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Conscious Box Subscription!

Woot! I just got a Conscious Box Subscription on super sale.  Conscious Box is another subscription box where you get a bunch of eco friendly goodies.  Usually if you buy per month, a box is $12 but if you go for the 3-month subscription, it comes out to $33 plus shipping ($7.95).  According to Subscription Boxes, this is the #1 subscription box service out there.  I’ve read many reviews on it on several blogs and the recipients are usually 100% happy.

I’ve been scouring Plum District for a while since I received a $5 Shopping Card from Tried and Truth for doing a review.  And today, I found the deal I was waiting for!  A 3-month subscription to Conscious Box for only $19.  I got it for $14 using my Shopping Card so it comes out to less than $5 a month for this deal.  How awesome is that?

If anyone of you are interested, here’s the deal:


In fact, if 3 people jump on the above deal, I get my deal for free.  No pressure! 🙂  I don’t mind paying $14 for my deal at all. Hee hee.


Conversation with CB #1

I had my first real conversation with CB this morning. I was in bed, trying to get the last few minutes of sleep before my alarm went off.  Meanie went to dress CB for daycare and then I heard baby elephant feet coming my way so I threw the blanket over my head so I can try to get some more sleep.  CB plopped himself in the middle of the bed, waiting for someone to turn on Sprout on TV and give him his morning milk.  And then my alarm went off and I threw off the blanket and turned it off.

CB:  Ohhhh, hi Mommy!  Good morning!
Me:  MMmfff..moornninngg…
CB:  Helllooo!  Hi Mommy!
Me: Good morning, Carey!
CB:  You’re sleeping??!
Me: Yes, Mommy is still tired…zzzzzzzz
CB:  OHhhhhh okaay.  *pats me on head*

Hahahah! So adorable!  I know it doesn’t seem like much of a conversation at all but this is a breakthrough for CB.  Even at 3.5 years, he’s not really communicating yet or really putting words together.  He can talk but mostly he’ll call out animals and expect you to make the sounds the animal makes.  For example:

CB:  Cow!
Someone else:  Moooo!
CB:  Chicken!
SE:  Bok Bok bok!
CB:  Sheep!
SE:  Baaa!

etc…. That was the extent of our “conversations”.  This makes me happy that my little boy will probably start yapping very soon.  Other people have come to us (other family members) have tried to bring to our attention that there’s probably something wrong with him because he’s not fully talking.  I just think that people expect way too much from children these days.  Every child progresses at a different level.  There’s no one correct level or wrong level.

People tell me all the time that boys are just slower than girls when it comes to talking.  I believe it!  I know sooner or later, that speech switch will be turned in the “on” position and then he won’t stop talking.

We are actually in the process of bringing him to the school district to be evaluated for special preschool classes. The special classes will work on his speech and also his interactions with other children. We have gone to the initial meeting to meet with the Child Study Team, which is comprised of 4 different teachers who specialize in different subjects.  We have two more appointments in October which is the actual evaluation.  I’m kinda hoping he does qualify to get in because it will cut our daycare costs by a lot!  Here’s hoping!  And it can’t hurt but only be helpful for him.

I’m definitely looking forward to more conversations with my CB!

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