>Weekend from Hell

>Ugh, what a crappy assed weekend.  I feel like I need a vacation from the crappy assed weekend we just had.  On top of it all, it was Daylight Savings and we lost an hour! Boooooo.

We were planning this past weekend to go up to Boston since we both took off on Friday for Carey’s 9-month well appointment.  But plans fell through and we didn’t end up going, which might have been a good thing considering the crappy weather we all got.

Carey’s 9-Month Well Check-Up

His stats:

Head:  45 cm (my baby has a big head so it’s hard to put shirts on and pull shirts off.  Forget turtlenecks!)
Length:  27.25 inches
Weight:  17.8 lbs

Wow! He’s grown quite a lot.  Not quite the 25 lbs that Meanie was telling his co-workers that’s how much Carey weighs now. Hah.  He’s so off.  The doctor said he looks great and is doing very well. 

We asked her to check his head to see if he was ok, after his accident from last week (lunging himself out of the crib). And she said that his case was the 2nd one who had lunged out of the crib that week.  I guess it’s a common thing.  So once your baby starts pulling him/herself up a little, lower the crib ASAP.  You don’t want to risk anything! And might as well lower it to the max lowest possible. It’s a pain in the butt to put him/her in/out of the crib but better safe than sorry.

She also mentioned that the right part of his head (the back) is a little flat.  It’s not THAT noticeable and his hair will cover up the flatness but it seems that the doctors like to tell you (and freak you out) when your baby’s head is flat in the back.  Now it’s inevitable because they tell you to keep your baby on their back when they sleep to prevent SIDS.  But if we want (we don’t), we can have Carey put on a helmet 23 hours of a 24 hour/day period to straighten that out.  I think that’s pure torture and I heard it smells.  No thank you.

I’m also weaning Carey off of the Similac Neosure formula onto Similac Early Advance formula.  It tends to make him slightly more gassier but the plus side is that he poops easier and more often.  It even says on the can that the formula is made to be more similar to breast milk so the poop should be more similar to a breat-fed’s baby poop. Awesome!  Hehehe.  I asked to see if I could get an alternate vitamin for him cuz I thought it constipates my baby (one of its side effects) but she told me to change up his diet.  He eats pureed prunes every day so that’s good.  We also need to add more fiber to his diet or we can put a little Benefiber in his food and that should help.  And he can eat meat and table food now.

I got some organic chicken breast over the weekend to make for him but Meanie’s mom brought up a good point and she said to start making his baby food with some chicken stock so he can get used to the taste before he graduates to real chcken.  So I made a new batch of butternut squash puree with chcken stock.  It’s quite good! I want to eat it all! Hahah.

Also I noticed if you make pureed prunes at home, try throwing in a pear as well (steam all first).  It makes the consistency a little more smoother than with a regular apple. 

Why It was the Weekend from Hell:

We were having crappy assed weather since Friday.  Heavy rains and strong winds.  Could you imagine if it were all snow?  We’d be totally snowed in with no way of getting out. Of course when I was going to enjoy my 3 day weekend with my hubby and son, the weather literally takes a dump on us. 

I could hear the winds howling on Friday night and the garbage cans being blown onto the street and stuff.  Freakiness.

Saturday, it rained the whole freaking day.  I have a running brook right behind my back yard.  When it rains/snows alot, it tends to swell alot and triple in size.  When I woke up on Saturday, it wasn’t that frightening yet.  Later in the day, it looked like a river with high waves. Scariness.  We had near power outages all day with the power flickering but then it would come back on.  Meanie was saying soon we’ll have a full blown out power outage.  I was hoping he was wrong.

Around 8pm, we heard a succession of big booms.  We peered outside and saw something burning a weird purplish color. It wasn’t fire but it definitely wasn’t a good thing.  I tried to get it on video but wasn’t quick enuf.  And during the explosions, our power was flickering on and off but it kept on.  And then 2 hours, bam, no power.  *sigh* Luckily the baby was sleeping so I didn’t have to stumble around with him in my arms.  I was prepping for a power outage so I had my flashlights ready – flashlights that supposedly don’t run out of battery!  *crosses fingers*

I don’t really care about the power outage with the lack of electronics and the fridge full of food. My main worry is the pump in the basement – that runs on electricity!  We have a pump down there to ensure that the basement doesn’t flood and when the power goes off for that long of a period and if it’s rainly profusely like it did all weekend, we are guaranteed to have a flooded basement.  There was about 3 inches Saturday night but by Sunday morning, it was about 6 inches.  It was high enuf to dislodge some boxes in the basement.  Our Guitar Hero guitars are totally waterlogged and most likely don’t work anymore.

Our power/heat didn’t come back till around 11:30am on Sunday morning.  That’s like 13 hours of no electricity and no heat.  I didn’t know we had hot water during all that time so we didn’t shower and we were feeling pretty disgusting by Sunday morning. But I had a dilemma, I couldn’t wash my hair anyway because how in the world am I going to dry it in a freezing house?  Ughhhh.

Since it was freezing, all 3 of us slept together. Hehe.  And I had to warm up Carey’s bottles the old-fashioned way – by boiling some water and then dunking his bottle into it to warm it up.  Luckily we don’t have electric stoves!  If so, we would have been doomed doomed doomed!!  Carey woke up in the middle of the night for his feeding because we didn’t wake him up at midnight (his usual feeding) because there was no power. We were hoping by the time he woke in the middle of the night (or hoping he would sleep thru the night), that the power would be back on but nope, it didn’t happen.  He had a look of WTF on his face and was like why the heck is there no light?  Would have taken a pic but not enuf light.  Hah.

And then there was the worry that there was an electric current in the stagnant water in the basement.  We had to flip the switch for the pump to get it running so Meanie put on my Sorel rubber boots (more like shoved his feet in it) and put on rubber gloves and went downstairs to switch the strip on, several times.  Ugh.  All Sunday we spent going thru the boxes – mainly my boxes full of mementos – old pictures, and some sentimental stuff which can never be replaced.  But nothing worth crying over.

So we finally finish doing all the yucky basement stuff and the laundry and everything till around 5pm Sunday.  I go to take a much needed shower – only to find that there was NO HOT WATER. *cue frustrated screams*  So after a few hours, Meanie finally gets the water heater working till around 7pm.  Apparently the flame area was wet from the flooding so with the help of some paper towels and a hair dryer, he was able to get it to work, finally.  I was worried I had to go into work feeling all disgusting and smelly. 

The shower I finally took was probably the best ever!

But yeah, that was my wonderful weekend.  I need a vacation from it.  Blegh.


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