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Coach Factory

About a year to 2 years ago, I started getting emails from Coach Factory about these fabulous Coach sales.  I jumped on one of those sales, bought like 3-4 handbags and I thought I lucked out on awesome prices on these Coach bags.  And then I started getting plagued by emails every day about this sale and that and it just lost that special appeal it used to have.  It made me doubt if Coach Factory was the same thing as Coach or just a knockoff or something.  I definitely think Coach (like the one on Madison Avenue in Manhattan) is much more higher end and higher quality than Coach Factory (the Coach stores you find in shopping outlets, etc.) especially since my Coach Factory bag I bought last year was starting to fall apart – the zipper was coming loose from the fabric and the material on one side was all frayed and faded.

The Signature Duffle bag in Silver/Purple

I absolutely love purple. It’s been my favorite color ever since I was a wee child.  I went through all the teasing and everything but I still stuck by my favorite color (Eww, purple?  Gross!) and now it’s trendy!  Ha ha!  In yer faces, stupid little kids that made fun of me.  =P  Nyah! Ok, end immaturity. 🙂

This bag looks a lot bigger than it seems.  I can stuff my own stuff in there, an iPad and a bunch of baby stuff – burp cloths, juice boxes, wipes.  It’s not big enough to use as a diaper bag but it’s good enough to shove essential things you need in there (a diaper, wipes, etc) My friend had just recently commented that I must love this bag so much because I haven’t changed my bag yet – I used to do that every season.  I need change and variety.  I get sick of the same thing over and over again.  That pertains to clothes, handbags, jackets, food, everything, really.

But then it started to all fall apart from how much I used it.  Oh, woe is me!  Meanie had mentioned that Coach should be able to fix it, cuz after all, it’s Coach!  But then I had my doubts if my Coach was the same thing as real Coach.  LOL  So I went to the website and emailed them to see if they do do repairs.  I got a reply from customer service fairly quickly:

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry to learn you are having a problem with your COACH product. It is our policy to stand behind our goods against manufacturing defects for the natural life of our merchandise, excluding normal wear.

Please take your item to your nearest COACH store for evaluation or you may mail it directly to the Repair Department referenced in the link below:


We offer repairs, when possible, on items such as bindings, zippers and hardware. We will make any requested repairs we can. If the item is defective and we cannot repair it, we will replace it.

If you are dropping your product off at a COACH store, the store will assess your item and determine if the $20 fee applies on your recent purchase. If you are mailing it directly to our Repair Department we will evaluate the condition of your bag to determine if the fee applies. 

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


COACH Online Consumer Service


Awesome!  I chose to mail mine in so all I had to do was pay for my own shipping to Coach (about $20 via UPS) and I had to enclose another $20 for shipping and handling for them to send it back to me. So $40 total.  Everything can’t be free.  So I was expecting them to fix the zipper and maybe do something to make the frayed and faded part look a little better but I just got a letter from Coach Factory this week that said this:

Wow!! I certainly wasn’t expecting this at all! This is terrific! A totally new bag!  I love places with great customer service (Patagonia is another one).  So if you think about it, I paid about $40 a totally new Coach bag.

I’m sorry for doubting you, Coach Factory.  You are just as wonderful as your counterpart.

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