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[I am a BzzAgent and I was sent free products to give my review.  I was not compensated in any way for my honesty]

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Burt’s Bees Campaign for their new product – Intense Hydration for the face.  I have always heard of Burt’s Bees and have heard of all the raves it’s gotten from their line of products but for some reason, I never got around to trying them out.  This was a perfect opportunity for me!  I am a Burt’s Bee virgin and thanks to BzzAgent for letting me try out their products!

I love the fact that all of the products are 100% natural and their packaging is also very good to the environment.  None of that icky stuff with ridiculously complicated names on your skin.  They also have a huge line of products for everything, including babies!  Good to know!  I perused the website and now I want one of everything on the site.  🙂

This is the model they work by:

Good for you — Natural products that nourish your skin, body and well-being

Good for us — Company practices that create a thriving, sustainable business

Good for all — Being pioneers of sensible practices that benefit the world and being good neighbors too

This is like 3 pluses in a row!


Ok, back to the Intense Hydration line.  This is great for dry skin.  The main ingredient used in this line is Clary Sage.  Apparently after some research, they discovered that this plant was able to retain moisture especially since it thrived in dry climate in the Mediterranean.  The Intense Hydration is a facial line and there are 5 products in the line:

The Burt’s Bees® Intense Hydration Face Care line:

  • Clinically proven to intensely hydrate dry skin
  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Is dermatologist-tested and noncomedogenic
  • Is 99% natural
  • Enhanced with probiotic technology
  • Can be found in mass retailers (like Target or Wal-Mart), drug stores, grocery stores and natural health food stores nationwide

Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser

  • Provides intense hydration and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and revitalized
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup
  • Rinses easily without leaving a residue
  • Costs $9.99

Intense Hydration Day Lotion

  • Provides intense hydration for a revitalized appearance
  • Leaves your dry skin feeling soft and supple
  • Absorbs quickly thanks to a non-greasy formula
  • Costs $17.99

Intense Hydration Eye Cream

  • Helps increase skin’s ability to retain moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a revitalized look*
  • Leaves the delicate skin around your eyes feeling soft and supple
  • Absorbs quickly thanks to a non-greasy formula
  • Costs $17.99

Intense Hydration Night Cream

  • Replenishes moisture while you sleep — wake to skin that feels soft, supple and revitalized
  • Provides intense hydration and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Absorbs quickly thanks to a rich, non-greasy formula
  • Costs $17.99

Intense Hydration Treatment Mask

  • Clinically proven to provide immediate, intense hydration**
  • Leaves skin looking revitalized
  • Easy to apply — goes on wet and stays wet; wipe off with a tissue or washcloth
  • Costs $17.99

*When used with the complete Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Face Care regimen.
**In clinical studies, 100% of women tested showed an increase in skin hydration after one hour.

Here’s the BzzKit un-veiling:

What I saw when I opened my BzzKit

I was ecstatic to find full sized products in my box!
My BzzKit contained the Cream Cleanser, Night Cream and Treatment Mask,
along with an information booklet and a bunch of samples and coupons I can share with my friends!

These cute little samples are of the Day Lotion and Night Cream.
I shared these with my friends and family!

I jumped on this campaign because winter is here.  My skin tends to get dry in the winter (I’m sure for most of you, too!) from the harsh winds and the dryness from the heat in the house and other places.  Just so you know, my skin wasn’t super dry at the start of this campaign.  As days went by, some days I felt my skin was starting to feel tight and just a little dryer than normal.  I’ve been using the Cream Cleanser almost every day for the past couple of weeks and I feel that my skin has gotten much softer since the start of this campaign.  I haven’t been using the Night Cream or Hydration Mask daily (it’s recommended to use this 1-2x a week) but I’ve used them sporadically.  I think it’s because the Cream Cleanser is doing such a great job at hydrating my skin!

The scent of the products may be a little too strong at first.  I wasn’t sure if I liked the smell in the beginning but I’ve grown to love it.  It’s very different from other smells and it takes time to get used to but I think it smells great!

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Intense Hydration line of Burt’s Bees products to anyone who has experienced dry skin.  This will surely make your face nice and soft. It surely has to mine!  If you don’t suffer from dry skin, do make sure you check out their whole line of products. I’m sure you can find something that would be a correct fit for you.  So uhh…don’t be surprised if you find Burt’s Bees products in your Xmas gifts from me this year! 🙂


Conversations with CB – #2

Hello, sorry for the hiatus in posts. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a nice weekend if you aren’t in the US). We were busy little bees.  First, we had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house.  It was more like a one-sided family reunion.  It was really fun and there were lots of kids. My sister has plenty of toys and space so all the kids were very entertained.  BB had his first turkey day, complete with a turkey bib.  I did not get a picture – I know, I’m a bad mom. My dad did, though, but I haven’t seen them yet.  BB also had his first bits of turkey (not pureed!), some cheese, beer bread and other yummy treats.  I also fed him some brownie from McCafe and he seems to love it.  He’s becoming a pro at eating and chewing very well.  Hee hee.  He just hasn’t figured out putting the food in his mouth yet. He’ll try but he hasn’t grasped the idea of dropping the food in his mouth. I just see him gnawing on a fist.  Ha ha.

We also went to Boston for the first time in more than a year.  Meanie has family up there so we often go and visit every couple months.  We also get our haircuts up there, too!  So it’s been over a year since I’ve gotten a haircut.  I got about 6-8 inches chopped off.  Quite drastic, yes, but I’m free!  I think CB was wondering where my hair went, though.  He grabbed my tiny stub of a ponytail and looked bewildered as to where the rest of it is. Doh!

I wanted to introduce you to Carey’s babies – James & Bear-Bear.  🙂


James the Giraffe (given name) and Bear-Bear (named by CB)
They’re posing for a picture in BB’s crib
Yes, one of Bear-Bear’s eyes is unraveling. CB doesn’t seem to care.

James is about 1.5 years old.  We discovered him at a zoo in Montreal in a sea of giraffes, fell in love (me) and bought one for CB.  It was love at first sight for the two of them.  He now looks like he’s decades old, not just 1.5 years old.

He used to look like this:

All fuzzy and fluffy.
If you want him, he is sold at Amazon.

I know he’s got the shortest neck ever for a giraffe but he’s still a cutie.  Ha ha.

Bear-Bear also came with a blankie.  CB was so attached to this blankie but not to Bear-Bear at the time.  I had to buy a bunch of blankies because I had to wash them all the time cuz it got really gross and yucky so I had to recycle them.  So I had 5 blankies and 5 bears.  I’ve been gifting those bears to baby boys, without the blanket. Sorry, guys! 🙂  But he’s a very cuddly bear. He used to look like this:

Yep, all nice and fluffy.  Not any more!
He’s available at Amazon, too, but this listing has a bad review!
If you’re interested, he’s a Cocalo Bear and Blanket set but he’s from 3 years ago
so I don’t see him on their website anymore.

James and Bear-Bear are his babies.  The first thing he runs for when he gets home is for the two of them.  I think if he had to choose one over the other, he would totally choose James but the two are usually together.  I wash them every weekend (that’s why they’re not fuzzy anymore) in the laundry machine and if they are away “taking a shower” and he is about to take his afternoon nap, he asks for them.  “James?”  “Bear-Bear??”  “James???”  “Bear-Bear??!!?”  I just have to tell him that they are taking a bath at the moment but they will be with him when he wakes up from his nap.

I’ve caught CB in the act of feeding James (usually not Bear-Bear, don’t know why) whatever snack he’s eating.  He was trying to shove a pretzel rod in James’ mouth one time.  He will get a tissue to wipe James’ mouth or nose, because maybe he was sniffling, too.  He’s always hugging these guys and I’m sure he talks to them, too, because we hear him yapping away in his room before he goes to nap/sleep at night.

So we were leaving Boston on Sunday and I was packing his babies up.  I threw them in my bag and CB starts these bloodcurdling screams because apparently I was murdering them by throwing them in my bag.

So I said, “Fine, fine, I’ll leave their heads out so they can breathe, too, ok?”

I zip up his babies to the head so their heads are sticking out of my bag so you know, they can “breathe”.

CB is still screaming bloody murder….

I give up, threw him his babies and tell him not to forget them because we are not driving back for them!

CB gingerly holds up James and Bear-Bear, looks into their faces lovingly, and says to them in a worried voice, “ARE YOU OK, BABY??!!??!”

I was on the floor.  ROFL. Funniest and cutest thing ever.  LOL.  🙂


BB is 10 months old this past Monday!  We went for his 9-month well visit last week (a little delayed because of Hurricane Sandy) and his measurements are:

Height:  28.25 inches

Head:  46 cm

Weight:  18 lbs, 10 oz

We are mostly surprised by the weight because we were convinced he was at least 20 lbs!  My dad was convinced that he was no longer 25th percentile for his weight because he’s so heavy but he’s not even that heavy. He just feels really heavy.  He gained 2 lbs, right on schedule.

He’s not crawling yet but he’s rocking/swaying on his hands and knees. He might be crawling by Christmas! He’s also loving “people food” (our food, not in puree form anymore) but he does love his oatmeal cereal and whatever purees I’ve made for him.  Fruits and veggies.  I also made him a chicken puree with sweet potatoes and carrots.  He looked really grossed out the first time he had it. I think he almost vomited.  LOL but he kept on opening his mouth for more. I think he looked really grossed out because it wasn’t sweet like the other purees he’s had in the past.  He’s definitely a sweet tooth, I think!

10 months, yay!
Can’t believe he’ll be a year old in 2 months!


Cravebox – Knorr Ultimate Thanksgiving

I wanted to really like this box.  I was ecstatic finding out that I won the drawing for the Thanksgiving box and I was definitely excited for it because I thought the Cooking Light Cravebox was awesome.  I don’t know if I had hyped it too much for myself to be excited about this.  Or that I had read that several people weren’t happy with the Thanksgiving box.  I think I am mostly disappointed because there was nothing new to me to this box, aside from the Folded Words offer – $35 off plus free shipping!

I will definitely use all of the items in the box but I think what I am feeling is underwhelmed.  I guess it’s hard to impress me because I tend to try new products when I see them in the store.  None of the products in these box are new to me.  I have seen most of them in the stores, in ads and/or commercials.

Here’s the un-boxing!

This time the blue Cravebox was shipped by itself.  It wasn’t within a plain brown box like it was for the Cooking Light box.  My box was slightly crunched up because of that.  This box is not as large as the Cooking Light box but it’s still relatively big, at least compared to the Conscious Box I placed on top of it for comparison.

On a sad note, I didn’t get the fun colored confetti as the filler for the box. I just got some plain wadded up paper for filler.
Not very attractive as the other boxes were…

Ta-daa!  The unveiling…
Hmm..canned veggies and envelope gravy…Okay…

The informative card that came with the box – the packing list

Recipes and info leaflets.

1) Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits –  A free coupon for the biscuits since they couldn’t really include that in the box since it’s a refrigerated product.  I’ve never tried that kind of Pillsbury before and the commercials make them look very appetizing! I will definitely be using this coupon!  I’m not sure how much one can is this is but these are regularly on sale.

2) Folded Words offer – $35 plus free shipping – I think this is the best offer in the box.  I wasn’t aware Walgreens offered this kind of service.  I definitely have holiday cards on my mind because I need to get one made soon so I can send them out for the holidays.  I will most definitely use this offer especially since it’s such a great coupon!

Here’s the whole box!
I apologize because I didn’ t take close-up pictures this time.

3) Del Monte Specialty Whole Green Beans – this is kinda funny because just yesterday I saw a commercial for these green beans and was wondering how different are they compared to other canned green beans.  I think it’s because these are whole and not cut up or anything.  The commercial demonstrated many different uses for these green beans – in a casserole, a stir fry, sauteed with butter.  They were marketing that these were just like any other green beans since they were canned at the peak of their freshness.  I’m looking forward to trying these out.  This link shows you several different ways and recipes to use these whole green beans.  I received 2 cans of this.  1 can costs approximately $2.09 so 2 cans cost $4.18

I also received a recipe booklet from Del Monte using their products.  Seems useful!

4) Knorr Homestyle Stock – Reduced Sodium Chicken Stock – I received the reduced sodium chicken stock.  Note that there are other flavors available – Beef and Vegetable. The picture actually looks a lot larger than the actual product.  That would make sense since it is a concentrated form of stock.  If I wanted to make a broth soup, I would just use one of these containers and mix with 3.5 cups of water to make a chicken stock.  They also contained recipes where I could use this in making mashed potatoes, or cooking grains, such as rice, pasta, quinoa (or maybe the freekeh I received!) in the concentrated stock broth to give it more flavor.  This costs $3.99

5)  Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Frosting Starter with Strawberry Shortcake Mix-Ins – Wow, look at all those varieties!  This just prompts me to make more cake balls.  The old fashioned kind.  Not the cheater ones (I have the cake ball machine. Super easy and fast!)  Or cupcakes!  I used to bake a lot. I haven’t baked recently because of my munchkins and because Meanie and I are too fat.  Ok, sorry, I’M too fat.  LOL.  The website is very helpful because it also has links to desserts that uses these specific Frosting Creations.  How fun! The flavoring packet costs $1.40 and the frosting starter probably costs around $2.50-ish. Yikes, in searching for the price, I came across this link – they call the frosting an abomination.  Eeks.  I’m kinda scared to use this now…

6) McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix – I love gravy. I really do. I love drowning my food in gravy, only when it’s appropriate. I also love McCormick products..but gravy from an envelope?  If I buy store bought gravy, I usually buy it in…gravy form.  Not a powdered envelope.  Yuck.  I’ll try this but I don’t expect to be wowed. 😦  I just realized that McCormick doesn’t have a ready made gravy product.  Ah, that makes sense.  My bad!  1 packet costs $1.29 so 2 packets cost $2.58

7) Brookside Smooth Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate – 7 oz bag – These are really good but..I’m sick of them.  😦  My local Costco has been selling these for quite a while and I think we’ve gone through several bags of these.  If you like dark chocolate, you’ll really like these.  There are other varieties available, too, – Dark Chocolate Goji or Dark Chocolate Acai.  I haven’t tried the other two nor am I familiar with the Goji or the Acai berries.  They’re berries, right?  🙂  Note that these are not dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  The flavor of the pomegranate has been infused in the chocolate so you don’ t have to deal with the annoying pom seeds.  Phew!  Costco sells a 12 7 oz bags of these at $40.45 so one bag will cost $3.37

So that’s the whole Thanksgiving box!  I mean, it’s not horrible but I’m not super thrilled or impressed by any of it.  The box will not go to waste but I can and will use everything in there.  The box costs approximately $18.02 (probably more than since I did not include the Pillsbury in the pricing).  The box itself costed $14.00 for me so I definitely profited from this box. Also especially that that awesome Folded Words coupon, I definitely lucked out on this box.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cravebox, it is a subscription box program where you enter drawings for different themed boxes.  It’s not a monthly subscription (it used to be but is no longer).  I’m going to hold off of these boxes for a while.  They’re very addicting but my subscriptions are winding down and I’ll need to cut down on my spending.  🙂

I didn’t win the drawing for the Coffee Lover’s box and I’m a little relieved.  I’ll be definitely on the lookout for other people’s reviews for this box and for the Coffee Lover’s box.  The next box I’m interested in is the Little Ones box but I’m going to pass on the rest of them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone! If you’re not in the states, then please have a terrific weekend! 🙂

Conscious Box Review – November 2012

Hello all!

Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving?  I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving.  I should realize by now that once November hits, the year-end is near. Very near. 2012 is almost over!  Very scary.  I remember back in the day when time would pass by SO slowly…and now it’s just going by too fast. 😦

I received my November Conscious Box on Friday evening but didn’t get to open it till Saturday.  I wanted to post up an update since Monday but was way too busy so here I am!  I actually peeked at the classic box packing list before I opened the box and I wasn’t too impressed by what I saw on the list.  Most likely because I wasn’t aware what all these products were.  Now that I’ve opened the box, I really like what I see in there.  I noticed this box was a lot heavier than the October box, too.  Awesome!

Here’s the un-boxing:

November Conscious Box

Cool postcard

Express Appreciation
Also, November is also the first anniversary of Conscious Box.
They had mentioned that it was a very special box for November because of their anniversary.

Closer look at the postcard

What I saw when I opened the box.
Packed to the brim!

That’s a lot of loot! 🙂

1)  Freekeh Grains – Tamari Roasted Green Wheat:  This is a totally new ingredient to me.  From what I can gather, it’s another healthy and nutritious grain, similar to Quinoa.  It’s been around since 2000 years ago and was discovered by accident.  You can cook it the same way you cook rice and other grains.  We like quinoa and this looks like it could be pretty tasty and healthy, too!  Excited to try it.  This is priced at $2.40 per bag.

2)  Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix:   All Natural, Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free! Healthy Pancakes!  8 grams of whole grains per serving.  This sounds great.  We eat a lot of pancakes on the weekend when we’re too lazy to go out and grab breakfast so this is perfect.  Price:  $1.52 per 100g bag.

3)  Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups – MM…organic peanut butter cups?  I haven’t shown this to Meanie yet. He’ll gobble it up!  I read on their FB page that there was a recall because the peanut butter may contain salmonella but these peanut butter cups are safe since they were sent to Conscious Box after the recall.  I’m very familiar with this recall since I had bought a box of Jamwich’s from Costco for CB and we were sent a letter that there was a recall because of the possibility of salmonella in the peanut butter.  No sicknesses have been reported but there was no way I was going to take this risk!  [I just brought in my box over the weekend and was refunded]. Price – $1.89 for 2 peanut butter cups.

4) Lush Nuts – Dark Cocoa Chili:  These sound fantastic! Dark cocoa and a kick of spice in nuts. Definitely very interesting. Indeedio!  Price:  $7.00/5 oz.  The little bag is about 22 grams = 0.77 oz.  1 oz is approximately about $1.40.  I’m just going to say that little packet costs about $1.04

5) SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Sweetener – Vanilla Creme flavor – This really intrigues me.  I can use this instead of Splenda or Agave Syrup to sweeten my coffee?  Tea?  Awesome! I gotta try this. Not only does it sweeten without all the bad stuff, it’s also Vanilla Creme flavored so it’ll go great with coffee!  Yum!  It’s stevia-based.  This sounds too good to be true! And wow, there are so many flavors it comes in, too –

 Coconut • Watermelon • Cola • Lemon Drop • Valencia Orange • Berry 
Chocolate Raspberry • English Toffee • Vanilla Crème • Hazelnut • Peppermint • Root Beer
Grape • Apricot Nectar • Chocolate • Cinnamon – 

So many varieties!  Wow, this little bottle costs $14.99!

6) Simply Organic – Minced Onion:  I know I took a picture of this twice but this little container is so cute! I’ll only count it once, I swear!  Minced onion can be very useful.  They also attached a card containing recipes with the minced onion.  Picture to come later.  This little bottle is called a Mini Spice. So cute!  It costs $2.09.

7)  Teecino! – I’ve already gotten several samples of Teecino but I haven’t tried them yet.  It’s basically caffeine free herbal coffee.  I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant.  Apparently people drink this when they want to cut down on coffee and caffeine.  You can drink this alone or pair it with milk and sugar, just like coffee!  The three flavors I have above are Mediterranean Mocha Herbal Coffee (makes 6 cups) [$2.50]; French Roast and Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee tee-bags – $0.50 each totaling to about $1.00 for both tee-bags.

8)  Organic India Tulsi Tea – I’m actually not familiar with this product.  Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil.  It’s supposed to help with the immune system and to help with stress.  Wow, a product that will help with my immune system (much needed!) and relieve stress?  I’ll take it.  One tea bag is about $0.28

Here’s the other picture of the minced onion. I can’t get over how cute the jar is!

9) L’Ecuyer’s Gourmet Caveman RubL’Ecuyer Gourmet sells a lot of products.  This is copied and pasted from the About Me section about Renee L’Ecuyer and why she started making her own products.

After enduring years of chronic allergies and dealing with reactions to so many foods, elements, and chemicals I decided to make things myself! Try them out! You won’t be unhappy! Why did I go this far? I have a very rare immune disorder that pushed me to find ways to survive in this chemical, processed laden world! It has helped tremendously! I am a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner through training, turned entrepreneur and only want to see people be healthy and happy. No information on this web site constitutes medical advice! As always, if you have any questions regarding your individual health care, seek the advice or your personal health care provider.

There seems to be plenty of informative topics, too.  The blog is worth browsing!

Caveman Rub is a blend of chili powder, cumin, sea salt, various peppers, and oregano’s to make this caveman rub a must have!!  All of the rubs do not contain onion or garlic for those who may be allergic.  A 4 oz bottle costs $5.00 and a 2 oz refill costs $3.00.  I’m not sure how much the little packet contains but it’s definitely less than 2 oz, or 1 oz.  I’m sure a little of that rub goes a long way!  Just gotta figure out what to try it on. many options!

10) Bonus:  Avalon Organics lip balm. – I LOVE lip balm!  I am a fanatic.  I have several chap sticks and lip balm and I must keep my lips moisturized or else I am just not a happy camper.   This website is worth browsing.  They also create other items, too, and baby items!  The lip balm I got is a Soothing Vanilla Rosemary kind.  Here is the product description:  Organic coconut and olive oils moisturize while organic shea butter protects against drying. We use organic stevia leaf extract for a never-too-sweet flavor and organic rosemary to soothe your lips. Enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and heal.  This costs $2.99

I did not receive the Bloomers as listed on the packing list.  I do not know any other information about it and I’m sorry that I cannot share with you what the product list.  The description on the packing list is as follows:

Bloomers – For some of us, gardening is a year round activity.  For others, it has to wait until spring…but no matter the time, getting your hands a bit dirty and growing your own food is healthy, sustainable, and fun.  Add this pack of seeds by Bloomers to your flourishing greenhouse of greatness or hey, make it the first seeds in the soil next spring!

I’m not unhappy that I did not receive this. I do not have a green thumb. I envy those who do have it but plants tend to die on me. 😦  I wish I could have a flourishing garden and grow my own vegetables but I just do not have the knack or skill for it.  Oh, woe is me.  So these seeds would have been wasted on me anyway so it’s a good thing I did not receive it!

Additional reading material contained in box with recipes and ideas.

So the November box costs approximately…more than $30.70 since I couldn’t figure out the price of the Caveman Rub. I think this box is really worth it and I really did love it!  Next month’s Conscious Box will be last one since my subscription will be over and I really need to cut back on my spending money. I’m a little sad but I’m really glad that I jumped on this offer! 🙂

By the way, I received my Thanksgiving Cravebox yesterday.  I opened it and I’m just not happy with it at all.  Review to come.

[Note:  This post is entirely my opinion and I was not paid or compensated in any way to state my honest review]

BzzAgent Review – Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade

Omigoodness.  I am so freaking full and food coma is slowly coming to take up residence.  How will I stay up especially since I’m at work?  My firm had its annual Thanksgiving luncheon today and I am stuffed!  Zzzzzz…..

I know, I should drink coffee!  Speaking of coffee, I need to review the Green Mountain Coffee Bzzcampaign from BzzAgent! 🙂  [Yeah, you knew that was coming, huh? =P]  All this turkey day food has made me into a crazy and raving lunatic.. Gah.

I jumped on the Green Mountain Coffee BzzCampaign a few weeks ago via BzzAgent.  BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth marketing program where BzzAgents (you can sign up for free!) join campaigns for products or services and just spread the word about it to everyone.

I am very familiar with Green Mountain coffee since my firm has a Keurig brewer on each floor and I drink Green Mountain coffee at work.  I don’t own a Keurig brewer at home and for some reason, I thought the BzzKit would contain either ground coffee bags or coffee beans, not K-cups. Doh!  What I was really hoping was winning a chance to host the Keurig House Party and get a Keurig brewer of my own but I was not so lucky. 😦

Here are some pics of my BzzKit!

Box opening

I got a bunch of coupons that I could share with people, a BzzGuide informing me about the Fair Trade Coffee and 3 little kits of K-cups.  Totally cute!

These square boxes contain 4 flavors –
Sumatran Reserve (Extra Bold)
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Colombian Fair Trade Select
Vermont Country Blend

The only one I haven’t tried was the Sumatran Reserve.  Good thing I have a Keurig brewer at work and so that’s how I was able to try these K-cups out.  Sumatran Reserve was definitely a really bold tasting coffee. I really liked it!

I regularly drink the Colombian Fair Trade Select at work (4 oz of that and 4 oz of Hazelnut Green Mountain coffee, yum!) and Vermont Country Blend.

Every month, we have a new and different flavor to try.  I have tried the Wild Mountain Blueberry flavor. Actually when I first saw that it was available, I was a little scared. Blueberry coffee?  That’s weird.  However, I do like blueberries so I tried it and I love it! That is my favorite flavor!! It’s so good!

Closer look at the K-cups.

The BzzGuide also had more information regarding Fair Trade.  Not only the coffee is awesome, organic and tastes great, the farmers also benefit from being Fair Trade:

  • Helps farmers get a fair price for their beans
  • Improves working conditions
  • Assists in protecting the environment
  • Supports community development with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water

Two musicians, Grace Potter and Michael Franti, joined Green Mountain Coffee in a campaign to raise awareness to Fair Trade and celebrate Fair Trade Month in October. Their campaign is named “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Pass it On”. Please go to Green Mountain Coffee’s Facebook page so you can see exclusive videos of their travels to Colombia and Sumatra where they met the farmers and their families.

There are plenty of other flavors available, too. Currently, the flavor of the month here is Pumpkin Spice. I swear, everyone goes nuts for this flavor. If you like the pumpkin flavor, you’ll love this. It’s so good, I think people hoard the K-cups for later on.  I know someone who will actually ask the pantry for the leftover Pumpkin Spice K-cups! LOL

I was also peering through the Green Mountain website and they have a huge variety of K-cups for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc.  I wish I had a Keurig brewer!  It’s so cool and convenient!

So there you have it.  I’ve always did like Green Mountain Coffee. I’ve learned more information regarding Fair Trade and how beneficial it is to farmers and everyone.  So go out and get your Fair Trade coffee!

[I received free samples and coupons from BzzAgent to review and give my opinion. I was not compensated in anyway to provide my honest opinion.]

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