Random Thoughts

Snow in March. Yay.  First day of spring this past Monday and we got snow.  Okaay.  You’d figure that would be a one-time fluke, right?  Nope. Snow again 2 more times this week.  At least it’s sunny now.  Hopefully it’ll get warmer after this but nope.  I heard from someone that it’s going to snow again on Sunday.  Is the world ending?  The sky is falling!   Will everything go kaput in 2012?  Ugh.

Wow, I’m blogging again.  Will wonders never cease!  Hehehe.  It’ll be dead at work today and tomorrow.  I might as well take advantage of this time instead of shopping online.

We need to save money and I need to stop spending…but all those online sales are so so so evil.  *sigh*  And Amazon!  Arrrghhh.  We finally agreed to my parents to purchase the house from them.  I was thinking about other alternatives but in the end, the house won out.  I grew up in this house, I grew up in the neighborhood, went to the nearby school.  This places holds dear to my heart.  Also, you can’t beat the area.  Lotsa Asian foods and groceries are close by and it’s a great location.

Carey has his 21-month well appointment next week.  Time flies way too fast.  He’s no longer a baby but a little boy.  He’s not talking yet but mainly babbling in his baby babble and an occasional word like “Cow” or “Daddy!!!”  No Mommy yet. *sigh*  He’s still very sweet and so lovable!  I’m already brainstorming ideas for his second birthday!  We are thinking about enrolling him in daycare so we’ll going to check out one next week.  My mom is tired from caring for him because he is more than a handful.  A ball of energy!  And it’s time for him to learn some social manners and more stuff from teachers.  I’m hoping it works out!

Spracht Aura BluNote Wireless & Portable Speaker

Last week, I jumped on an Amazon deal:  Spracht Aura BluNote Portable Speaker.  It was only $35 from $129.99!  Good deal!  I wasn’t sure if I should jump on it but did after reading all the stellar reviews and such.  Also, it sold out pretty quickly.  After all, it must be a good deal if everyone’s jumping on it right?  I’ve been wanting to get some portable speakers for the Ipad but this works for any Bluetooth enabled device.  I hooked my IPhone 4 to it when I received it.  It’s pretty easy to connect.  You can either plug it into the wall or use 4 AA batteries to make it wireless.  The sound is very good for a portable speaker and it’s small enough to bring it with you on short or long trips.  I tested a variety of music on it and it all sounded great.  I’m very happy with this product!

My JBL ipod speaker finally died after so many years.  I mean, it still plays music but it no longer charges the Ipod anymore. 😦  I was solely using this in Carey’s bedroom to play his lullabys all night when he sleeps or during his naps but it’s been dying out after 4 hours since it doesn’t charge.  Luckily for me, I’ve been a Sony credit card holder for about ten years and I had some points stacked up.  I used my points and got the Sony Clock Radio with the Ipod dock:

This clock is awesome!  I just plugged it in and voila, the time is already set for me.  Wow!  LOL. The reviews complained of the brightness of the numbers in the dark but it works fine in a baby’s room because it’s like a small nightlight.  I guess if you can’t sleep unless it’s really dark in your room, don’t get it, but it works great for us.  It’s also a CD player too.  Win win!  Love it!

I love it when I’m happy with my purchases. Hehe!

Off to lunch to get my Tenka deal of free dumplings from the Bian Dang truck.  Hehehe.


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Just a 30-something year old mother of two little boys, who bitches, gripes, ponders & wonders about everything. View all posts by babydot74

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