So much for blogging often.  Seems I blog like every 2 months. Hah, better than nothing!

May already. Craziness.  Time is flying way too fast and lots happening this month.  We go on vacation next week in Montreal for a week.  It’ll be nice to get away and get a change of scenery and food.  It’s always nice to go back there.  We are going solely to drive my MIL back to Montreal since she’s been staying with us for the past 3 weeks to take care of Carey while my parents are out in Taiwan.  We’re also going to celebrate all the April/May birthdays and there are a lot in my in-law family!

Carey will be starting daycare in mid-May.  My baby is a big boy now and old enough to go to daycare!  I’m both happy and sad about it.  Sad because he’s all grown up but at the same time I’m happy because he will be learning new things and interacting with kids his own age.  He’s talking a lot more these days and he babbles alot.  I’m sure he’s talking and saying words but it’s really hard to pick them out.  Lately, he’s been saying “What’s up?” as a greeting.  “What?”  His ultimate favorite word is “cow”. He calls everyone and everything a cow.  I have no idea why. He also knows what a cow is and when he sees one on TV, he will say “cow” and will point to a cow in his book.  LOL.  I just hope no one gets offended when Carey ends up calling them a cow because he probably will.  Hee hee hee. 

Whenever Carey calls me a cow, I always ask him where’s the cow?  Does Mommy moo?  MOoo? And he’ll say “Wherezit?”  Hehehe.  Last week, he was talking in his sleep and I guess it was a bad dream because he was whimpering and I heard “I..don’t..wanna..DO IT!!”  *sobs*  😦  But he was ok the next morning.  I just love that he is talking more!

These past 3 weeks I’ve been spoiled on the weekends and been allowed to sleep in because my MIL is around.  Carey always wakes up really early in the mornings, either between 5am to 8am but he’ll come to wake me up if I”m still sleeping. He’ll say “wake up!” or climbs up on top of me as if I were really a cow and smash his face to mine.  Or he’ll just stand to the side of the bed and just stare.  It’s really cute to wake up to your almost 2 year old toddler, smiling ear to ear just at the sight of you.  I love my happy baby boy!

He does have his bad moments too.  Lately, he’s been abusing me a lot. Smacking me in the face and so on.  I usually try to leave him once he starts doing that.  He only shows me this kind of abuse.  The articles on-line say that your kids do that because they love you the most and they know they can get away with it the most from you but I’m starting to think that whoever who wrote that article is just saying that to make the victims, like me, feel better. 😦

We went for his 21 month appointment back in March and he’s still little for his age.  I forget alot that he’s a preemie so he’s about 2 months slower than his actual age.  His height and head size is good and on target but his weight is less than normal. They call him a skinny baby. He’s inherited his dad’s stick legs and he’s got a tiny booty so most of his pants slide all the way down by his 3rd step.  I ordered something called Dapper Snappers. These things are awesome and they truly work!  Now Carey can wear his jeans and khakis now, aside from the sweat pants I usually put him in, with the help of Dapper Snappers!  They’re not the most attractive accessories but it’s usually covered by Carey’s shirts.  They also have mom-sized ones, too.  Good to use when you’re preggers!

I feel like I used my son as an advertising tool.  Too bad I don’t receive sales commission from these places!  I’ve been putting Carey in shoes that squeak ever since he’s started walking. He’s a runner so he’ll dash off to anywhere and I need to keep track of him. We are against those leashes so squeaking is the only way I can keep track of him.  I follow him like a hound, too. I usually buy Squeakers or Wee Squeak shoes from  The styles are cute and they squeak! And every time we go out shopping or something, we get a ton of comments and everyone with children wants a pair.  I think I’ve sent like at least 20 different people to their websites.  Where’s my sales commission?  🙂

I love the baby sales websites.  That’s where I get the bulk of baby stuff.  Sites like:

The first two links are my favorite. I’ve also ordered from Totsy which I do not recommend at all. Totsy’s prices are always very inviting but the shipping costs make up for the rest of the cost.  Their customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered before. It’s truly tragic because I was a loyal member of and they merged with  I REFUSE to buy anything from Totsy anymore because 1) they have always gotten my order incorrect, 2) always takes more than a month for something to ship out, 3) never give out refunds (I am still bothering them for my last refund and it’s been more than a month). I’ve also noted that their stuff sells quickly and then after a month, they sent out an email to you saying that they’ve been “short ordered”. Maybe more like “Oh, we didn’t realize our inventory sucked but we sold you something that we don’t have anyway” type of BS.  Beware at your own cost, literally!

On the Bzzagent front, I signed up for the Children’s Claritin campaign except that I don’t know anyone who has kids with allergies.  I hope Carey doesn’t have them but it’s too soon to say.  So I’ve got a bottle of Children’s Claritin in Grape flavor.  Is there anyone who would be interested in having it?  I’d love your opinion on it, too.  These bottles generally cost like $12 in the drug store. It’s pretty steep. I also have coupons if anyone is interested in it, too. Let me know!

Catch you later!


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