>Happy Belated Lunar New Year & Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

It’s the Year of the Tiger – MY year.  I hope that means a good year.  It seems like everyone I know has had a bad start to their new year – both regular and lunar new year.  Yesterday was a crappy day for Carey and me.  We both had big falls!  My poor baby rolled off the couch and hit the coffee table.  The loud thump had us both running and we found him on the floor next to the coffee table.  Luckily we have a rug underneath so I think it softened it fall but it totally scared him but he seems fine. 

And for me, I was heading downstairs to the playroom and laundry room with Carey in my arms and I slipped and fell down the stairs.  There are only 7 steps are so but I fell down and I remember thinking, protect the baby, protect the baby!!!  I did manage to protect the baby but I’m sore in several places.  But he totally freaked out cuz it was kinda scary and then screamed for a couple minutes till he was ok.

Speaking of tigers, someone has taught my baby how to growl like a rabid dog/tiger and totally sounds like a demon.  He was scaring both his parents cuz he sounded so demonic!  However, my family thought it was hilarious and caught it on videotape.  But I noticed he only seems to growl when his dad is around. He’s ok when he’s around me.  Haha.

Weekend was fun.  Had some visitors over – family visitors.  Went to eat at several restaurants in the area.  I’m still kinda annoyed at a visitor we had over the weekend.  I think it’s only common sense, as a visitor, to respect the hosts of the house.  Not to demean them in any way or disrespect them, you know?  It’s only basic common sense.  Yet this one visitor we have (I won’t name any names and/or titles) is constantly dissing me and my people (Taiwanese) and it bothers the hell out of me.  Out of respect to my family, I keep my mouth shut so I don’t create any drama but sometimes I wish I can just rip her a new one – in her Commie Chinese speck of a brainwashed brain.  =X  Oops, did I go there?  I sure did and that’s it. 

Also, when you know the other party is footing the restaurant bill, you don’t go and order EVERY SINGLE THING on the friggin menu and then go one to say that the food wasn’t good.  “I like the variety and that’s it“.  Learn some freaking humility and order what you want to eat, not what you want to try.  Ok, that’s the end of my rant but poor Meanie is going to have to go thru a whole week of mimicking by me of the bullshit that came out of her mouth.


I do a lot of online shopping.  I prefer shopping online than in person.  It’s so easy, clickety-click click and voila, you’re done!

There’s a ton of those sample online sale websites, like Rue La La. There’s also a ton of websitse for baby shopping too!  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but I do check up on those sites, too.

Here are the ones that I check out almost daily:

http://www.diapers.com/:  My go to place for diapers and formula.  Their shipping is overnight too so it’s great and they have pretty much of everything.  They also have a referral program where you can get credit every time your friend orders from there so it’s pretty nifty.  If anyone’s interested, my referral code is:  BABY6206.  I think you get credit on your first order too. 

BTrendie:  I’ve ordered something from here before and I just put in an order for a BuckleyBoo for Carey when he grows up.  I’ve been eyeing these guys for awhile and $15 off of $30 is a great price!

Kids’ Woot:  I love Woot!  And Kids’ Woot is just Woot for Kids! πŸ™‚

Mamabargains:  I’ve never ordered anything from here before but the stuff looks interesting.

EcoBabyBuys:  Everything organic!

Mini Social:  I’ve ordered stuff from here – mainly Melissa & Doug stuff.

Let me know if you’re interested in any invite codes from the above!

I just bought these from Amazon – Sassy Teething Feeders.  They seem like a great idea but I’m kinda uneasy if the plastic in the mesh contains any harmful materials.  Actually, I just found an article that says that the feeders are BPA free but I wonder if there are any other bad junk in them?  Hmmm.

Has anyone used these before?  Any good?


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One response to “>Rowrrr

  • cuteandcurls

    >Yep girl, this is our year so lets hope our year starts off with a roaring one despite the mishap! As a fellow tigger and well for me a mad Starbucks drinker they introduced a Tiger keychain, I decided to buy one each for my favorite Tiggers you see, ive got one for you and will send it to you very soon. Im glad Carey's alright tho gosh if that was me i think my blood would be flushed out from the fright. You know the part about your fall well it sort of reminds me of my fall minus baby πŸ˜‰ the moment i landed the first thing i thought was not me but my BOOTS would you believe it!! LOL ..next day the huge egg plant colored bruise on my butt made me realise the pain lol and till today i got me a permanent dent on my bootie πŸ˜‰

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