I used to blog a lot on several pages about my life experiences, entertainment and mainly, products that I have tried recently and wanted to share with people about how great (or not) they are. Friends have suggested to me that I should do it more often since I like to spread the word so much. I had no idea that such activities existed.  I found out about BzzAgent when I was reading product reviews on Amazon. It seemed awesome to me that I could get free product samples and in return, I only had to review them or spread the word (word of mouth advertising).  That is totally me!  So I signed up for BzzAgent in 2010 and have been on about 17 different campaigns since then.  Now I’m currently on absolutely zero campaigns and I feel like I have a void I need to fill.  So I searched for other word-of-mouth websites programs, like BzzAgent, and found that there were some. I signed up for several but so far, no news yet.  Here’s hoping something comes along my way soon.

I also signed up for HouseParty which seemed like a very interesting idea to me.  It’s similar to BzzAgent where they will send you stuff but you just need to hold a house party and distribute the items they sent you.  The parties are themed differently so you can apply if you’re interested.  I applied for a Lego party and if I get picked, I plan to hold a play date at my house!  It’s works out great because we regularly invite guests over for food and for fun so this will just be an added perk.

I’ve also looked into Subscription boxes. If you don’t know what a subscription box is, it’s basically like a magazine subscription but instead you get a box of goodies.  I’ve been subscribing to Bluum since they started and every month, I get a little box full of products and samples.  Bluum is catered to mom & baby items and at first I was very happy with the contents of the box but lately not so much.  I find the subscription price a bit expensive for the items I get in return.  Basically, I don’t think the products I’m getting are worth the money I spend on my subscription.  It had so much promise but now I just want to end my subscription.

Lately the Bluum boxes (or bag) have been filled with only sample sized products.  Like tiny itty bitty ones.  It seems like a ripoff to me for $11 per box.  The initial boxes used to have one full sized product and a bunch of sample sizes but now it’s just a bunch of sample sizes which in my opinion, is a total ripoff.  And on my search for other Bluum box reviews, it seems to me that I’ve been jipped for more than one month because the boxes I received seemed like they were missing 1-2 products.  What the heck!  Me no happy!

I’ve looked around and I”m delighted to find out there are several other subscription boxes catered for mothers of young children. Citrus Lane boxes look pretty nice and I might join that after I cancel Bluum.

On a whim, I joined CraveBox, which is another subscription box company.  Unfortunately, all the subscription box spots are all taken up so I joined the waiting list. It costs about $10 a box.  From what I can gather, you will get a box every month if you have a subscription to CraveBox.  But they also offer limited edition boxes where non-members and non-subscription people can apply for a limited edition box.  You are not guaranteed a limited edition box when you sign up and they supposedly pick the winners via some kind of lottery process.

So I signed up for the Summer BBQ box:

I left my credit card number in case I got picked for it (I wasn’t expecting it at all) and I was very surprised to see that I received a Federal Express tracking number yesterday.  My reaction was like, what is this?  What did I order?  And I was very surprised to see that my Summer BBQ limited edition box was on its way! I haven’t received it yet but I am looking forward to it.  I joined the CraveBox Facebook page and it seems like the majority of the people who received are very happy with it.  I’ll be sure to update my blog with the contents of the box!  According to the tracking number, I should be receiving this box tomorrow which is perfect because we are holding a BBQ on Sunday! Yay!



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