Out with Bluum; In with Citrus Lane!

I finally canceled my subscription to Bluum.  I’ve been pretty unhappy with the selection for the last few months and after doing research, I found there are better subscription boxes out there. I finally signed up for Citrus Lane and I am excited about it!

Citrus Lane is another subscription box company. For $25 a month, you will receive a “care package for parents” for your kids ranging from newborn until up to the age of 3.  I’ve done some research and most (maybe all) reviews I found on the monthly care packages were positive.  Bluum, not so much.  So I will receive my first Citrus Lane box in mid-August.  I had one more box in my Bluum subscription for this month and I’ll do a review on that when I get it soon.  I realize I should have started (continued) my blog for each Bluum box I received in the past but all of the contents are scattered around in my house somewhere.  Plus most of it are tiny itty bitty samples which are of no real use anyway.

If anyone is interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane, here is an invite link:  Clickety.

There’s a new promotion going on for Citrus Lane:  If you enter SPRINGFUN in the promotional code box, you will receive 10% off. Not too shabby!

In other news, I was not picked for the House Party Lego Duplo party.  *sad face*  I’ll try again for another party.  There’s a Smirnoff party that’s being offered now but sadly, that’s not available in the state I live in.  Boohoo.

Last night, around 3:30am, my baby’s Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer died.  Dead-O. Kaput. The vibration option does not work anymore.  I knew it was on its last legs but I was hoping it would go on for a little more.  This bouncer has been my most prized object for both of my kids. It was put to excellent use and both my babies preferred to sleep in it instead of the crib or bassinet.  It’s unfortunate because I was slowly transitioning my second to the crib from the bouncy chair and he needs to have the vibration/massager on in order to sleep through the night.  Poop!

I just put in an order to Amazon for another bouncer but a portable one so I can bring it on trips and stuff.  Also, it’s great for toddlers, which is another plus. I actually have an older model of this chair but it’s not portable so that was a minus. It received great reviews on Amazon!

This is the new chair: Fisher Price Portable Infant-to-Toddler Bouncer.


Thank God for Amazon Prime. I’ll get it by tomorrow!

I also got this product which I am very curious to try out:

It’s an Electronic Crib Rocker

It’s this crib attachment that vibrates the mattress when the baby cries. That’s exactly what I need.  Most of the reviews on Amazon are also positive, so that’s a good thing. There were some negative comments because people were angry that it didn’t actually rock the mattress.  I don’t understand how one little contraption can rock a whole crib. Isn’t that a bit dangerous?  But the vibrating effect is exactly what I need! Supposedly that helps with colic, too.  My firstborn had colic but I never thought to use anything like this for him.

Yesterday, I was doing some Google searches for a “crib vibrator” or something along that line.  I received some interesting results.  LOL.  I had received an email about a new product a few years ago about this contraption that would make a stroller or crib vibrate and I finally located it.  It’s called a Lolaloo and it’s only available in Europe. On top of that, it’s like super duper pricey and it basically looks like a vibrator.  My cousin suggested that I just buy a vibrator and just strap it onto the crib or something. It’s not a bad idea. Hahaha.

Here’s a picture of the Lolaloo:

It costs 129 euro = approximately around $160

Only available in Europe, that’s probably some crazy shipping and handling charges too!

Uhm, yeah, no thanks.  I rather go the vibrator route.  =P

Reviews to come later!


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Just a 30-something year old mother of two little boys, who bitches, gripes, ponders & wonders about everything. View all posts by babydot74

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