Birthdays Galore

I keep on reminding myself that I’m going to blog but then I get distracted.  At least I’m blogging in the same month!  May is crazy.  My parents went to Taiwan for 3 weeks so my mother in law came down from Montreal to take care of Carey for 3 weeks.  At the end of her 3 week stay, we went to Montreal to celebrate the May birthdays a little earlier and stayed there for close to a week. It was so nice to get away from the area and have a pseudo vacation.  We had to cut our vacation short because we had just purchased a Sony 3D TV because our old crappy Panasonic was on its way out.  That piece of crap TV has been running on fumes after the first year, just after the warranty ran out.  Carey hurried the process because he loves pressing buttons and since the plasma wasn’t hanging high on the wall, he had easy access to it and to destroy it.  🙂  That’s ok. I think Meanie has been urging Carey to break it so he can get his beloved new 3D tv!  I have to admit that it’s really really nice and now it’s hanging high on the wall so Carey can’t touch it. Haha.

There are 3 birthdays this week in my family.  Tomorrow is Meanie’s birthday and my nephew (in Montreal)’s birthday. Thursday is Carey’s second birthday!!  Time really does fly.  Just a little too fast.  We threw Carey a big birthday party at our house over the weekend and it seemed to be a huge success.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without all the help we had! 

The rest of the pictures from the party can be seen on my Facebook account.  It was really great to catch up with friends and family.

Carey started daycare last week.  We actually checked out a local daycare in our area at the end of March and it seemed really homey and the teachers looked like they actually cared.  Carey has been placed in the youngest class and will be there till he’s around 2.5, though maybe a little more than 2.5 because he is technically a preemie (2 months younger than his actual age).  Today was the 3rd time we dropped him off and he still didn’t seem so happy. However, I think daycare has speeded up his talking. He was only talking a tiny bit before he went to daycare but now he’s talking so much more! He’s started 2 word sentences and is starting to communicate a little more.  Both his dad and I are so proud that he’s showing improvement!

On the other hand, he is a little devil.  He is mischievous, naughty and such a boy.  He also likes to beat me up. 😦  I’ve been trying to instill fear of him (of me, lol) so that he would be scared.  I’ve tried time outs and I think he’s starting to get a clue of them but yet, he will still beat me up if I tell him “No” or if I scold him about something.  It’s a work in progress.  And I know I have to repeat and repeat and repeat till it gets through his head. It’s a bit tiring on me too! 

Today the daycare has started Project Sippy Cup. No more bottles!  The teacher said that he’s starting to use the bottle as a security object since he’s no longer using pacifiers.  Basically the bottle nipples have replaced his pacifiers and all he does is gnaw on them.  I refuse to buy more bottle nipples! So as of today, the bottles go into the trash (hide them away from view) so he’s forced to drink the milk from his sippy cup. I just have to enforce it at home and make my mom enforce it, too. Wish us luck!  It’s also kinda embarrassing cuz all the older kids in his class are all on sippy cups except for him and infants.  He’s not an infant anymore.  😦

On to me news.  I need to lose weight. I’m sick of being fat.  Hahah.  I’m looking into using the Wii has a workout tool because I’m too poor and too cheap to pay for a gym membership or pay for a class.  I want to resume taking walks around the neighborhood now that it’s warmer except the rain is not cooperating.  I have to delay this for a week because clumsy me ran into something and my toe is totally purple and hurts when I walk. 

I hear so much about Zumba so I think I will buy Zumba for the Wii. I hope this helps!!


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5 responses to “Birthdays Galore

  • cuteandcurls

    I saw the food pix on your Facebook and you know me I was practically drooling with hunger!! Im glad the birthday party was a success and everyone had a great time. So hows the new Sony 3D? Our old Samsung died on us last year, just 2 weeks before we were scheduled to go back to the UK and now we have a Toshiba 42″ HD telly and soon Martin’s planning to subscribe to the HD TV channel here.

    Remind me to get tips on the sippy cup from you when I need it in the near future girl 😉

    Ok the weight loss issue, my friend is a Zumba enthusiast and certified. I have seen the video of Zumba and that fast pace is what I like, I might get the whole dvd and do that too after delivery. Martin’s been pestering me if i did any of the workouts seen in my preggie book, as much as i want to say I did I lied and said i did …i mean seriously at this stage how can i do these sort of exercises eh AND with my paranoid brains i even fear if it affects the baby heck i havent even used the swimming pool till today for fear the chlorine water would affect the baby ..yep thats how paranoid i can be. But I do plan to go on a strict confinement by taking all the herbs supplements and avoiding certain foods during that period. BTW i keep confusing your blog at blogspot /blogger heheehhe until i realise i should click THIS one linked from my blog ..Doh @ me! Have a great weekend girl!!

    • babydot74

      Hello! The new Sony 3D tv is great. It’s so clear that all shows look like I’m standing right there watching everything. It’s really weird and I think I’m just starting to get used to it. It works out perfectly because I don’t have time to go see movies anymore so now all we do is just buy the 3d blu ray’s so we can watch the 3d movies at home in our bed, too! Hhehehe.

      Sippy cups are a huge deal. I think I’ve bought every kind of sippy and straw cup just to see which ones Carey would take to. Right now, He’s on the Born Free Training cup and the Playtex Twist n Click straw cup but he’s ok with any straw cup. I just prefer those because they don’t leak that much compared to other straw cups I’ve tried.

      I’ve tried the Zumba Wii for the second time last week and I sorta got the hang of it, kinda. Not as clueless as the first time but still clueless. LOL But it’s a workout trying to figure out these moves. It’s super fast and I do get sweaty so I must see that as a positive.

      As for your exercise, as long as you walk alot, you will be ok. It’s too late right now for you to do those strenuous exercises but walking is a great exercise while you are pregnant, esp at 7 months!! 🙂

      Hehe yea, I use wordpress now. It doesn’t matter. No one really reads my blog anymore. Hahaha, it’s sad! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      • cuteandcurls

        A few days ago I have been walking about at the mall 😉 just escaping the mad heatwave here so at the same time did my groceries pushing my trolley i ended up having round ligament pains again … I realised this time its from the trolley pushing i think. I hope after delivery to really follow the confinement rules, will try my best especially with taking all the herbal stuff. I guess at this stage until 9 months its advisable to start doing alot of walking now. If its not so hot over here id walk alot if i could UGH ….you still have some faithful readers 🙂 including me ❤

  • Fannie C.

    My friend teaches something like Zumba. I would join except, I really, really, suck at following directions, have zero eye-hand-coordination, and no coordination anyway hahahahah

    Looks like a might nice spread for a birthday party!

    Carey being mischievous? What were the chances…hopefully he’ll GROW out of the terrible 2’s lol

    I know how you feel re losing weight……I’m there too. Sigh. I need to get into shape…….

    • babydot74

      LOL I have no coordination either but I’m still trying. I just won’t do it in front of anyone, even my hubby cuz I’m sure he’d bust a gut laughing so hard. Hehehe.

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