>Bored at Work


Yay, it’s the week before July 4th weekend and things seem to have slowed down for a bit.  I hope it stays like this because I have had work-itis for a very long time.  I just came back from a weekend trip to Montreal with my family and my parents for my sister in law’s wedding.  Overall, I had a great time.  Things could have been better (dealing with the Naggon) but I won’t touch that subject here.
Let’s see, what’s been happening.  Carey isn’t walking yet but I think he’s super close to.  He’s very steady on his feet (with the assistance of another person) and he likes to wrench out one hand so that he can walk with only hand holding to another person’s hand.  He still hasn’t gained all the confidence to walk by himself yet but I think that day will be very soon.  I’ll be very busy once he does!
And he’s made the switch over to whole milk.  I get him organic whole milk from Costco.  And he eats 3 meals a day. He’s got a hearty appetite and eats tons! He’s learned how to crunch down his Cheerios with his front teeth (there are 8 now, the 8th just popped up a few days ago – 4 on top; 4 on the bottom) and gum down the rest so he eats efficiently and quickly.  My baby’s a little boy now! He’s not that tiny and helpless baby from one year ago.  I’m ecstatic that he’s grown up so well but in a way, I miss that newborn baby in my arms.  We met my newest 1-month old nephew over the weekend and it was nice to hold a little baby again.  I guess it’s time to try for the 2nd baby but we won’t till after November.  We are going to Cancun in November and I would like to enjoy my trip before a 2nd pregnancy!  All inclusive!!
For his 1 year birthday, his family on his dad’s side bought Carey a gift certificate to get some professional pictures taken from here:  Magenta Studios in Montreal.  We had some pictures taken of him in a baseball outfit, a chef outfit, a boxer outfit and a bowl of apples.  We ended the session in his own outfit but by that time, he had enuf of the photo shoot so he wasn’t too happy.  But we got really great prints since he was so cooperative.  The pictures won’t arrive in Montreal till about 3 weeks and I’m sure it will be sometime before we actually get our hands on it.  I can’t wait!

I definitely recommend the studio since they do such a great job. The bad thing is that it costs an arm and a leg. 

I mentioned the last post that I ordered an Ipad.  I love it!  I know it’s pretty much like an oversized Itouch but I love it. It’s a life saver for road trips for Carey.  We installed some Baby Einstein onto it so I can just bust that out whenever and Carey will be quiet and calm. I pretty much replaced my netbook with the Ipad.  I had trouble with the netbook because the screen was so tiny and it was just really unpleasant to surf the net with it.  It’s so much easier with the Ipad and its touch screen. My only regret is that I didn’t get a larger size.  I only got the 16G. I should have gotten the 64G! It’s also much less bulkier than a laptop or a netbook so it’s easier to transport.  I only got the regular Apple case for it and I am ok with it.  I don’t love it nor do I hate it. 
I got an A-frame for it from Griffin and I’m really happy with it.
My Ipad was resting on the box before on my night table but it looks so much better on this frame.  It also lies flat, too, if you don’t want it to stand up and it easily charges in it.  I also had an invisible shield put on it to protect the screen cuz the screen tends to get really dirty very easily.
Carey was on terrific behavior at the wedding.  He put up with everyone wanting to hold him and he was like a star of the party.  At one point in time, this cute little girl of 14 months toddled up to him and gave him a hug and my son was so traumatized that he started bawling in her face, crumped to the ground and I had to heave him up and calm him down.  *sigh* Uber cute, but hilarious.
We’re heading down to Maryland this upcoming weekend for a last minute family shindig. It should be fun! šŸ™‚

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3 responses to “>Bored at Work

  • judy

    >hi c!! it's me, judy – juiru. it's so funny b/c i haven't come by here for so long, and today i saw that you posted very recently! oh yay! i'm so happy to hear that carey is doing well. i remember we were just a week or 2 apart but you had the baby early! noah turned 1 on 6/20. can you believe how fast time has flown by?! yes, i miss when he was so little and how he'd just lie so still in my arms. now he is getting into everything and would much rather get down and explore rather than cuddle! carey will definitely be walking real soon! it's amazing how fast they progress!i want an iPad! i went to the apple store the other day and gaga'd over it. there are so many neat apps!

  • BabyDot74

    >hi judy! good to hear from you again. šŸ™‚ happy first bday to your noah! scary how time flies, right? i'm glad to hear you guys are doing great. do you still blog on xanga?

  • judy

    >yes, so fast! my co-worker keep telling me that noah is going to start driving soon. haha! he's probably right though! oh dear! i blogged on xanga a few weeks ago. but the time before that was when i was like 7 or 8 months pregnant! i've been wanting to get back into blogging to put some thoughts down… but rarely ever get around to it… it takes a different state of mind to blog.

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