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House Party – Mrs. Prindable’s – Review

Sunday was an eventful day. ¬†We did hold our Football Sunday party to watch the Giants game (so much for a win, huh?), in connection with the Mrs. Prindable’s House Party I was picked to host for (yay, finally!) and lastly, but not least, for my birthday. ūüôā We invited our closest friends and my family for the Football Sunday part of the day and for dinner, I had dinner with my family. ¬†There was so much loot in the House Party package that I had enough items to share with my friends and with my family. ¬†And oh boy, I am totally impressed by Mrs. Prindable’s. ¬†I have heard of this brand in the past but never got around to purchasing or trying anything from them. My go-to place to buy gifts was formerly Harry & David but I think I’m going to start purchasing gifts from Mrs. Prindable’s!

The gatherings with my friends have changed dramatically. ¬†Before, back in the day, we would pig out on buffalo wings made by Meanie (So good!) and other finger foods appropriate for football parties on Sundays. ¬†We would also drink a lot of beer and alcohol. ¬†These days we’ve gotten a little tamer and there are more of us now…tiny little munchkin versions of us.

The Next Generation Party Animals (some of them)

I have a ton of baby equipment so we brought them all into one room so the babies could have fun. Ha ha ha. I could run a daycare!

Ok, back to the Mrs. Prindable’s stuff. I received my package on Wednesday, 11/7, just like they said it would and my package contained all of this:

Your exclusive Mrs. Prindable’s Party Pack will contain the following items for you and your guests:

  • 1 Triple Chocolate Gourmet Jumbo Apple with ornament & signature gift box
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Gourmet Apple with holiday bow*
  • 1 Box of Chicago-style Milk Chocolate Toffee in holiday gift box
  • 1 Bag of Holiday themed Pretzel Bites*
  • 1 Box of Assorted Truffles (24 pc.)*
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs flexible cutting boards for guests
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs catalogs and special offer for guests

I unfortunately do not have pictures of the un-boxing since Meanie had opened the stuff and plopped them into the fridge by the time I had gotten home from work.

I actually thought the two apples would be different in size – one bigger; one smaller. ¬†They both looked the same to me –> Ginormous. ¬†They were packaged really nicely and I would love to give these out as presents for any type of holiday or event.

I was marveling over the informative pamphlets that told of the Apple Story that came with the goodies.  They pick a nice huge green apple, then coat it in caramel and then roll it around in a topping and then dip the whole thing into chocolate!  *swoons*  They use really good quality ingredients and everything tastes so good.  When you cut into these apples, all these little bits of heaven fall off!  We put them in a bowl for later munching and every time I looked for that bowl of chips of heaven, it was gone. Someone else had gotten to it before I did!  LOL

Here are some pictures of the loot:

This is the Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Gourmet Apple, in its packaging – $22.95
People said this was their favorite.  Even my parents really liked it.
They’re not huge sweet tooth(s) and prefer dessert to be on the less-sweet side and this was not overly sweet.
This was definitely a win-win!

Out of the bag.  Yum.  We were amazed and how huge it was.

The Triple Chocolate Gourmet Caramel apple Р$22.95.  This looks as big as the other one.
The chocolate is excellent on this one and it looks so impressive.

It also came in a really nice looking box.

This also came with a decorative ornament which would be perfect for the holidays.

The innards – You can totally see the layering of the green apple of caramel and chocolate.

This one was my favorite. I don’t like busy foods and I felt the Walnut/Pecan one had way too much going on. I prefer things nice and simple and this one was excellent. ¬†The green apple is perfectly tart and goes very well with the caramel and chocolate. ¬†So freaking good!

For the football party, we had all sorts of finger foods – Meanie’s awesome buffalo wings, french fries, chips & salsa, jalepeno poppers, mini assorted quiche and Greek spinach pie – Spanakopita and beer, of course! ¬†I busted out these apples for dessert and my guests’ reaction was like, WHOA! ¬†LOL

In addition to the gourmet apples, I also received:

  • 1 Box of Chicago-style Milk Chocolate Toffee in holiday gift box
  • 1 Bag of Holiday themed Pretzel Bites
  • 1 Box of Assorted Truffles (24 pc.)

(pictured above)

The Pretzel Bites [$23.95] were covered in white chocolate and had red and green sprinkles on them. These were a hit. My parents loved them and they are so cute!  Perfect for a gift!

The Chocolate Toffee¬†[$21.95] seemed to have disappeared fairly quickly. ¬†They resemble flat Almond Roca’s if you’re into stuff like that. ¬†It was very good, too!

There were four flavors of the Assorted Truffles [$21.95]. I printed out the guide and stuck it into the box so people knew what they were eating- Salted Caramel, Red Raspberry, Madagascar Vanilla & Dark Chocolate.

I knew I should have taken pics before people started eating. LOL

Pretzel Bites, Toffee, Truffles and the Walnut/Pecan apple, sliced up

Here is the Triple Chocolate Apple sliced up with the other items, too.

Here’s a picture of the family I posted up to House Party. ¬†LOL
Pretty tame, yes.  It was hard to take a pic of them gobbling up pretzel bites. I should have taken a pic of my sis gnawing on the apple cores!  LOL

Thank you to House Party for finally picking me to host a party. ¬†This has got to be like my 10th application to host a party. I was going to give up because I had never gotten picked and the Mrs. Prindable’s party was my very last attempt. ¬†I’m very glad to have this opportunity and share this with my friends and family. ¬†My guests seemed very interested in the House Party concept, too, so hopefully they will all sign up and have their very own chance to host one of the House Party’s.

We all loved the Mrs. Prindable’s products. ¬†Next time, I will not hesitate to purchase gifts from them. ¬†These munchies are awesome! ¬†I also created little gifts bags to give to my guests containing the Mrs. Prindable’s cutting boards and a catalog so my guests can peruse the gifts available to them. I forgot to take a picture of them! Doh!

If you’re interested in hosting your own House Party with a fantastic Party Package, you can sign up for free at House Party. Totally worth it! Click here to learn how it works.

[Please note that I received the items for free from House Party.  The opinion is all of my own and was not compensated in any way for my opinion.]

Getting Back to Normal

We finally got our power back on Monday TUESDAY¬†evening. [I’m so out of it that I don’t even remember when I got our power back.] ¬†Thank the Lord! ¬†After 9 1/2 long days without power, we finally have it back. ¬†We just got our first snow yesterday and I was frightened we would lose our power again. ¬†We moved all of our crap from my parents’ house to our house Monday night and we were so happy to be home again – in our own beds – and just back at home again. CB was so happy to see his toys again and his playroom! ¬†I was a little sad because we left BB with my parents. ¬†I got a bad cold last Tuesday when we were shivering without power and I spread the cold to my bear cubs and BB had it bad. ¬†My mother begged me to stay for another night but we were so eager to come home finally so my parents are taking care of BB as he recuperates. ¬†He’s doing great and he’s being uber spoiled by his grandparents that now he wants to be held all the time! ¬†Gah! ¬†That’s OK. Poor BB was sick so he’s entitled to some spoilage. ūüôā

In the meantime, I get to sleep through the night to recuperate myself. ¬†I’m always a little sad when I pass BB’s room but I know it’s for the better and temporary. ¬†We would both be miserable if we were together and I’d be a Grumpster because I need to trek into work early in the morning.

Meanwhile, CB is totally happy that he’s got both Mama Bear and Papa Bear all to himself. ¬†He surprised me, though. When we got home on Monday from my parents, CB was asking where his little brother was. ¬†It just made me even sadder. ūüė¶ I miss my BB dearly! ¬†I think this is the first time ever I left one of my babies somewhere else. I know he’s in great hands but we miss him! Even CB. ¬†I think I’ll get him back either tomorrow or tonight (if they are tired of him) but something tells that we’ll get him back tomorrow. Hee hee.

Halloween Update [taken from here]

I know that celebrating Halloween may not be a priority to many of you right now given the fact that so many are still experiencing power outages.  But it is in times like these that we cannot forget our children.  They have been hurting also and this is one holiday that they look forward to. 

I want to give them a little happiness and an opportunity to have fun so I am asking everyone to celebrate Halloween on Saturday, November 10.¬† This is the date I have selected because I am hoping that power will return to everyone by then.¬† Please note that this date is contingent upon the nor’easter coming our way and the conditions after the storm.¬†¬†

I will continue to update you if anything changes.  Let us try to put this awful experience behind us and give our children something positive to remember.  Thank you.
                                                              Mayor James R.Barberio

Life is starting to become normal again after the arrival of Sandy. ¬†Power is finally back, commuter buses are running again so I can get into work, schools have finally resumed after being closed for 1.5 weeks. ¬†Halloween for my town has been postponed till this Saturday. ¬†I only found out via the Parsippany Police Department Facebook page. ¬†How do the majority of people find out about these things if they don’t have Facebook or go online to check it out on the town’s homepage? ¬†I don’t want to ring a door only to get stared down at because people don’t know about the “new” Halloween date. ¬†That would be awkward. ¬†At least I’m relieved I won’t be stuck with a Costco sized bag of Halloween candy for the rest of the year. ¬†I was joking that instead of giving out holiday cookies this year, I will be giving out holiday candy. ¬†Hah.

I received my Mrs. Prindables’ Party Package from House Party yesterday. ¬†Meanie had already taken it out of the box and put them in the fridge by the time I came home so I didn’t get to take a picture of the box opening. ūüė¶ I will take a picture of the goodies once I’ve arranged them on Sunday, for the party. Yes, we are still holding it! ¬†I need people to come over and help me eat the goodies! ¬†The Party Package contains the following:

  • 1 Triple Chocolate Gourmet Jumbo Apple with ornament & signature gift box
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Gourmet Apple with holiday bow*
  • 1 Box of Chicago-style Milk Chocolate Toffee in holiday gift box
  • 1 Bag of Holiday themed Pretzel Bites*
  • 1 Box of Assorted Truffles (24 pc.)*
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs flexible cutting boards for guests
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs catalogs and special offer for guests

WOW! ¬†I was totally impressed with what I found waiting for me in the fridge. ¬†These would totally make great gifts for all holidays or just for the hell of it. ¬†Can’t wait to try it all!

Damn You, Sandy!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. ¬†Hurricane Sandy hit my area last Monday around 4pm and I lost my power at 11am on Monday, before the storm even hit. ¬†Ack! ¬†I’m am now on my 9th day without power but luckily, my parents live nearby and they never lost their power. ¬†My situation does suck big time but I am far luckier than other people who have lost everything. ¬†My parents never fail to never let me forget how grateful and lucky I am because they are nearby and have heat and everything. I AM grateful and I AM thankful. ¬†If it weren’t for them, we’d be stuck in a shelter somewhere, or hotel or just freezing in the cold. ¬†*sigh* ¬†Meanie, my boys and I miss our home but it is way too cold to go home. ¬†Now the munchkins and I are sick so it’s best that we stay in the warm house. ¬†My mom is saving me a lot in the middle of the night because BB hasn’t been sleeping well so my mom has come to help me. ¬†Thank God!! ūüôā

JCP&L (our electric company) says that we’ll get our power back BY Wednesday but that’s what they’ve been saying since last week. ¬†I’ve heard from CB’s daycare owner that the reason why we don’t have power in our area is because the substation has been severely affected by Sandy and the soonest we will get our power is NEXT WEEK. ¬†WTF. FML.

At this rate, we’re going to have to cancel our weekend festivities – Football Sunday/My birthday/Mrs. Prindables House Party. ¬†How ironic I finally get chosen to host a House Party party and I am not able to host a party because of lack of power. ¬†Ugh. ¬†I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances of other parties. ¬†This sucks total monkey balls.

I am back at work today – that’s how I am blogging. ¬†Ha ha. ¬†I am behind on my blogs and reviews. ¬†I finally finished the book I received from the Cravebox Book Lover’s box and will need to review that. ¬†Oh! Cravebox changed the way how they work now. ¬†There are no longer monthly subscription boxes, just boxes in general that you have to enter a drawing to win. ¬†I won the drawing for the Cooking Light Cravebox that should be arriving this week. Looking forward to that!

The Mrs. Prindables House Party package should be arriving tomorrow and I just need to figure out where I’m going to keep it cold. ¬†I guess I could just keep it in my garage because it’s so freaking cold in my house now due to lack of heat. ¬†ūüė¶

So stay tuned and wish us luck in getting our power back. ¬†ūüė¶

House Party – Mrs. Prindable’s


After applying to at least 8-10 House Party’s since I became a member this summer, I finally got picked to host a party. ¬†I was going to totally give up after this try, too. Good thing I was persistent!

I will be hosting a Mrs. Prindable’s party. ¬†I’ve always heard of Mrs. Prindable’s but I’ve never tried any of their products. Have you? ¬†They look delicious and so bad for you. ūüôā




These would be great as presents, especially since the holiday is coming up really soon.

I was looking for more websites that had programs like BzzAgent, where you can try out products for free.  A lot of people had recommended House Party so I went to check it out myself.

It’s pretty simple and it sounds too good to be true:

First, you sign up for an account at House Party and then you:

Apply. Let’s get the party started. We tell you about upcoming parties from the products and brands you love and you decide which ones make your heart beat a little faster.

Invite. Spread the love. We give you all the tools you’ll need. All you do is invite your friends. In return you get exclusive access to try and share some cool products with them, courtesy of a rockin’ Party Pack.

Join a movement. When you host a party, it’s more than you and your friends who are having a blast. Thousands of other hosts and guests from across the US are also having an awesome time, on the same day.

Sounds too good to be true, right? ¬†I’m not sure what their picking process is but I’m sure the more you publicize about these parties, the stronger a chance you’ll get? ¬†I’m not sure really but I will definitely say that persistence pays off.

The party pack sounds pretty awesome:

Your exclusive Mrs. Prindable’s Party Pack will contain the following items for you and your guests:

  • 1 Triple Chocolate Gourmet Jumbo Apple with snowflake ornament & signature gift box
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Gourmet Apple with holiday bow*
  • 1 Box of Chicago-style Milk Chocolate Toffee in holiday gift box
  • 1 Bag of Holiday themed Pretzel Bites*
  • 1 Box of Assorted Truffles (24 pc.)*
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs flexible cutting boards for guests
  • 13 Mrs. Prindable‚Äôs catalogs and special offer for guests


Coincidentally, we are having a Football Sunday on 11/11, which also happens to be my birthday. So we’re having a Football Sunday with buffalo wings, birthday cake and Mrs. Prindable’s confections. Yum! Hee hee. ¬†I just hope that people come to help us eat the dessert because Meanie and I will be totally ginormous (like we aren’t already fluffy) even more so!

So if you’re into throwing gatherings with your friends and family, go sign up for House Party. I’ve only heard good things about it and several people I know have already been picked for this party or something else. ¬†There’s also a Keurig party where you have the chance to get your very own Keurig! Those aren’t cheap either! I signed up for that one and didn’t picked. ¬†Ah well. It is better that way. I don’t have room for Keurig in my house – I don’t have enough counter room. ¬†If I had won it, I’d be caught smuggling K-cup cartridges from my work. Ha ha! ¬†Can you imagine that? ¬†Embarrassing!


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