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It’s been over a year since I blogged. Laziness at best!

Hmmm…what’s new news.

Well, I had my second child – another boy –  in January 2012.  I think that’s partly the reason why I stopped blogging. I had a high-risk pregnancy since I gave birth at 32 weeks for my first pregnancy.  I was seeing my regular ob/gyn as well as prenatal specialists and genetic specialists to ensure I would have a full-term birth the second time around. I was also put on weekly progesterone shots administered by a professional nurse on my hips. Fun.  All to make sure I would have a healthy, full-term birth.  So much for that! 🙂

Although it wasn’t the baby’s fault this time around, it was mine. I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia, which is when a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure and protein in the urine after the 20th week (late 2nd or 3rd trimester) of pregnancy.  I went in for a regular check on my 35th week of pregnancy and they thought my blood pressure was too high and then it never went away.  I also had more proteins in my pee and they wanted to admit me in the hospital for further testing.  I was already at the hospital where I had given birth to my first and was looking forward to giving birth again since they had just re-renovated the maternity wing only to be disappointed because I had to go to another hospital since my obgyn was on vacation.  NOoooo!!!!

So I was just hoping it was just going to be for tests and they would release me that night but nope, I had to get induced, again, but at least I survived to 35 weeks this time.  Hah.  I guess I’m just destined to pop out premature babies.  Kinda makes you wonder if being a premature baby yourself is related to that.  They say there’s no connection but I beg to differ (I was born at 37 weeks but that’s considered full term these days).

They weren’t kidding when they say the second one comes out faster than the first.  The epidural was adminstered but only half took effect.  I was numb on the right side but I could totally feel everything on the left side. I do not understand how some women could just go without an epidural. I only felt half of the pain and I felt like I was dying already.  The baby was coming down so fast that they didn’t have time to re-do the epidural so I said “Fuck it, I’ll push him out” and so I did, ten minutes later.  🙂  I found it easier this time around because I was familiar with what I had to do. I gave one last humongous push and then voila, baby comes shooting out so fast the midwife had to catch him in mid-air. Haha.

So that’s how my youngest son came into the world. This factory is now closed!

I’ve found that my body seems to fall apart after I have a baby.  Last time, I had a bunch of root canals and dental work that needed to be done.  This time, it’s some dental work but that was minor. The biggie this time was Shingles.  What a load of fun that is.

I wanted to start blogging again so I can review the products that I get from those word of mouth marketing sites.  I have no new campaigns/missions/parties but I’ll be ready to review when I get them!


>Latest Baby Bump picture

>Here’s my latest belly bump picture. This was taken on 3.31.09 and just starting my 26th week:

I’m a mini beluga whale!! 😦

Just had my monthly checkup this morning. Apparently I’ve gained 9 lbs since the last month. Doh! Here’s my 22 weeks picture:

I didn’t get yelled at this time since I definitely “popped” over the last month but give me a break, I haven’t gained anything at all during my first trimester. I’d say I have gained about 10 lbs total so far in the pregnancy. Everyone seems to think that once you’re pregnant, you don’t really need to think about weight gain – just gain as much as you can cuz the “baby needs it”. But that doesn’t really ring true. You’re supposed to gain about 1 lb per week per month. So 4 weeks = 1 month = 4 lbs per month. Anything more and you’ll get yelled at. Next month if I have such a high weight gain, I’ll definitely hear some yelling.

I think it’s because during the first trimester, I ate pretty healthily. My only craving was for fruit – any kind of fruit – oranges, grapefruits & pomelos (those I LOOOVED), apples, plums, bananas, etc. But lately I find that bananas cause me acid reflux and citrus foods were too acidic for my stomach so I stopped. Maybe I’ll try eating melons now but it’s rare that they’re sweet these days. It’s too early in the season. So I’ve been eating bad foods (weekly cheeseburgers, anyone) and fries. I crave for french fries and I crave for ice cream. That’s a huge jump from craving fruits.

Otherwise, everything looks good so far. I’m on my 26th week and my doctor tells me that my uterus seems about 26 weeks. Baby’s heartbeat is good too.

I did the gestational diabetes test today. I had to drink a bottle of orange glucose which wasn’t all that bad. I thought it would taste really sickenly sweet but it was just like an orange drink. I didn’t feel so great afterwards though. And the lab withdrew some blood to do a test to see if the sugar gets all digested properly. If I don’t pass this test, I’ll have to monitor my diet more closely or maybe even do finger prickings every time I eat. That doesn’t sound fun at all.

My doctor also told me that he wanted to be thorough with another ultrasound. It turns out the last facility I went to – they didn’t have a good view of the heart and the 4 chambers, the spine or the face – where all 3 are really really important!! They counted the spine and deemed it ok but my current doctor wants to be really safe in case we need to take precautions. He said what they should have done back then was offer me an amniocentisis (when they stick a long needle in the uterus to test the amnio fluid in the placenta – owch) to check to see if everything was ok but they didn’t even do that.

So I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday. *sigh* I hope everything’s ok. I’ll have to take a personal day off too since it’s in the middle of the afternoon.

We went to see the NY Rangers vs Montreal Canadiens (Habs) game yesterday at MSG. It was fun but I started winding down during the 3rd period. I always end up sitting next to the scary typical Ranger fan but yesterday’s guy was pretty nice. He kept on trying to convert Meanie out of his Habs jersey into a Rangers jersey. The Rangers KILLED the Habs (3-1) and then poor Meanie had to deal with all the mean NYer heckling and suck. NYers are mean bastards! I find hockey fans are really scary out of all the sports out there. They’re rude and they curse alot. Last time I went to a Rangers fan, the old geezers were screaming at the kids in front to sit the F down. Nice. Talk about childhood trauma right there.

My baby’s namesake – Carey Price – performed pretty horribly. Terrible. =*(

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