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I am a TV junkie.  I have no shame – I will admit it willingly. There was a time when I had 2 DVR’s running on 2 separate TV’s because I had that many shows to record.  One DVR is not enough for a TV junkie like me because you can only record 2 different shows at one time and no more than that.  I also ran out of room very quickly – hence, the need for TWO DVR’s.  But we’ve cut down to save money, lol.  Also, a lot of the shows I watch have ended so my DVR isn’t so crazy anymore.

I also have a Roku to watch all my shows on Hulu Plus.  I love that thing! It works on any TV.  I have this old Sony WEGA 27-inch tube TV that I still have and it’s still in working order except we haven’t hooked it up to any cable so it’s pretty much just collecting dust in the guest room. But once you plug that Roku in, it’s streaming TV and it’s awesome.  When BB was born, he and I “moved” into the guest room to sleep and do all those wonderful night feedings. We were far away from Meanie and CB so we wouldn’t disturb their sleep.  So in order to stay awake, I would just crack on the TV, Roku and Hulu Plus and just catch up on all of my shows.  I totally completed Prison Break (great show!) and Desperate Housewives.  It’s great if you have a lot of time to waste cuz you can just watch it in one shot! Hee hee.

I can’t wait for this show to come on next Thursday!

Vampire Diaries

I got this picture off of Entertainment Weekly.  How awesome does everyone look?

I’m a little too embarrassed to admit that I love CW shows.  Does that make me a wannabe teenybopper?  A kid trapped in adult form?  I think I’m more of the latter.  I’m definitely still a kid, especially with my new Nintendo 3DS XL I got for my birthday in November (I know, way in advance) from Meanie and the bear cubs! 🙂 Anyone want to play Mario Kart?  🙂 I still need to brush up on my “skillz”. Kinda hard to find time to do everything I want to do, especially since I work full-time in the city and have little munchkins. *sigh*

Here are the rest of the shows that I watch:

Once Upon a Time (ABC) – haven’t seen the season premiere yet.  I liked the first season but wasn’t too impressed by the season finale.

Revenge (ABC) – I love love love this show! So good!  I’ve already seen the season premiere of this show and I can’t wait for more.

666 Park Avenue (ABC) – I did catch this show.  I’m not sure if I like it and not sure if I’ll continue with it.  I do like Locke (Terry Quinn) but we’ll see.

Gossip Girl (CW) – I did say I was a wannabe teenybopper, yah?  🙂

Revolution (NBC) – Meanie and I used to watch Lost, almost religiously.  We loved that show, stuck with it and then it ended and we were pretty disappointed with the last episode because we felt that it was just all quickly wrapped up with some cheesy ending. That’s a whole other discussion. Anyhoo, I digress.  I love JJ Abrams (since Alias!).  I love Eric Kripke (Supernatural, anyone?)

I was a little reluctant to start this one but one night, I started watching.  I’m actually liking it so far. It’s nice to see Billy Burke play some other role than a laid-back dad in Twilight. 🙂 I like him in this role.  I’ve read a lot of forums and people can’t stand the main girl but she doesn’t irk me that much, not yet.  I like it better than 666 Park Avenue, that’s for sure. I hope it gets better!

Grimm (NBC) – I was also reluctant in starting this show because I thought it would be a total rip off of Supernatural. Boy, was I wrong!  This is a great show! I love the cast and the story lines.  I definitely recommend!

Hart of Dixie (CW) – 🙂  This is my guilty pleasure show.  I know it looks really stupid but I really enjoy this show. I love the cast and the story, I actually look forward to watching this. Ha ha.

Modern Family (ABC) – Every year, it wins a ton of Emmy’s.  End of story.  My only complaint is the Asian girl.  They switched actresses in the middle of last season and I wasn’t too happy.  None of my friends were too happy.  She’s starting to grow on me now and is a little less annoying. Almost cute.  We didn’t think she was anywhere cute last year.   =X

Supernatural (CW) – This show is great.  For some reason, I keep on thinking it’s the last season. I dunno why.. Is it?

I also tape Glee but I have no urge to watch it.  Should I watch it?  Is it any good?

What TV shows do you guys watch/recommend?  I would love new suggestions! 🙂



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