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Happy 9 Months!

Today is a popular birthday day.  I know of 2 people who have a birthday today.  Meanie, Carey and I had a meeting this morning with a child study team at the local elementary school and as we were waiting in the lobby for the meeting, there had to be like 2-3 kids toting in birthday cake or cupcakes for their birthday party today.  Popular day!  Happy birthday to all the October babies!

Today, BB is 9 months old!  I can’t believe he is 9 months already!  Time flies way too fast.


Look at my BooBoo Bear!  I know this picture quality sucks and I”m sorry for that. I really need to bust out my ancient click and shoot but it’s so hard to capture the ideal moments for pictures!  This is Meanie’s desktop and the picture there is CB at 9 months wearing the exact same outfit.  I remember that morning actually.  We had a bad storm and we lost power so the 3 of us were huddling in our bed all night to keep warm.  We finally got power later that day and he’s smiling.  Look at that little tuft of hair!  BB has way more than hair than his big brother.  They also don’t look alike!  Do they even look like they’re brothers?

CB has more of my skin features (aka PASTY) and inherited my light hair (for an Asian) although his hair looks more like a mixed kid’s hair.  It’s THAT light.  When his hair was growing out, he had curls!  But as it grew longer, he lost the curls.  It was so cute!  I wish he still had wavy hair.  That’s from my father, or me.  I would have wavy hair if it were short but it’s not.

Someone actually came to me and asked me if I was positive that Meanie was the father of CB.  Like, really?  Am I positive?  DUH.  Who asks that?  LOL  I know she didn’t mean it like that but still, some tact please?  What IF he wasn’t the father?  That would be an even more awkward conversation.  Of course, Meanie didn’t help in the conversation.  He said that CB was the mailman’s kid.  😛 Our “mailman” just happens to be a woman. LOL

BB looks more like Meanie.  He was born with black hair but it’s slowly turning light brown.  :/  Not as light as big bro’s but definitely brown.  Makes me wonder how much Mutt Blood I have in my bloodline.  I would think the Asian features would be more predominant over Mutt Blood features but in this case, it’s not.  Something to ponder about…

Frankenstorm is on its way. Yay.  😦  I hope the store hasn’t run out of water and other essentials by the time we get there. Poop.  I’m in NJ – where it’s going to be hit hardest.  Wonderful.  Good luck to everyone out there!


Product Review – SheSpeaks

This post is long overdue. My apologies!

I joined SheSpeaks over the summer because I was looking into more websites that were similar to BzzAgent.  I like the idea of trying out new products and spreading the word.  I was doing that for a while but I was buying the products myself.   If you join these sites, you may get picked to test some new products, depending on where you stand – usually like age, area, etc etc.

SheSpeaks is a community for women where you can read blogs, share reviews, read opinions and be chosen for free product testing.  It’s quite nifty.

I mentioned Shespeaks a few posts ago about these websites who promote word of mouth marketing.  Clickety.

Since joining this past summer, I’ve been offered 2 products for testing.  The first was Clear Shampoo and Conditioner but it took a while to arrive due to shipping complications.  I received the products about 2 months later after I accepted the invite to test these products after I contacted them through their main website that I still haven’t received the products.  Their customer service was very prompt and polite and shipped it out to me in a few days.

I was excited to use Clear Shampoo and Conditioner!  I’ve been seeing these commercials over and over since I was catching up on shows on Hulu Plus – which isn’t commercial free.  You’re forced to watch 1-2 commercials when they have commercial breaks.  It’s not pure torture but it sucks that I can’t fast forward through them.  But after viewing these commercials, I wanted to try these products!  (Their partnership with Hulu Plus worked – I NEEDED to try these products LOL)  So imagine my excitement when SheSpeaks offered me to product test these items. 🙂

When I finally received my box, I ripped the box open and went to wash my hair.  Please note no pictures were taken of my box because I literally ran off with the products to go wash my hair.  Seriously.

What my hair has been looking like for the past 6 months and still does. 😦

By the way, it’s almost 9 months AFTER I gave birth to BB and I’m still dealing with post-pregnancy hair.  I went through the hair loss about 3 months post-labor and now my hair is long as fark. (Not anyone’s fault but mine) But I’m STILL dealing with the baby hairs that stick STRAIGHT UP and I look so silly!  Nothing works for those stubborn baby hairs.  Hair wax, hair spray, gel, mousse.  Nope.  They are SO defiant.  I first realized my hair was sticking up when BB kept on staring above my eyes and I was always wondering what he was staring at.  He was/is staring at my baby hairs and how silly his mommy looks. 😦  I look so stupid and old with my salt and pepper hair.  That’s what having kids does to you – turn your hair white and grey.  I’m in serious need for a dye job and a hair cut. What’s taking so long?  I get my hair cut in Boston by a specific salon and a specific person.  LOL

Ahh, I digress.  Just had to get that out there.  Anyone dealing with post-labor ostrich hair?

So I tried the shampoo and conditioner and I love the smell.  It smells great!  I found the shampoo lathered well but I have SO MUCH hair that I need to use a large amount to get the lather that I need.  I usually use Dove Moisturizing Shampoo and a smaller amount of that lathers just right for my hair.  I have to use this insane amount of Clear Shampoo to acquire the lather I’m used to and to cover all of my hair.  It also rinses well and doesn’t feel like it leaves any build up in my hair.  I also love how it makes my hair smell so good the very next day, all day long.  I just sniffed my hair and it still smells good!

The conditioner is also great, too. It smells great and it really moisturizes my hair and leaves it really soft and shiny.  I find that I use the conditioner more often than the shampoo. It really bothers me that I need to use  A LOT to acquire the lather that I need to ensure all of my hair and scalp would be clean.  I wish they would make it more lather-able. Is that even a word?

I’m the type of person who needs to alternate products they use all the time.  I can’t use just one thing because I either get sick of it or my hair/skin/body doesn’t like it.  I crave for variety.  So I alternate using the Clear shampoo and using the Dove shampoo and I’m happy as a clam.  I doubt I’d be happy using it every day.  Nor my hair. But that’s just me!

What REALLY bothers me is the design of the bottles.  Yeah, it looks very modern and sleek but it’s not well balanced. They topple over every day in my bathroom.  You will always hear two loud bangs and me cursing because it landed on top of my head or my toes.  Me not happy. 😡   Overall, I really like the two products and I would probably buy the conditioner more than the shampoo in the future.

The second product I tested from SheSpeaks is the Enfagrow Older Toddler Ready to Drink Milk.  They marketed this to picky toddler eaters because the milk has the nutrition the toddlers need if they aren’t eating all too healthy.  They come in two flavors – Regular and in Vanilla; and they also come in powder form, if that’s preferred.

CB is a picky picky eater.  If he likes the food, he’ll gobble it up.  If he doesn’t, he’ll hold it in his mouth and let his saliva disintegrate his food into nothing and THEN he’ll swallow it.  Gross, isn’t it?  He won’t spit it out if he doesn’t like it and if we pry it out, he screams bloody murder when we do.  It’s a lose-lose situation and it’s always a puzzle trying to figure out what he will eat.  Even if he liked one type of food one day because he gobbled it down, there are times when I serve it again and then he’ll just hold the food in his mouth.  Gross.

CB is totally skinny. He’s got skinny legs and arms and is so skinny.  BB is way chubbier than him.  BB is ready to eat the food we eat. He always looks so sad when he sees our food and then looks at his food (oatmeal cereal mixed with fruit and veggie puree).  He snarfs it down anyway.  I can totally picture in the near future CB refusing to eat his food and BB totally grabbing it and stuffing it in his mouth.  TOTALLY.

I actually remembered to take pictures of the contents in my box this time.  Actually I got this shipment BEFORE I got the Clear products.  Ha ha.




Enfagrow Older Toddler drinks contain:

  • DHA and iron—two building blocks of a toddler’s brain
  • 19 nutrients to help support growth
  • Natural Defense® Dual Prebiotics® Blend—designed to help support your toddler’s immune system

Their packaging resembles the Horizon Organic Milk cartons that come in Vanilla or Chocolate. CB drinks those a lot and loves it.  I used to drink those when I was pregnant.  They are quite yummy!  I served these at CB’s birthday party one time with other kiddie drinks and juice boxes and all these kids were crying for their own vanilla milk!  Like crying and whining!  The power of Horizon Vanilla milk.  Hee hee.  Good thing I had plenty to go around.

So one weekend, I gave CB an Enfagrow milk.  He seemed happy to try it because it’s almost identical to the Horizon milk. He took one sip…and never touched it again after that.  I figured it was just that one time so I served it again but he knows what it looks like and it’s NOT his favorite vanilla milk and it goes untouched.  I served it another time and he tried to force it down Meanie’s throat.  3 times.  I know Meanie or my mom has tried giving it to him.  Always untouched.  It’s obvious he doesn’t like it.  I tried it for myself to see what it tastes like.  There’s a faint vanilla taste but it’s not as flavorful as the Horizon milks.  And it doesn’t taste like organic milk.  You know, yummier than regular non-organic milk.  But I don’t taste anything bad or vitamin-y or anything like that. For some reason, my child avoids this like the plague.

I have a bunch of coupons for this.  Anyone interested?  Please don’t base your decision on my child.  He is SUPER picky and I’m not surprised he doesn’t like it.  I read other reviews on this product and other peoples’ kids love the milk.  It’s good for you and tastes great.  But if your kid has had a taste of the Horizon organic milks, there’s a huge chance your kid won’t like these either.  Just sayin’.

[Disclaimer:  Please note that I received both products complimentary for testing purposes from SheSpeaks.  This is my honest opinion.]


Conscious Box Review – Super Mystical Magical Mystery Box

Ha ha, the name of the box gets me every time.  Please note that I will call it the SMMMB going forward.

I jumped on the SMMMB offer after I received my first subscription box from Conscious Box. I was pretty impressed with my first monthly box that I jumped on the SMMMB box at $19.95, including shipping.  I Googled to see if others had reviews on the SMMMB yet but I couldn’t find any.  Supposedly all the boxes are different and I’m interested to see what others got.

Ready to see what I received?

Here it is!

Ha ha, cute touch with the question mark

Note card that came with the box.
There’s no packing list that came with the box nor can I find one online
so I did the best on looking for all the links included in this blog.

First group:  Munchies

Closer look at the brown rectangle at the bottom of the screen
S’mores!  They’re really nice and squishy too.
Haven’t tried them yet!

1.  Crunchmaster Multi-grain crackers – Sea Salt; .5 oz – These look good but I haven’t opened them yet.  They’re sold at Costco so they should be pretty good and pretty accessible, at least for me.  I’m guessing this bag costs about $0.34 for a 5 oz bag.  It’s a pretty small bag that holds like 4-5 crackers.

2.  Dark Angell Chocolate Bar – This looks really good!  It’s a chocolate bar but it’s made of good stuff, kinda like the Unreal Chocolates I tried out for BzzAgent.  Yum!  Babydot’s Guesstimate cost:  $2.25

3.  Simply S’mores Gourmet Marshmallows – Plush Puffs – Ohmigoodness.  I went to this website and I want every one of these items!!  These look so good!  *drool*  These are fantasy gourmet marshmallows since they are also corn syrup free!  MMMmm that’s so awesome!  Look at these flavors!    Just to name a few – Caramel Swirl, Lemony Meringue, Mochaccino, Vanilla Bean and more?  I’m not sure how much the sample is but as I was searching, I came across their blog and a discount code.  Woot!  I’m not sure how much the little package costs but a 4 oz bag goes for about $5.99 according to their website.

Definitely something I’d look into!

4.  Ginger Pear Minteas by Tea Forte – I love Tea Forte products.  I gave out Tea Forte tea bags for my wedding shower favors.  I think they are so elegant and simple looking and make great presents!  I was stoked to find a box of Minteas in my box. They do not disappoint at all.  They taste great and supposedly they will help you Regroup because they contain Gingko in them.  I’m not sure about that but I’m pretty content with how they taste.  Cost:  $2.99

On to the next picture:

5.  Eco-Dent Premium Natural Oral Care Products – Dental Gum and Dailycare Toothpowder – I am a dentist phobe.  I am on every dentist’s wishlist because they hear Cha-Ching sounds when I walk through the front door.  I take care of my teeth, not excellently but pretty damn well but I still have problems with my teeth.  I believe the health of teeth is genetic because my dad has crappy teeth too.  I’ve had 4 root canals and I have a bunch of porcelain crowns which have literally costed me my bank account, WITH insurance.  Ugh.  The tooth powder looks weird to me but I guess it’s worth trying!  These are just samples and I won’t guess the price on them.

6.  Dr. Cleangreen Moisturizing Instant Hand Purifier – 1.5 fl. oz; $5.95 – I could definitely use this!  I usually use Bath and Body works Sanitizing Gel but sometimes I feel the scent is too overpowering and there’s way too much alcohol in it at times.  I tried this stuff and it smells great and it does moisturize.  I love it!  It has taken a permanent spot in my purse. It instantly kills germs; 100% Natural and 99% Organic; Cleans and Hydrates in One product.  Sounds good to me!

7.  Sun Tegrity – A sample of their natural and holistic sunscreen.  Cool!

8.  Go Greens – Salad in a bottle – Fiber powder.  This seems like a good idea when I’m not eating my veggies and fruit. Like now.  =/ I’ll have to try this.  I got two packets – one in Apple Melon and one in Green Apple flavor.  Although the Apple Melon packet feels a bit hard and stale compared to the other one.  One packet goes for about $0.97 according to Amazon. So two packets for a total of $1.94

9.  Pure Matters Protein – Chocolate Pea Protein Powder – This is a great item for Vegans who need their daily protein..except I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan.  This product scares me a little and I doubt I will use it.  Sadly, I don’t know any vegetarians either.  We are all carnivores or omnivores.  Anyone want this?  It’s got good reviews! 🙂 I’m not sure how much this single serving packet goes for…

10.  C3 for Stress – All Natural Stress Relief Drink Mix – I think this is similar to Emergen-C but for stress.  This should be interesting. I should drink this at home when my bear cubs are driving me nuts.  🙂  The starter kit of 5 packs goes for $4.95 now, if interested.  So one packet costs about $0.99

11.  Eboost – Pink Lemonade – I’ve seen these before on other sites like Cravebox or Influenster but I’ve never tried it personally.  I guess it’s another type of drink mix but this one is for energy.  I should keep this one at home, too, for taking care of my munchkins.  Babydot’s Guesstimate for 1 pack:  $1.40

Yum, this stuff looks great! I love tea and I love coffee.
These are all natural and organic.  Can’t go wrong with these!

12.  Guayaki Yerba Mate – Mate Chocolate – Fair Trade Certified – This looks yum!  Can’t wait to try.  I love how they have so many varieties too.  It’s 6.95 for a box of 16 tea bags. One goes for $0.44

13.  Mighty LeafOrganic Earl Grey – I love Earl Grey tea! I miss those days BC (Before Children) when Meanie and I used to go tea houses to drink brewed tea and eat tea sandwiches and desserts. I love that!  I can’t do that anymore.  At least not until my munchkins are older.  Wow, Rachel Ray has named it one of the best Earl Grey teas.  Cool, I guess, if you’re a fan of Rachel Ray. I am not a fan.  =P  15 tea pouches sells for $9.95 on the website so one pouch costs $0.66

14.  Teecino Hazelnut Herbal Coffee – This is a totally new concept to me. I did not know that coffee can be herbal!  This sounds terrific.  I can’t wait to try it.  10 “tee” bags costs $4.99 so one tee bag costs about $0.50

15.  Good Kind Natural Coffee Creamer – This sounds great, too.  I’m guessing this will go very well with the Teecino Hazelnut Herbal Coffee.  MMM.  This is just a sample so I won’t put a cost of it.

I don’t know half of these products that are enclosed in the Conscious Boxes but the fun part is looking them up online and discovering all these different brands.  I hope to introduce you to all these new items just like Conscious Box has done for me!

So there you go – 15 items in the SMMMB. I’m not sure if the costs equate or are over $19.95 – if I total the numbers above that are in bold and underlined, I get about $17.46 and add the two items I couldn’t find a price to.  So yeah, the box is worth $19.95.  I just wish that there were more fuller sized products so I feel like I get more bang for my buck.  Nothing really wow’ed me in this box but it was good to find out about all these other brands and products.

I doubt I would jump on another mystery box if the opportunity came.  Just my two cents!

Did anyone buy a Super Mystical magical Mystery Box?  I’d like to see what other people got and how my box compares to yours.  Please share!  🙂

Kidz Kuts & Morning People

We did a lot this weekend. It was sunny outside and it was relatively warm for October.  My mom and several other people have been telling us to get CB a haircut because he was getting rather hairy. His last hair cut was in the summer when we went to the mall and we swapped kids with my in-laws.  Meanie and I took our nephews to play at Dave & Busters and Meanie’s big bro and sister-in-law took CB and BB to go shopping. When we got our kids back, CB had a new shirt on, new sneakers and a new hair cut!  🙂 But that was in the summer and since then, CB has gotten hairy again.  He got his school pictures back this year but he doesn’t look as good since he’s starting to resemble Cousin Itt.  Ha ha, not that bad but getting there. He’s still scared of hair cuts and hair dressers so it’s like pulling teeth to get him to have a hair cut.


Picture taken from here.

I know there are hair salons that specialize in kids hair cuts but the ones in my area were either really far away or got scary reviews via Yelp.  So despite the bad review on Yelp, we headed to a local Kidz Kuts ($17 for a hair cut).  It’s located in Livingston Mall, in Livingston, NJ (duh! LOL) and it’s a small section of the adult salon called Professional Hair Salon (this place got the bad review).  They had the taxi cars, planes where the kids ride in, all equipped with a TV, DVD player (Elmo for CB, of course!) and friendly hair dressers.  I was also a little worried about going to Livingston Mall. I used to go there a lot when I was younger and it was decent, for a local NJ mall. But as time progressed, it got severely ghetto and I stopped going there because it was just so unpleasant to be in.  It’s gotten a lot better since then!  I never brought Meanie there so it was his first time and I was pleasantly surprised to see it improved since the last time I went there (gotta be in the 90’s).

CB screamed and cried and tried to climb out, as we expected him to but he did OK!  Luckily, the place wasn’t overly crowded so there wasn’t a huge crowd witnessing this whole debacle.  We pretty much had the whole section to ourselves.  It was done in just 10 minutes, max, and CB looks great now!  And he was super happy afterwards and pretty much for the whole weekend.

I found a blog where someone had their kid get a haircut here, too.  I didn’t take any pictures because it wasn’t pretty with all that crying and screaming.  There’s a picture of the same hair dresser CB had, too! I think his name is Joe.  We will definitely be back again so Joe can cut CB’s hair!

Have you ever seen those long-haired dogs, like a Shih-Tzu or a Maltese, get their haircuts in the summer when it’s too hot?  They no longer have their long hair and they are SO HAPPY to not be burdened by long hair in their faces, etc.  CB reminds me of those dogs cuz he was SO SO SO HAPPY the whole weekend.  🙂  He also got a lollipop afterwards for being so good.

Here’s a before picture:


And here’s an AFTER picture:


Haha, so Happpiee!

He looks like a totally different kid, huh?  Here he is in a carousel ride for kiddies:

I plopped in a buck for this ride and he quietly sat there, waving to me and eating his lollipop. Ha ha.  He also got to ride it 2 more times after that since the other parents whose kids were on the first time I put in a buck, “paid” me back in rides.  So nice of them!

CB was very happy this weekend but Meanie, BB and me were not so happy.  CB is a morning person.  He wakes up at the most insane times (like when it’s still dark outside).  He will chatter non-stop and plop himself right in our bed, in the middle. Luckily for me, he’s a daddy’s boy so he will bug Meanie instead of me.  Ha ha.  But I still hear him! Gah.  BB hears him too, from his own room and a slightly closed door!  Meanie, BB and I LOVE to sleep.  We are rather cranky without sleep.  When Meanie and I were younger (i.e., BEFORE kids), we would sleep the day away and be happy with that.  So much for those days.

My parents are totally morning people.  They believe in getting up very early in the day and running errands (which I do agree to but not happy about because I need my beauty sleep!)  I think my parents’ Morning Person-ness skipped a generation because I certainly don’t have it and neither does my sister, and went all into CB. Wahhh!  He was up at 3:30am last night.  5am Friday night.  Goodness gracious.  How am I supposed to teach him to stay in bed till it’s a normal time to get up.  8am would be nice.  9am would be even better!  *sigh*

This post is entirely about CB.  BB feels left out. He’s going to be 9 months on Friday!  Time flies so fast!

You can see his two teeth on the bottom.  He’s not crawling yet but more like bulldozing with his head and looks like an inchworm trying to get to his point of destination. LOL.  I don’t think he knows he has to move his hands and knees simultaneously to crawl somewhere.  It’s a work in progress.  He has a hearty appetite.  He snarfs down his solids, 3 meals a day and sucks down his bottles. He’s a big boy! He’s sure to catch up with his big brother soon.

House Party – Mrs. Prindable’s


After applying to at least 8-10 House Party’s since I became a member this summer, I finally got picked to host a party.  I was going to totally give up after this try, too. Good thing I was persistent!

I will be hosting a Mrs. Prindable’s party.  I’ve always heard of Mrs. Prindable’s but I’ve never tried any of their products. Have you?  They look delicious and so bad for you. 🙂




These would be great as presents, especially since the holiday is coming up really soon.

I was looking for more websites that had programs like BzzAgent, where you can try out products for free.  A lot of people had recommended House Party so I went to check it out myself.

It’s pretty simple and it sounds too good to be true:

First, you sign up for an account at House Party and then you:

Apply. Let’s get the party started. We tell you about upcoming parties from the products and brands you love and you decide which ones make your heart beat a little faster.

Invite. Spread the love. We give you all the tools you’ll need. All you do is invite your friends. In return you get exclusive access to try and share some cool products with them, courtesy of a rockin’ Party Pack.

Join a movement. When you host a party, it’s more than you and your friends who are having a blast. Thousands of other hosts and guests from across the US are also having an awesome time, on the same day.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  I’m not sure what their picking process is but I’m sure the more you publicize about these parties, the stronger a chance you’ll get?  I’m not sure really but I will definitely say that persistence pays off.

The party pack sounds pretty awesome:

Your exclusive Mrs. Prindable’s Party Pack will contain the following items for you and your guests:

  • 1 Triple Chocolate Gourmet Jumbo Apple with snowflake ornament & signature gift box
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Gourmet Apple with holiday bow*
  • 1 Box of Chicago-style Milk Chocolate Toffee in holiday gift box
  • 1 Bag of Holiday themed Pretzel Bites*
  • 1 Box of Assorted Truffles (24 pc.)*
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable’s flexible cutting boards for guests
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable’s catalogs and special offer for guests


Coincidentally, we are having a Football Sunday on 11/11, which also happens to be my birthday. So we’re having a Football Sunday with buffalo wings, birthday cake and Mrs. Prindable’s confections. Yum! Hee hee.  I just hope that people come to help us eat the dessert because Meanie and I will be totally ginormous (like we aren’t already fluffy) even more so!

So if you’re into throwing gatherings with your friends and family, go sign up for House Party. I’ve only heard good things about it and several people I know have already been picked for this party or something else.  There’s also a Keurig party where you have the chance to get your very own Keurig! Those aren’t cheap either! I signed up for that one and didn’t picked.  Ah well. It is better that way. I don’t have room for Keurig in my house – I don’t have enough counter room.  If I had won it, I’d be caught smuggling K-cup cartridges from my work. Ha ha!  Can you imagine that?  Embarrassing!


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