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Conscious Box Review – October 2012

Wheeee, I received my first Conscious Box on Friday!  To those who are not familiar with Conscious Box, it is a monthly subscription box that’s sent to your door.  It costs $12/month plus you need to pay for shipping which costs $7.95 so it’s about $19.95 a month.  You can also purchase 3-month subscriptions (total $56.85) or a 6-month subscription (total $111.60) That’s not too bad considering the amount of stuff you get in the boxes.  I hopped on an offer Plum District was offering and purchased a 3-month subscription for only $14 because I had a coupon, too.  Click here to read all about it.

There are two kinds of boxes – The Classic box and now there’s a Vegan box available.

Signing up for Conscious Box is very easy.  You just click onto whatever subscription you’re interested in (single box, 3-month subscription or 6-month subscription) and then you’re in the PayPal page where you just pay right then and there.  No need to create an account with them or anything like that. I was a little worried about that because I couldn’t log in to the account to see when a box was coming.  People have mentioned they get an email with a tracking number with it but I never received one.  I do know a box is supposed to arrive by the 15th of every month though so that was good to know.  Imagine my surprise when I found the box in my mailbox on Friday evening!  Yay!

I’ve heard a lot of raves about the Conscious Box and how people are always happy with their subscription.  According to Subscription Boxes, Conscious Box is the most top-rated box right now out there.  Conscious Box is a little more unique compared to other subscription boxes available now since all of the products they send out are all eco-friendly, which is a big plus!  I was a little reluctant to jump on this because of the price tag and I already have a subscription with Citrus Lane but I couldn’t pass up on the offer through Plum District (it’s not available anymore).  I was also a little reluctant because it’s an eco-friendly box.  I don’t consider myself as a totally green person. Maybe here and there but I’d like to improve on that.  So I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the products in the box.  I was worrying for nothing!

I opened my box on Friday evening, after the kiddies have gone to bed so I haven’t shared the goods yet.  I’m tempted to hoard these goodies but I’d be a bad Mama Bear if I didn’t share!

The box itself seemed a little small to me. I always pictured it to be a little bigger. It really doesn’t matter though since it was packed to the max!  The box had 11 items total, plus coupons!  I heard Conscious Box stopped enclosing a packing list in their boxes but now it’s online. Click here for the list.  I haven’t ripped into the goodies yet so I don’t have a review for the munchies yet. They look good, though!

Here are my pictures.  I apologize in advance if some are blurry.

The box that was sitting in my mailbox.

What I saw when I opened the box.
A welcome note from Conscious Box. 🙂

The other side of the card – it gives you some ideas to re-use the box.
I would probably use mine to hold some of CB’s crayons or something.
I would even re-use the box for gifts!

The actual box where all the goodies are hidden inside.
It looks so pretty!

What I see when I open the pretty box.
Everything is packed so neatly!

The theme of the box – Autumn, Halloween, October!

A closer look at the pretty postcard included, on top of the hidden goodies below.

First exposed goodie – RW Garcia Dippers
3 Seed Curry & Mango chips.
Sounds good but haven’t tried yet.
They say these chips go very well with avocados.
I’ll have to get some next week to try these chips to the fullest!

These look good.  I’ve only tried one thing from a past Bluum box.
They are:  Clandestino – Banana Bar (the packaging looks really hip!);
Larabar – I see these everywhere but haven’t tried yet.
Bumble Bar Organic Sesame – I’ve tried this before. It’s very tasty!
Crum Creek – Soy Nut Mix – I actually received this in my Book Lovers Cravebox. Haven’t tried it yet though.

VitaRocks – Vitamins that are just like Pop Rocks!  They’re for kids but I want to try it too! 🙂
Yummy Earth Organic lollipop – I am very familiar with these since I was noshing on them while preggers.
They’re very good!  I actually bought them in bulk from Amazon and passed them out for Halloween and included them in CB’s birthday goodie bags.  My MIL also loves these!
Teatulia – I love tea! Looking forward to trying this.
Zarbees – cough syrup for kids.  This is great because CB often catches a bad cough from daycare and he’s too young for other meds.  I’ll be sure to try this out this winter to see how it goes.

Pretty postcard
GoodLight Natural Candles – I love candles!
I just haven’ t lit them in a while because I have gremlins munchkins running around.
Geo Deo Island Natural Deodorant – This is great.  No, really, I’m serious. I’ve been looking around for something like this.  In fact, I already bought some in bulk from Amazon (Gah) but a different brand.
I just started using both products over the weekend and so far, I’m pretty happy with both!
I’m not sure how effective they would be in the summer (Me = sweaty pig = oink) but for right now, it is effective and my armpits don’t feel gunked up with crap, which is the last thing I need.
Geo Deo Island has a nice pleasant smell, which is not too overpowering.
Something on me smells really nice but I’m not sure if it’s the the deodorant or the new shampoo I’ve been using that SheSpeaks sent me – Clear Shampoo and Conditioner.

Whatever it is, I smell awesome, like flowers!  🙂

Coupons and stuff.

There it is, all the contents in my box.  I’m not sure how much all of this costs but I’m pretty sure it’s more than $12.61/month (how much I paid for my subscription with the Plum District Offer and $5 coupon I had).  I was so pleased with this box that I actually jumped on the Super Mystical Magical Mystery Conscious Box for only $19.95 (shipping included).  Honestly, I’ve been eyeing this box for a while but wasn’t sure I wanted to.  Right after I opened my October box, I jumped on that Super Mystical Magical Mystery Conscious Box.  I mean, how could I not, with a name like that?  LOL  It’s still available if any of you are interested in it. I hear all the boxes are different so no box is going to be the same.  They should be shipping soon so I’ll be looking forward to receiving it.

My verdict?  Two thumbs up!

[This post is entirely my opinion and I was not paid or compensated in any way to state my honest review]

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