>Haven’t updated in a while.  I’m just either too lazy or been too busy.  🙂

Carey is turning 1 at the end of May! Scary how time flies so quickly.  He started crawling around Easter time and now he’s perfected this skill.  He totally looks like a happy puppy when he crawls.  His face is beaming and he’s got this huge smile and he lifts his hands arm in this jaunty way.  So friggin’ cute.  I have to catch it on camera one of these days.  He’s also trying to walk, with our assistance, of course.  He’ll prolly be walking very soon!  I’ve noticed  that my son’s personality is very determined.  He was called the “overachiever” at the hospital and I totally agree!

That boy loves food! I don’t have a picky eater *knocks on wood*.  I made homemade purees for him at home – butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potato, broccoli, japanese pumpkin & prunes (to make him regular) and I buy the Gerber fruit purees for him.  He can also eat little chunks of food like banana and avocado.  Those 2 are his most favorite, even eaten together. Haha. 

And because he’s on the move so much, he eats so much more now compared to before.  He’s impatient and loves his Baby Einstein.  It’s like the whole world disappears for him when we play it for him. 

We gave up on the crying it out and the ferberizing.  I had him all trained before the holidays and he was going to sleep in his crib regularly until the holidays came.  We had to consolidate rooms and Carey had to sleep with us during then and after that, all the ferberizing and sleep training just totally backfired.  So we co-sleep in our California King sized bed.  There’s plenty of room but my baby is a bed hog!

He also must be at my side at all times, either in contact with me or using me as a pillow.  I call him my Barnacle Boy.  I never disagreed with co-sleeping – I think the bond with your children is much closer than if you didn’t.  But of course, I plan to have him sleep in his crib soon.  Very soon. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s May already.  Next weekend is Mother’s day and we are going to Montreal for that weekend.  It’ll be Carey’s first real road trip and first time he’s sleeping over in a new place.  Wish us luck!

I also pre-ordered a 3g/Wifi Ipad and should get it by mid-May.  I can’t wait!  This will be also my very last big purchase for a long, long while. 

Hope everyone is doing great!


About babydot74

Just a 30-something year old mother of two little boys, who bitches, gripes, ponders & wonders about everything. View all posts by babydot74

4 responses to “

  • BG

    >Man I remember the time when you were updating everyone of us via FB, Twitter you name it we were all as if there with you, cheering you on hehehe Wow your boy sure has grown so fast, look at him and im glad hes not a fussy eater. You have a great time in Montreal during Mother's Day ^_^ Take care you !!! Glad you've updated.

  • christao408

    >Oh, thank goodness he isn't a picky eater!

  • jpjchen

    >your blog seems so cryptic. are you preggo?I love co-sleeping with my babies too.. although I could do without the bed hogging and kicking.. hehe

  • BabyDot74

    >@jpchen: cryptic? lol, really? nope, not preggers. will be trying in the later part of the year tho! it's dawning on me that since my baby is turning 1 already, i'll have to start thinking about #2! it's kinda daunting. how do you do it? :)i don't mind the co-sleeping at all but yes, the kicking and bed-hogging tends to disturb our sleep but he takes turns. Sometimes he likes to sleep with his daddy so I get to sleep as comfortably as I want. Hehe!

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