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Nom Nom Nom!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday over the weekend with some home cooking.  Meanie offered to make chicken pho for her because she’s a noodle monster and everyone enjoys home cooked pho!  I also gave her a choice for appetizer between Steamed Pork Belly Buns (made by me) or Meanie’s Buffalo Wings but she opted for the wings instead.  In truth, Meanie and I can’t go out to eat during this time period because the kids are too difficult.  I noticed CB doesn’t do well in crowded restaurants — he just hates crowds in general and then he starts screaming and having a tantrum, especially if the strangers get too close. He’s a lot like me – hates crowds but I just know how to deal with them.  He hasn’t yet!  BB is still young but he’s curious about what’s around and these days it’s difficult to get him to sleep for long periods of time during the day so in the end, Meanie is holding CB and I’m holding BB and we’re unable to eat.  The ONLY place that we can go to eat where the kids behave normally is this local Indian AYCE lunch buffet place.  We have NO IDEA why the kids are always OK there but we’ll take it.  Ha ha ha.  So sad.

Here are some nom pictures:


These are Meanie’s Buffalo Wings. Everyone loves them because they are awesome.  🙂
He busts out the deep fryer for these suckers and fries a huge Costco-sized bag of frozen chicken wings.
The key ingredient is the buffalo sauce.  We order ours online from the Anchor Bar.

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings – made by me
We needed to make non-spicy wings for the kids so I found this recipe online.
(I only used half a stick of butter, not the whole stick the recipe calls for)
This recipe is AWESOME.  We only made about a dozen in this sauce but we should have made more.
Very nommilicious!

Sauteed Home Grown Water Spinach with Garlic
(made by birthday mom)
We ALWAYS need a veggie dish to go with our meals.  If not, we feel kinda gross.
These veggies were home grown by a family friend who has fantastic produce and this is my favorite Asian veggie!

Fancy plating, huh?  Meanie is all into that.  Me? I just plop my food on a plate. LOL
Vietnamese Chicken Salad – made by Meanie.
It’s a cold chicken salad with lime juice, red onion, crushed peanuts and Vietnamese coriander.
It’s very refreshing!  The shrimp chips go very nicely with the salad.

Pho Ga (Chicken Pho) – main course
Meanie slaved all day Saturday to make this.
It’s so good!

I’ve been pretty stupid these days. It’s as if my “pregnancy brain” never let me.  I started eating my bowl of pho without all the extra stuff – wedge of lime, bean sprouts and fresh basil – and was like MMM, this is so good! And it was!  The pho must be DAMN good if you don’t need all that extra stuff.  I realized halfway, added them and it tasted so much better.  Yumminess!  We have leftovers but we usually eat it with rice, which is just as good.

I feel bad for BB because he cannot wait to eat our food! He visibly drools when we eat and he’s stuck with rice cereal with fruit and veggie purees.  Sorry, BB, you will eat with us soon enough!  CB is a totally picky eater. It’s always a game to try to figure out what he will or will not eat.  It’s usually a guessing game.  I can totally picture later on when BB is old enough to eat his own food and totally snatching what CB won’t eat.  LOL Totally!

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