people think it’s a waste of money and that a regular blender would just suffice.  But the good thing about the Beaba is that not only does it puree food, it also steams/cooks the food all in one gadget.  I definitely recommend the Beaba and it seems to puree food to a much better consistency than it would in a regular blender or even in a regular food processor. 

I’ve already made a batch of butternut squash and a batch of sweet potato.  He loves both but I think he’s starting to get sick of it.  I just made a batch of pureed prunes with apple.  The consistency is a little gooey but once you mix it with another fruit, like banana, it becomes a nice pureed fruit.  It also helps with constipation!

Carey also loves fresh banana (all mashed up) and fresh avocado (also mashed up).  He is born into a family of foodies so it’s only likely that he will enjoy his food.  I hope I don’t have a picky eater!  I ventured out to the veggie world of Gerber and got him some green beans. I smelled it and thought it was disgusting.  Apparently Carey thinks so too because his facial expression is like BLEGHH.  I’ve seen him gag when I spoon it into his mouth.  But I read an article that your own facial expression should be positive at all times, esp when feeding him icky foods or changing his poopy diaper so he won’t have issues later on.  Having a positive facial expression definitely works because Carey ate all of his green beans (I also mixed with sweet potato to make it a little more palatable)!  I think I won’t venture to the veggie world like green beans and peas until Carey is able to gum it down himself.  That pureed stuff is just horrible!

Once you’re a mother/parent, you are obsessed with baby poops.  It sounds disgusting but it’s all a part of parenting.  You become obsessed to see if the baby pooped and what kind of poop it is.  Hahaha.  Carey always had a problem with poops.  His problem was that he didn’t poop!  Maybe like once a week, if we’re lucky.  He hates all kinds of juice so prune/apple/pear juice didn’t help and that’s what the doctor always ordered.  Water was also recommended but he hates the taste of water, probably because it tastes like absolutely nothing.  One time we used a suppository but I didn’t want to make that a habit.  The process itself is traumatizing enuf and the clean-up afterwards isn’t so fun either. 

Carey’s new flouride vitamin causes him to be constipated.  His new diet of solid foods also cause him constipation but at least he’s pooping more regularly now.  And the pureed prunes definitely help!  He also prefers oats cereal over rice cereal because it has more flavor.  Rice cereal is just a pile of mush.  I feed him Happy Bellies Organic cereal.  I think I’m going to try to feed him yogurt soon.  I just bought some Stonybrook Organic Yo Baby yogurt but I just realized after I bought it that there’s sugar in it.  Does anyone use it and is it bad for babies?

Sorry this blog is so long but it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I have so much stuff on my mind to blog about!  šŸ™‚

I wanted to get Carey this cool Vtech book that one of my friends have for her baby.  It’s the Vtech Infant Rhyme and Discover book.  My friend brought it over and Carey loooved it so I was going to purchase it on Amazon until I read one of the reviews that one part had contained lead.  Gahhh!

This website has a list of toys and what toys are safe and what aren’t.  It’s pretty shocking to see how much chemicals are in children’s toys.  They say that you should just buy products that aren’t made in China but it seems like everything is made in China these days.  Just on the safe side, I opted not to purchase the Vtech book even though Carey really enjoyed it.

More to come later!


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4 responses to “>2 Teef & Solid Feeding

  • sarah aka hungry

    >your baby's eating solid food already? i wonder if my sister might like that gadget for her son.

  • BabyDot74

    >Hi Sarah, How are you doing? I hope you're doing well. :)Yep, Carey's been on solid food for about 2 months already. The gadget is great. I highly recommend it. šŸ™‚

  • jnnut

    >I can't believe he's so big already..time sure flies. It funny how all kinds of pediatrician advises when babie should have solids. All of my babies started at 4 months. maybe b/c they were all big to begin with and they had an appetite so formula or breastmilk wasnt' enough. Just a suggest. Don't go too much into the organics. You want to feed your child as much regular food as possible. i say that b/c eventually when he's eating people food whether at restaurants, friends/relatives homes, they may not serve organic food. You don't want Carey to develop an allergy to non-organic food if it's fed to him. So do 50/50 so that he will be able to stomach both kinds.

  • BabyDot74

    >jennifer: thanks for your suggestion. that's actually a really good point! i actually have been giving him half organic and half regular but not for the reason you suggested (mine is laziness or i just can't find organic in the stuff that i want). now i won't feel so guilty when I can't find him organic produce. :)but yes, time does fly so fast! he's enormous compared to a few months ago.

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