>First Word and First Steps

>Yesterday, Carey said his first word!  How exciting, right?  You always imagine this type of situation.  You think that your baby will say “Mama” or “Dada” as their first word or something just as innocuous.  But nope, not my baby. 

Carey was a terror yesterday.  He was getting into everything, chewing on everything and every time he got his hands on something – a remote control, telephone, etc. – he would throw it on the floor, really hard.  He wouldn’t stay still during his diaper changes, esp the poop ones, which could get very messy with a very wriggly baby, he wouldn’t nap even when he was obviously so tired, he just wouldn’t sit still.  Meanie and I were really exhausted yesterday so we fell asleep at different times cuz one of us had to be awake to take care of Carey.  I had just woken up from a nap and Meanie basically plunked him down in my lap with a smelly poop diaper and tried to get some Zzz’s as I took over.  Nice rude awakening, huh?  And Carey started behaving really bad after that.  I couldn’t even get a clean diaper on cuz he was rolling this way and that and he wouldn’t stop grabbing stuff, so I decided to give him his very first time-out in a corner of his room.  Unfortunately, every corner of his room has crap in it so he was playing with everything.  To which I would snatch whatever he grabbed and throw it back where it belong.  So here I am, obvious mom-out-of-control, screaming at the diaper-less baby that he’s a bad boy and boy decided to crumple in this dramatic heap and starts screeching in protest. 

Meanie decides to give him a shower so I haul the bad boy up and Carey has this habit of totally relaxing every limb of his body so he hangs like a limp noodle so he eventually falls out of my grasp.  So freaking infuriating.  And I transfer over the “package” to Meanie who’s getting ready to shower with the baby and I’m screaming at Carey that he’s a really bad boy, so bad, BAD BOY!!”

And that’s when Carey decides to stay his first word ever, “BAD!!”  And he said it so clearly and well, too.  Meanie looked up all surprised cuz that’s his first word ever and I knew I had to go on scolding or else I would have cracked up, too.  So I scream, “That’s right, you are bad! Bad boy!!!” *stomps away*

It is soo hard to stay angry at such a little boy that’s so cute with those big and innocent eyes!  He’s going to be a trouble maker and is going to get away with it all.  Argh. And what do you do to discipline your child when screaming/scolding doesn’t do anything, neither does spanking on the butt.  Whenever I scolded him or spanked him on the butt, he would just turn around and start laffing.  He thought I was playing with him.  How am I going to discipline this child if I cannot instill any sort of fear in him?  I/we have our work cut out in front of us.  Oh boy.

Have you ever seen “Bambi” and that scene where he starts to say his first words?  That scene totally reminds me of Carey saying “Bad!!”  LOL

He’s not full fledged walking yet.  I think he knows how to but is just lazy. But he can do about 6 steps without falling.  He can walk a short distance from me to Meanie or vice versa.  He’ll be running in no time, I’m sure, and that’s when I’ll really have my hands full.

This past weekend, we had company and I left Carey in the care of friends while they were snacking from the table.  We just said no nuts and no shrimp for Carey so they left Carey with free reign of the table, except by the shrimp cocktail. I stepped in to drop some more food on the table and I see Carey..eating something.  I”m like, what is he eating??!!?!  Turned out he was fishing in the bowl of Pop Chips or Pita Chips and stuffing whole chips in his mouth!!!  It’s the most hilarious thing to see Carey stuff a big Pop Chip in his little baby mouth.  It sorta resembles a hamster trying to fit a huge sunflower seed in the cheek-pouch.

Such a curious little boy!  I love him so much! Even when he’s bad.  ❤


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4 responses to “>First Word and First Steps

  • Sarah

    >congrats on your son's first word! 'bad' doesn't bode well as a first word, but it's so funny.

  • cuteandcurls

    >Awwwwwwww heheheeheheh funny i sent a postcard to you whilst on vacation and i think i ask what did your baby boy have said or done to surprise for the 1st time and i guess your blog has answered the question hehe ..i agree with Sarah it doesnt bode well but tis funny 🙂 Im waiting which will your son next Mum or Dad 😉

  • judy

    >that's a funny story, he won't ever hear the end of it. haha! disciplining is so hard and it makes me sad but i have to do it. i will hit noah on the back of his hand and say "no…" loudly and he will stop what he's doing, start to frown, then cry! even if i just tap him. i haven't tried hitting him on the butt since he's diapered and probably won't feel much.

  • Fannie

    >Congrats on your son's first words and steps…..lolI look at JH's baby pictures and I think to myself, how much trouble am I going to be in?!

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