>I had a wonderful weekend.  Meanie had to work all weekend and honestly, I was quite worried if I could handle taking care of the baby all by myself.  So I had a little taste of what it would be like to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). My mom always said staying home and taking care of a baby is much harder work than having an office job from 9 to 5.  At least at an office job, you can just sit and stare at a computer and have a 1 hour lunch break so it’s a total of 7 “working” hours.  My mom arrives at my house at 7:30am and doesn’t leave till about 7pm when we get home from work. That’s a 12 hour day taking care of the baby.  No wonder she looks so tired. Children suck the life force out of adults!! 🙂

Honestly, I really enjoyed it.  Yeah, I was tired when he woke up at 7am but that’s made up for during his naps!  He naps twice a day, each spanning about 1.5 to 2 hours each, if there are no interruptions like pesky phone callers, etc.  And I got to spend a lot of time with my baby boy and I’m sure he loved getting mommy all to himself, all day (and night) long. And on top of taking care of the baby, I also did 4 loads of laundry and cleaned up some mail.  I wanted to bake some brownies but never got around to doing that. 

I want to do so many things like bake some baked goods (Meanie really misses that), catch up on my DVR (I’m like 90% full on one of the DVRs – YES, I have 2!!), play some videogames (not happening.  Would like to finish Lost Odyssey but not getting any closer), and have tons of “to-do” things on my mental list which I seem to never get to.  At least I have an IPhone to entertain me in spurts.

I wanted to blog about the things that I really loved (and baby too) and so many people I know are having babies now.  These things below I totally recommend!!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer:

This bouncer (or any other bouncer) is a must-have.  This chair totally saved my arms (and mind) the first few months of baby’s life.  It’s this ultra cool lounger that’s soft that bounces & vibrates.  I think it’s similar to what baby feels in the womb so it’s like he never left it.  Carey preferred to sleep in this instead of his crib or bassinet.  He also preferred to sleep in my arms but I can’t really recommend those. Hah.

Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet:

People and books always recommended getting a bassinet for the first 6 months.  My sister never got one and had her children sleep in the crib in the next room.  The bassinet wasn’t an essential thing for me but Meanie was adamant about it since all his co-workers were telling him that he definitely needed one.  In the end, it turned out to be an essential buy.  It’s a little on the expensive side but it’s very worth it.  It also packs up into this compact rectangle so you can travel with it.  This is great product if you have a C section so you don’t have to get up from your bed to breastfeed since you can attach it to your bed.  I didn’t attach to my bed because my bed is actually really low (no bedroom furniture) so I just used it as a free standing bassinet and I put it right next to me.  When Carey first came home, he made all these weird sounded while he was sleeping.  I thought it was kinda strange that this tiny little baby would make all these weird noises, enuf to wake up both parents in alarm.  He doesn’t make these strange noises now when he sleeps. 

Whenever I put Carey down for naps, I usually lie down next to him and hold his hands cuz it makes him feel secure.  My MIL said that he prolly held onto the umbilical cord in the womb to make him feel safe so we mimic that by holding his hands as he falls asleep.  He does feel more secure when we do that!  And I know when Carey slept next to me in his bassinet, he would wake up at night, peer over to make sure I was there and then fall asleep again.  He was doing that since the NICU!  He would fall asleep and when I thought he was sleeping, this one eye would pop open to make sure I was still there and he would fall back asleep.  What a peculiar little baby. Hahahah.  So now sometimes in the middle of the night, he wakes up screaming cuz he doesn’t see me near him but usually he can fall back asleep again, unless he had a bad dream.

Graco Swing – We got the swing really late.  I didn’t think I really needed one but there came a point in time where Carey would only sleep in my arms and nowhere else.  So I would sleep with him.  Not co-sleep but I would literally hold him in my arms, propped up by all sorts of pillows and sleep with him in my arms, cuz that was the only way I would get any sleep.  And he knows that he has to sleep when he sees me sleeping.  We still have that system till this day. 

We went to Babies R Us one time with Carey and we were looking around.  We weren’t looking for a swing or a soother or anything until I struck a conversation with one of the women at the store and she kept on raving that I MUST get a swing and that it’s a lifesaver (armsaver).  And then once she started, other women started chiming in so basically we got peer pressured in getting a swing but it’s also a great purchase.  Carey can still fit into it now and he still loves it for short periods of time.  When he was littler, he would take naps in it and I was able to do things, like laundry, etc.  What’s great about the above model is that it doesn’t run on batteries, as do most baby toys do.  It’s got a plug-in AC adapter so it runs on electricity.  It has 6 different speeds on the swing, vibrates low and high speeds, has music and/or white noise sounds.  Out of all of the features, Carey loves the teddy bear mobile on the top.  Hahaha.  He screams with glee when he sees it.  I just put him in it yesterday when I was doing the laundry and he was screaming in glee. 

I could go on and on about more products, which I will do later but I also want to mention these:

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMes:

These things are the best!!  In the classes, they teach you how to swaddle babies and also at the hospital.  I was under the impression that I knew how to swaddle and didn’t need these special swaddler blankets.  Boy, was I wrong.  Swaddling a regular blanket is difficult esp if you have a feisty baby.  And babies have that startle reflex so the arms and legs flail around involuntarily so it makes it even harder to swaddle babies.  Carey always fought me and always managed to break free out of regular blankets.  He tended to sleep longer in a swaddle, if I ever managed to do a good one.  The SwaddleMes are awesome.  It is basically a baby straitjacket.  You put the baby’s legs in this pocket and there are flaps to keep the arms in that are kept closed by velcro.  After the first few days, I ran out to Babies R Us, and got one in every color.  Very essential!! We were calling Carey Houdini for a while cuz he always managed to break out of them, including the SwaddleMes and the velcro.  We soon gave up but it was good while it lasted.

Ok, enuf for today.  More later! There are soooOOO many products!


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  • Sarah

    >i love that your product review has stories about your baby. my sister's kid loves his swing, but he spits up after being in it. but he spits up after any little thing. at least he was like that when i saw him at Christmas. now he's big enough for a bouncer saucer and i feel sad that i haven't seen him as a 6 month old yet.

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