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Citrus Lane – January 2013

Weird.  I thought I cancelled this subscription?  I checked my credit card to see if I was charged but nope, I wasn’t.  Did someone send me this as a gift?  It doesn’t say anywhere on my account at Citrus Lane.  I also never received the blue brag book that was supposed to be sent to me. I had received a pink one instead.  Is this to make up for it?  Whatever, I am happy and really surprised to see this arrive at my door a couple weeks ago!  I was mighty unhappy with the December 2012 box but the January box totally made up for my disappointment.  I love love this box!

They changed some things about the box.  Here we go!


Yay, nice to see you again, Citrus Lane!


When I first opened the box.  The packing list is on a folded sheet of paper now, not cardboard-type paper anymore.


Packing list!


25% off coupon at Skip Hop with a $30 purchase.
Have I told you how much I love Skip Hop?
Love love love!


Underneath all that yellow tissue paper.
Skip Hop!  *swoons*!  Just that alone has made up the unhappiness from the December box.


Another book – Bear About Town. ($6.99)
Both of my kids would love this book!


Episencial.  I love these products.  This came with a full sized tube of Soothing Cream and a sample of the Playful Wash.
I received a full size of Soothing Cream from Bluum last year and I still have it. It lasts for a long time and it really does soothe on itchy patches.
I’ve used it for myself, too!  A full sized tube of Soothing Cream is about $11.00.


A Skip Hop Elephant Insulated Lunch Bag! Yay! ($14.00)
CB received a Giraffe one over Xmas and I can give this one to BB when he goes off to school one day.


Ella’s Milk & Vanilla baby cookies.($4.21)

This is great! I’ve been wanting to give BB some cookies.
I got him some Mum-mums from Amazon and he loves them but the only downside is that it’s made in China!!
The Hot Kid website says that it tests all the Mum mums products so it’s all safe to give to your kids but I can’t help but feel suspicious about that.
Of course they’ll say that – but how much of it is true?

This is a great alternative to the Mum mums.
I’ve tried giving BB this but he doesn’t like the texture so much and it kinda dribbles out of his mouth on the side.
It’s a bit messy and it doesn’t have the certain crunch rice crackers have – which he loves so much.  Gah.


Clean Well Disinfectant Spray – I had gotten this from a prior Citrus Lane box.
I haven’t tried it yet though.  Have to soon! ($3.99)


Here’s the whole box! If you add all the prices that I’ve found, it comes out to about $40 for the whole box.

Not too shabby!

Love it! I hope I get another one mysteriously.  🙂

If you’re interested in joining Citrus Lane, please use my invitation code HERE.  I love Citrus Lane. I think it’s the best subscription box out there for kids!  If you click on that link and create your own subscription, you will receive $10 off their order and I’ll get a $10 credit!  So it’s a win win situation. 🙂

Citrus Lane Review – December 2012

photo (3)

Yep, you saw that right, Citrus Lane!  I did cancel my subscription from earlier this year but I had a $10 credit waiting for me in my account so I used it for the December box.  🙂  I was excited to come back to Citrus Lane and I expected to be wow’ed by the December box but I’m not so wow’ed. 😦  Boohoo.

For those who are new to my blog, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that delivers boxes catered to your child’s age.  Citrus Lane calls their boxes “care packages for parents”.  Toys, baby food, feeding accessories are items that are usually included in the boxes.  I had a 3-month subscription earlier this year and totally loved them but I had to cancel because it was getting a little pricey.

So I jumped on this opportunity.  I don’t know if it’s just not an impressive box overall or is it just me?  What do you people think?

CL December2

This month’s theme is “a few of our favorite things”
Just from that theme itself, you would expect an awesome box, right? I sure did!

CL December3

Here’s the packing list – there are only 5 items in it. Well, 4, really and 1 coupon.

CL December4

1)  Green Toys Submarine – I was very happy to see this! I give BB baths in the bathtub and need some more bath toys.  This is great when he graduates to the bigger toddler tub.  He’s still in the infant/toddler the bathroom sink. He tends to freak out when I wash him in the adult tub, even though in his baby bathtub. 😦  This is priced at $14.99

CL December5


2)  Ecomom Offer – $15 towards anything.  This is great! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ecomom and I’m sure I can definitely use this voucher.

3)  Pearhead Brag Book – …in Pink…??  It’s a pretty book and all and I would love to use it but it’s in pink?  I’ve got two little boys.  I emailed Citrus Lane and asked if I could get one in blue.  They promptly replied to me, apologized and said that a blue one is on the way. Yay!  Anyone interested in a pink brag book?  Let me know!  This is priced at $8.95

4)  Renee & Jeremy It’s a Big World CD – I’m not familiar with this at all but I’m sure both CB and BB would enjoy this since they love listening to music.  This has terrific reviews on Amazon and it’s priced at $12.70 on Amazon.  The website of Renee & Jeremy priced it at $10.00.  Citrus Lane priced this CD at $12.00 so I’ll go with that.

5)  Madécasse 75% Cocoa Mini Chocolate Bar – I like dark chocolate – but I find the higher the percentage is, the grosser it tastes.  I hope I like this one.  This looks really yummy but the other flavors look so much better.   Sea salt and nibs?  Arabica Coffee? Yummie!  75% dark chocolate.  I’m cringing just a little bit but I just hope it’s not as bitter as I expect it to be.  This bar costs $1.50

This box costs $52.44 total counting the Ecomom coupon.  That’s not too shabby at all compared to the $15 I paid for the box this month with my $10 credit!  But this box didn’t wow me as much as the other ones.   I’m just a wee bit disappointed but I’m kinda glad I stopped this subscription. I just wish the December box was a little more impressive than this one.  😦

I got my Winter Favorites Cravebox yesterday!  I’m going to review it soon. I also have a Holiday Voxbox from Influenster on the way.  Yay! My first official Voxbox! 🙂


Citrus Lane October 2012 – Fall Fun

I received my Citrus Lane box yesterday and received a “just shipped” email from them today. Ha ha. How funny is that?  I was pleasantly surprised to see the box waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  Yippee.  Sadly, this will be the last month of my 3-month subscription.  I love Citrus Lane dearly but it gets to be a little pricey after a while.  Wahh.  I’m sad about it but there’s not much I can do about it.  😦

I was ecstatic when I received my first Citrus Lane box from August and I was only slightly pleased from September‘s box so I was hoping this box would be great.  Hoping to go out with a big bang!  And I wished just right.  I LOVED this box.  Almost enough for me to renew but I cannot.  I cancelled first thing this morning. Boohoo.

This month’s theme is Fall Fun.

How fitting is that?  I’m not sure how the products fall (hah, pun not intended) under Fall Fun but that’s OK!

The last time I’ll see this box…for now.

Fall Fun!

Packing List – I peered at this first before opening the box.
I was only expecting one cup. I was really surprised to see two!

All the loot underneath the tissue paper! Wow!

1.  BabyGanics Healin’ Groovy Protective Ointment – It soothes diaper rash and I’m sure it’ll work with other type of rashes and/or dry skin problems.  I can totally use this since BB always has some kind of rash.  Listed at $7.99 however I can find the same tube at Babies R Us for $5.99.  

2.  DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Mini – I’ve seen this product before but I’ve never used it. It’s supposed to be great at cleaning your face.  Can’t wait to try it! Listed at $4.99 but it’s $5.50 on the DHC website.

3.  Bright Starts – License to Drool – How cute is this?  BB has started gnoshing on everything he can his mouth on. This will be a great addition to our collection. I like how easily I can connect this to a binky holder, too.  Listed as $2.99.  Amazon lists the girly colored one at $2.99 but the one above is a little over $5.

4.  Munchkin 7 oz Click Lock Trainer Cups –  How convenient is this?  Just this weekend, I was saying to Meanie that I needed to start weaning BB off of a bottle and to a cup!  Citrus Lane must have been eavesdropping. 🙂 I was definitely surprised to see a 2-pack in the box, too.  This is why I love Citrus Lane!  They are spill-proof, have a click-lock and free of all that icky stuff, like BPA.  It’s got pretty good reviews on Amazon so I’m hoping BB takes to these cups.  I’ve tried a TON of sippy/straw cups.  It really depends on the individual if they like it or not.  Wish us luck!  Listed as $8.99 for a 2-pack but Amazon has it at $7.49 for a 2-pack.

5.  Ella’s Kitchen Cheesy Potatoes – Ella’s Kitchen is great! I’ve been feeding BB a lot of pouch baby food especially when I can’t find the time to make homemade baby purees on the weekend.  This is a flavor I haven’t seen yet. I’m sure he’ll love it. It sounds pretty yummy to me!  Listed at $2.49.

6.  In My Den from Chronicle Books, By Sara Gillingham, Illustrated by Lorena Siminovich – This book is so adorable.  This will be a great addition to our already huge collection.  The bear in the middle is actually a finger puppet so it’ll be fun for BB (and CB).  I’m sure CB will find this book in no time and will ask us to read it to him.  Listed at $8.99.

So that’s it – my very last Citrus Lane box.  I placed this on BB’s wishlist so who knows, maybe he’ll get another one in the near future.  I wish they had these boxes for kids older than 3.  There are other subscription boxes out there that are catered to older children so I’ll keep those in mind till later.

I really recommend getting a subscription to Citrus Lane or even to send it out as a gift.  There’s even a special baby shower box which seems very perfect.  I will definitely keep this in mind for the next baby present.

The only other baby subscription box I had was Bluum and Citrus Lane totally trumps Bluum.  Don’t forget that Citrus Lane also costs about double of Bluum’s sample box, too, so really, you get what you pay for.  If you’re into getting those tiny little samples (they annoy me personally), then go for the lesser priced Bluum.  They used to be good but I was getting disappointed repetitively for a while so I finally cancelled and went with Citrus Lane. I was never disappointed with Citrus Lane and I’m sad to end my subscription.

OH! If you guys are interested in starting a subscription with Citrus Lane, please click on my link below so that I can get some credits.  *grovel*  Hee hee.  Also, if you click on the link, there’s a slight discount:

Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You’ll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

HERE is the link.


Citrus Lane Review: September 2012 – Animal Parade

Yay! I got my Citrus Lane box this week!  [Note:  For those are not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a subscription box company that mails monthly boxes to your house full of products for your munchkins – it’s like they say, “care packages for parents”.  I liken it to grab bags (or boxes, in this case) for parents] My box was a little mangled on the outside this time but it didn’t affect the items  inside the box.  Phew!


This month’s theme was called “Animal Parade”.

Here’s the other side:

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

1.  Green Sprouts Long Sleeve Bib – I’m actually excited for this product.  I’ve seen it available on various baby websites but I never actually purchased it. I’m kinda glad I didn’t because I got one in my Citrus Lane box!  This will be great for BB when he really starts eating his own food.  Right now I’m just spoon feeding him rice cereal and purees so mealtime isn’t as bad right now compared how it will be later on.  Awesome!  CL prices it for $20.00 but Amazon actually has this same pattern on sale for $14.79.  The first picture is the one I received in the box and the second picture is the one pictured on Amazon.


2.  InnovativeKids Faces Book –   Farm Faces.   This looks like a fun book for both CB and BB.  CB already loves books so much and we actually don’t have this book so it’ll be a nice new item into his library.  I like how there are other similar books with different titles – Goodnight Faces and Zoo Faces.  How cute and fun are these books?



These books are priced at $6.99 by both Citrus Lane and InnovativeKids.

3.  Rich Frog Tub Sponge – These sponges are adorable! They didn’t seem like much when I first looked at it but they are growing on me.  I think I’ll start using this with BB during bath time and see how he takes to it.  This is priced at $5.95 on Citrus Lane, Amazon prices it at $9.99 (trying to make a profit, I see..) and Rich Frog (the company) prices it at $5.95 as well.


4 & 5. BabyGanics Toy & Table Cleaner and HappyBaby Happy Tot Pouch in Pear –

Yay, BabyGanics! I like how this company provides organic, green and safe products for kids!  I can definitely use this out in public with the kids.  I also LOVE HappyBaby products.  Have I mentioned their customer service is spectacular?  I purchased a rice cereal canister from my local grocery store only to find that it smelled a bit rancid.  I used to purchase multiple packs via Amazon when CB was just starting on solids and have noticed that off and rancid smell.  The firsts time I had emailed Amazon and complained about the smell and they refunded me on the full amount I bought all the rice cereals for.  These days I prefer to just buy it from a local grocery market and not in bulk.  If it’s bad, I don’t want to end up with a large quantity of rancid rice cereal.  So this one time, I noticed that same rancid smell and emailed customer support at HappyBaby.  They assured me that it was still a safe product to feed the baby and it wouldn’t cause any harm but the person I dealt with sent me coupons (buy 1, get 1 free, as well as other coupons) so I could get some new cereal. Great customer service!

I primarily feed BB homemade purees but sometimes when I need variety, I buy HappyBaby baby food pouches, as well as Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches. I love those food pouches. It’s so convenient, especially if you’re traveling. I totally prefer those pouches over baby food in jars!

Both BabyGanics and Citrus Lane price the cleaner at $3.99 and HappyBaby prices the pouch at $1.15 and Amazon prices it at $1.13.  I usually purchase my pouches via Amazon. I’ve actually compared the prices on Amazon for all those different companies that make baby food pouches.  I found Plum Organics to be a lot cheaper than the other companies, like Ella’s Kitchen, Happy Baby and Peter Rabbit.  Whenever there’s a sale for baby food pouches in my grocery store, I am all over them like white on rice. Haha!  And yeah, I also make homemade purees once very few months.  I can’t make a huge variety of foods so I just purchase them.  BB loves butternut squash but those suckers cost a lot, especially if they are organic!  So I just prefer to purchase them from the store.

So overall, Citrus Lane thinks the box costs $38.68 and I think it costs about $32.87 from the prices I can find online.  All in all, it’s well worth the $25/month a box.  Totally worth it!  Next month is my last month of my subscription.  I would love to stay with the subscription but honestly $25/month is pretty steep.

If any of you are interested in a subscription to Citrus Lane, please click HERE.  If I sent you an email containing my individual link, it would have said this:

I love Citrus Lane! For $25 a month, I get a box filled with products recommended by moms in the know. I think you’re going to love it, too.

Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You’ll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

I love Citrus Lane!

Citrus Lane: Subscription Box Review

I just received my very first subscription box from Citrus Lane.  For those that don’t know, Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that sends you monthly boxes of [products for your kids from birth to 3 years of age.  When you sign up, they ask you the age of your children so that they can send you products your kids can use, which is a great idea!  I would hate it if I got a product that I couldn’t use for the amount of money I paid.

I used to be a Bluum subscriber (another subscription box but they mainly give out “deluxe samples” – apparently we have different definitions of that) and was disappointed from the boxes that I was getting for the price I was paying ($11 per month).  Citrus Lane costs a little more ($25 per month, 3 months) but I found a promo code so I was able to get a little discount.

Although Citrus Lane costs a little more per month than Bluum did, I am happy to say that I can use everything in the box that Citrus Lane sent me.  I’m actually giddy about the products I received.  My husband saw me open the box and I’m sure he didn’t understand why I was so happy about the products. It’s gotta be a mommy thing. Hee hee.

I was never this happy or giddy over my Bluum boxes.  Just sayin’…

Wanna see what I got from Citrus Lane?

Here we go!

What I found when I first opened the box.

The presentation isn’t as nice as Bluum’s subscription service is but I’m not paying good money for presentation!

Here’s a close-up of the insert.
[You can click on the picture to enlarge the image]

*squeals in glee*
Is it just me to be happy about the products?
Yes? No?  I don’t care!  =P

All the loot!

Let me explain why I’m so happy about these products:

Skip Hop Hug & Hide Stroller Toy – Dog:  Ok, who doesn’t love Skip Hop?  I LOVE Skip Hop products. These doggies are the cutest things ever!  And it’s a perfect size for a little baby to play with.  I’ve been wanting to get another stroller toy for my youngest but never got around to getting one.  I’m so glad I held off.  This is so adorable!  I actually had the Skip Hop Owl dood on BooBoo’s ([BooBoo Bear] my youngest’s nickname =P) wishlist but I never received it. I can now take it off.   Total Win!

Citrus Lane prices it at $10 but Amazon prices this at $12.49. [I’m listing Amazon prices because I shop from there for most of the time. I find their prices comparable and reasonably priced.

Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food StorageInnobaby – I’ve had my eye on these products for a long while.  I’ve seen them on sale on sites like or, etc.  [Note: those websites are very very evil] but I’ve always behaved and never purchased them.  Well, I’m kinda glad I did!  I can’t wait to use these once BB (“BooBoo”) starts eating finger foods. 🙂  I can also use these for my eldest – CB (“Careybear”). Awesome!

CL (“Citrus Lane”) prices these at $8.99; Amazon prices them at $7.28

Counting with Wayne Thiebaud – I had to Google who Wayne Thiebaud was.  =x Apparently he was an artist!  🙂  The board book counts (obviously) and there are pictures to go with it.  It’s done really well and I know my kids will have great interest in it because CB is a total bookworm (gets it from me) and I’m sure BB will love it, too!

Both CL and Amazon price it at $6.99

Plum Organics Stage Two Ancient Grains – Apple, Raisin & Quinoa – What a fancy flavor!  I love Plum Organics.  I’ve been feeding CB (when he first started solids) Plum Organics and now BB is totally noshing through the flavors.  I love how quinoa is introduced at such an early age.  I’ve been feeding BB Happy Baby brown rice cereal (btw, Happy Bellies has GREAT customer service!) with assorted pouches from Plum Organics and Ella’s Kitchen. He loves it all.  I can’t wait to try this on BB to see if he likes it.

Both CL and Amazon prices one of these pouches at $1.69

CleanWell Disinfectant Spray – I don’t know much about this product but I can definitely use it.  On the CL insert, it says “Diaper changes and potty breaks are far from fun when you’re dealing with a less-than-clean public bathroom and a child who wants to touch EVERYTHING.  Great for disinfecting surfaces like sinks, toilets, and restroom changing tables (not to mention toys and high chairs), this kid-safe spray kills germs botanically, without resorting to harsh chemicals.”

I have one of those kids who touch EVERYTHING.  It’s so annoying and it’s hard to grab his hands to squeeze some anti-bacterial stuff on to it to get all the germies off.  Ugh!

CL prices this at $4.50 and Amazon prices this at $7.25 (whoa). Total win.

According to CL, all the products in the box comes to a total of $32.17 and it’s about $25 a month.  I got a 3-month subscription totaling to $67.50 for 3 months [from the promo code], about $22.50 per month.


I’m SO happy I switched over.  Now I totally understand what all the mommies are raving about.  I’m now one of them.


I know I’ve been lazy about blogging but I’ve been pretty busy at work and too exhausted to blog by the time I get home from work.  Once I get home, I immediately have to feed BB a meal of solids, wash both kiddies up and have them be in bed and snoozing by 9pm. That’s when I can have my downtime of finally eating my dinner (this late eating has got to stop cuz it ain’t helping my gut), washing up, and finally having some time to watch TV, play some games (if I’m lucky or in the mood) or read.  I go to bed around midnight or later and then I start the whole process over starting at 7am. It’s tough to be a fully employed mom of munchkins!

I’ll be updating more later soon.  I’ve gotten on two campaigns for BzzAgent and I’ve applied for a bunch of parties on HouseParty and CrowdTap.  Don’t know if I’ll get picked.  We’ll see, I guess.


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