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A Little Bit of Everything Post


A Little Bit of Everything Noodle Soup – from Mee Noodle Restaurant
I used to live by here and ate this a lot.  Ollie’s, too!

You know, that noodle soup you can find in Chinese restaurants?  A Little Bit of Everything Noodle Soup?  It’s this noodle soup with a thick soup with literally, a little bit of everything.  Some pork, chicken, seafood, shrimp, assorted veggies, tofu and it’s oh-so-good. I haven’t had it in a while but this post is a lot like that soup.  A little bit of everything.

Unfortunately, this post is not about food.  Hah, caught your eye, didn’t I?  Just a bunch of random things and I’m too lazy to post them all in their own separate posts.


I just purchased something from  This Steal Network has great items on sale, two times a day, at really discount prices.  There’s also a KidSteals, BabySteals and a ScrapbookSteals (for those who scrapbook – I want to learn and make those one day!) Evil websites!  This is only a few that I check almost every day.  I should stop doing that.  So the other day I jumped on a MicrodermaMitt body mitt.  These things are awesome if you have really dry skin or just want to exfoliate.  I find that using a simple loofah or a pouf isn’t as effective as I like it to be.


My skin tends to get dry in the winter (like everyone else) so this is perfect.  You don’t use any cleansers or soap with this.  The directions say to step in a hot shower for a few minutes without using any soap or cleansers on your body so during that time, I just wash my hair.  After I wash my hair, I turn the water off or away from me, and use this sucker to scrub up and down or left and right all over my body.  It’s fascinating to see how much dead skin falls off of you.  After I use it, I go under the shower again and then I wash with my shower gel. I find that my skin is really soft afterwards and I’ve only used it twice so far!

This may be TMI but I use this sucker to slough off the dead skin that’s been hanging out in my armpits.  Long time ago when I was a teenager, I developed an allergic reaction to a deodorant (Ban deodorant – does that exist today still?) and it darkened my armpits and it’s embarrassing!  And well, after 2 pregnancies, my armpit condition hasn’t gotten any better since that day.  I’ve switched to non-aluminum deodorants, thanks to sites like Influenster and subscription box services like Conscious Box that made me aware that such items do exist.  I learned about Crystal stick deodorant and GeoDeo deodorant and those have been working pretty well for me. I don’t stink, I don’t think?  I’m not sure how these would work in the summer but I’ve been OK so far.  I think?  No one’s told me I stink yet. LOL.

So hopefully now with the Microderma Body Mitt, I’ll have super soft skin and normal armpits again! Yay! 🙂

I always seem to come down with something serious after I get pregnant.  After my first pregnancy, I had a raging root canal that needed to be done right away and I had to stop nursing CB because I was on painkiller drugs for the pain.  So not fun.  This time around, I came down with….shingles.  Ugh.

Horrible!!!  It started out with a seemingly harmless rash and then it started to look worse and worse, until the extreme pain start.  OMG.  The pain from shingles is NO JOKE.  I was taking Advil like it was candy and I had to stay home from work because I was literally writhing from the pain.  The pain was almost like labor but in the area where the rash was.  I had a patch of rash underneath my belly button and it felt like I was giving birth to a baby again. So not fun.  Luckily, I had caught it relatively early and was prescribed some meds from my bro-in-law but I was in so much pain.  I’m considered luckier than some though.  I know of some people who have had shingles but they still deal with the pain today, even tho it’s over.  I just have some bad scars on me so hopefully the mitt will help me a lot in that part, too! They have mitts for the face, too. I definitely recommend these products. Love it!  Now I need to find more (preferably at the price I got it by) for future presents!

On kids news, CB will probably start Preschool next week!  There’s been a lot of steps trying to get him into Preschool and I just handed in all the papers yesterday so there’s a huge chance he’ll be starting next week.  I will do a separate post on that soon…

Yesterday right before I gave BB a bath, I was poking around in his mouth (I usually wipe his teeth before bath) and noticed that it hurt when he chomped down.  So I poked and peered around and discovered 2 more teeth coming from up on top!  My baby is growing so fast! He was hiding those from me!  These days he drinks less formula and eats more food which is good.  That’s where we want to be.  As for crawling, he can get to his point of destination but I wouldn’t call it crawling or army crawling or bulldozing.  It’s weird.  It starts with this inchworm form, then he sticks his butt totally up so he’s in Downward Dog position, then flop to one side and roll a little bit but somehow he’s moved up a little bit and then repeat.  It’s not very pretty.  LOL but it works for him.


On the very last note, I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Jennifer from My Life as a Single Mom.  Thanks Jennifer!  I’m new to this official blogger world so I’m not sure what this means.  🙂  I’ve been blogging on communities before such as Xanga and Live Journal so this is a whole new thing for me.  I am delighted and thankful for receiving this recognition though.  I think I’m supposed to list 7 things about me and then direct some well-deserved attention to 7 blogs I read.  So stay tuned!


Coach Factory

About a year to 2 years ago, I started getting emails from Coach Factory about these fabulous Coach sales.  I jumped on one of those sales, bought like 3-4 handbags and I thought I lucked out on awesome prices on these Coach bags.  And then I started getting plagued by emails every day about this sale and that and it just lost that special appeal it used to have.  It made me doubt if Coach Factory was the same thing as Coach or just a knockoff or something.  I definitely think Coach (like the one on Madison Avenue in Manhattan) is much more higher end and higher quality than Coach Factory (the Coach stores you find in shopping outlets, etc.) especially since my Coach Factory bag I bought last year was starting to fall apart – the zipper was coming loose from the fabric and the material on one side was all frayed and faded.

The Signature Duffle bag in Silver/Purple

I absolutely love purple. It’s been my favorite color ever since I was a wee child.  I went through all the teasing and everything but I still stuck by my favorite color (Eww, purple?  Gross!) and now it’s trendy!  Ha ha!  In yer faces, stupid little kids that made fun of me.  =P  Nyah! Ok, end immaturity. 🙂

This bag looks a lot bigger than it seems.  I can stuff my own stuff in there, an iPad and a bunch of baby stuff – burp cloths, juice boxes, wipes.  It’s not big enough to use as a diaper bag but it’s good enough to shove essential things you need in there (a diaper, wipes, etc) My friend had just recently commented that I must love this bag so much because I haven’t changed my bag yet – I used to do that every season.  I need change and variety.  I get sick of the same thing over and over again.  That pertains to clothes, handbags, jackets, food, everything, really.

But then it started to all fall apart from how much I used it.  Oh, woe is me!  Meanie had mentioned that Coach should be able to fix it, cuz after all, it’s Coach!  But then I had my doubts if my Coach was the same thing as real Coach.  LOL  So I went to the website and emailed them to see if they do do repairs.  I got a reply from customer service fairly quickly:

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry to learn you are having a problem with your COACH product. It is our policy to stand behind our goods against manufacturing defects for the natural life of our merchandise, excluding normal wear.

Please take your item to your nearest COACH store for evaluation or you may mail it directly to the Repair Department referenced in the link below: 

We offer repairs, when possible, on items such as bindings, zippers and hardware. We will make any requested repairs we can. If the item is defective and we cannot repair it, we will replace it.

If you are dropping your product off at a COACH store, the store will assess your item and determine if the $20 fee applies on your recent purchase. If you are mailing it directly to our Repair Department we will evaluate the condition of your bag to determine if the fee applies. 

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


COACH Online Consumer Service


Awesome!  I chose to mail mine in so all I had to do was pay for my own shipping to Coach (about $20 via UPS) and I had to enclose another $20 for shipping and handling for them to send it back to me. So $40 total.  Everything can’t be free.  So I was expecting them to fix the zipper and maybe do something to make the frayed and faded part look a little better but I just got a letter from Coach Factory this week that said this:

Wow!! I certainly wasn’t expecting this at all! This is terrific! A totally new bag!  I love places with great customer service (Patagonia is another one).  So if you think about it, I paid about $40 a totally new Coach bag.

I’m sorry for doubting you, Coach Factory.  You are just as wonderful as your counterpart.

Citrus Lane: Subscription Box Review

I just received my very first subscription box from Citrus Lane.  For those that don’t know, Citrus Lane is a subscription box service that sends you monthly boxes of [products for your kids from birth to 3 years of age.  When you sign up, they ask you the age of your children so that they can send you products your kids can use, which is a great idea!  I would hate it if I got a product that I couldn’t use for the amount of money I paid.

I used to be a Bluum subscriber (another subscription box but they mainly give out “deluxe samples” – apparently we have different definitions of that) and was disappointed from the boxes that I was getting for the price I was paying ($11 per month).  Citrus Lane costs a little more ($25 per month, 3 months) but I found a promo code so I was able to get a little discount.

Although Citrus Lane costs a little more per month than Bluum did, I am happy to say that I can use everything in the box that Citrus Lane sent me.  I’m actually giddy about the products I received.  My husband saw me open the box and I’m sure he didn’t understand why I was so happy about the products. It’s gotta be a mommy thing. Hee hee.

I was never this happy or giddy over my Bluum boxes.  Just sayin’…

Wanna see what I got from Citrus Lane?

Here we go!

What I found when I first opened the box.

The presentation isn’t as nice as Bluum’s subscription service is but I’m not paying good money for presentation!

Here’s a close-up of the insert.
[You can click on the picture to enlarge the image]

*squeals in glee*
Is it just me to be happy about the products?
Yes? No?  I don’t care!  =P

All the loot!

Let me explain why I’m so happy about these products:

Skip Hop Hug & Hide Stroller Toy – Dog:  Ok, who doesn’t love Skip Hop?  I LOVE Skip Hop products. These doggies are the cutest things ever!  And it’s a perfect size for a little baby to play with.  I’ve been wanting to get another stroller toy for my youngest but never got around to getting one.  I’m so glad I held off.  This is so adorable!  I actually had the Skip Hop Owl dood on BooBoo’s ([BooBoo Bear] my youngest’s nickname =P) wishlist but I never received it. I can now take it off.   Total Win!

Citrus Lane prices it at $10 but Amazon prices this at $12.49. [I’m listing Amazon prices because I shop from there for most of the time. I find their prices comparable and reasonably priced.

Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food StorageInnobaby – I’ve had my eye on these products for a long while.  I’ve seen them on sale on sites like or, etc.  [Note: those websites are very very evil] but I’ve always behaved and never purchased them.  Well, I’m kinda glad I did!  I can’t wait to use these once BB (“BooBoo”) starts eating finger foods. 🙂  I can also use these for my eldest – CB (“Careybear”). Awesome!

CL (“Citrus Lane”) prices these at $8.99; Amazon prices them at $7.28

Counting with Wayne Thiebaud – I had to Google who Wayne Thiebaud was.  =x Apparently he was an artist!  🙂  The board book counts (obviously) and there are pictures to go with it.  It’s done really well and I know my kids will have great interest in it because CB is a total bookworm (gets it from me) and I’m sure BB will love it, too!

Both CL and Amazon price it at $6.99

Plum Organics Stage Two Ancient Grains – Apple, Raisin & Quinoa – What a fancy flavor!  I love Plum Organics.  I’ve been feeding CB (when he first started solids) Plum Organics and now BB is totally noshing through the flavors.  I love how quinoa is introduced at such an early age.  I’ve been feeding BB Happy Baby brown rice cereal (btw, Happy Bellies has GREAT customer service!) with assorted pouches from Plum Organics and Ella’s Kitchen. He loves it all.  I can’t wait to try this on BB to see if he likes it.

Both CL and Amazon prices one of these pouches at $1.69

CleanWell Disinfectant Spray – I don’t know much about this product but I can definitely use it.  On the CL insert, it says “Diaper changes and potty breaks are far from fun when you’re dealing with a less-than-clean public bathroom and a child who wants to touch EVERYTHING.  Great for disinfecting surfaces like sinks, toilets, and restroom changing tables (not to mention toys and high chairs), this kid-safe spray kills germs botanically, without resorting to harsh chemicals.”

I have one of those kids who touch EVERYTHING.  It’s so annoying and it’s hard to grab his hands to squeeze some anti-bacterial stuff on to it to get all the germies off.  Ugh!

CL prices this at $4.50 and Amazon prices this at $7.25 (whoa). Total win.

According to CL, all the products in the box comes to a total of $32.17 and it’s about $25 a month.  I got a 3-month subscription totaling to $67.50 for 3 months [from the promo code], about $22.50 per month.


I’m SO happy I switched over.  Now I totally understand what all the mommies are raving about.  I’m now one of them.


I know I’ve been lazy about blogging but I’ve been pretty busy at work and too exhausted to blog by the time I get home from work.  Once I get home, I immediately have to feed BB a meal of solids, wash both kiddies up and have them be in bed and snoozing by 9pm. That’s when I can have my downtime of finally eating my dinner (this late eating has got to stop cuz it ain’t helping my gut), washing up, and finally having some time to watch TV, play some games (if I’m lucky or in the mood) or read.  I go to bed around midnight or later and then I start the whole process over starting at 7am. It’s tough to be a fully employed mom of munchkins!

I’ll be updating more later soon.  I’ve gotten on two campaigns for BzzAgent and I’ve applied for a bunch of parties on HouseParty and CrowdTap.  Don’t know if I’ll get picked.  We’ll see, I guess.


Out with Bluum; In with Citrus Lane!

I finally canceled my subscription to Bluum.  I’ve been pretty unhappy with the selection for the last few months and after doing research, I found there are better subscription boxes out there. I finally signed up for Citrus Lane and I am excited about it!

Citrus Lane is another subscription box company. For $25 a month, you will receive a “care package for parents” for your kids ranging from newborn until up to the age of 3.  I’ve done some research and most (maybe all) reviews I found on the monthly care packages were positive.  Bluum, not so much.  So I will receive my first Citrus Lane box in mid-August.  I had one more box in my Bluum subscription for this month and I’ll do a review on that when I get it soon.  I realize I should have started (continued) my blog for each Bluum box I received in the past but all of the contents are scattered around in my house somewhere.  Plus most of it are tiny itty bitty samples which are of no real use anyway.

If anyone is interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane, here is an invite link:  Clickety.

There’s a new promotion going on for Citrus Lane:  If you enter SPRINGFUN in the promotional code box, you will receive 10% off. Not too shabby!

In other news, I was not picked for the House Party Lego Duplo party.  *sad face*  I’ll try again for another party.  There’s a Smirnoff party that’s being offered now but sadly, that’s not available in the state I live in.  Boohoo.

Last night, around 3:30am, my baby’s Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer died.  Dead-O. Kaput. The vibration option does not work anymore.  I knew it was on its last legs but I was hoping it would go on for a little more.  This bouncer has been my most prized object for both of my kids. It was put to excellent use and both my babies preferred to sleep in it instead of the crib or bassinet.  It’s unfortunate because I was slowly transitioning my second to the crib from the bouncy chair and he needs to have the vibration/massager on in order to sleep through the night.  Poop!

I just put in an order to Amazon for another bouncer but a portable one so I can bring it on trips and stuff.  Also, it’s great for toddlers, which is another plus. I actually have an older model of this chair but it’s not portable so that was a minus. It received great reviews on Amazon!

This is the new chair: Fisher Price Portable Infant-to-Toddler Bouncer.


Thank God for Amazon Prime. I’ll get it by tomorrow!

I also got this product which I am very curious to try out:

It’s an Electronic Crib Rocker

It’s this crib attachment that vibrates the mattress when the baby cries. That’s exactly what I need.  Most of the reviews on Amazon are also positive, so that’s a good thing. There were some negative comments because people were angry that it didn’t actually rock the mattress.  I don’t understand how one little contraption can rock a whole crib. Isn’t that a bit dangerous?  But the vibrating effect is exactly what I need! Supposedly that helps with colic, too.  My firstborn had colic but I never thought to use anything like this for him.

Yesterday, I was doing some Google searches for a “crib vibrator” or something along that line.  I received some interesting results.  LOL.  I had received an email about a new product a few years ago about this contraption that would make a stroller or crib vibrate and I finally located it.  It’s called a Lolaloo and it’s only available in Europe. On top of that, it’s like super duper pricey and it basically looks like a vibrator.  My cousin suggested that I just buy a vibrator and just strap it onto the crib or something. It’s not a bad idea. Hahaha.

Here’s a picture of the Lolaloo:

It costs 129 euro = approximately around $160

Only available in Europe, that’s probably some crazy shipping and handling charges too!

Uhm, yeah, no thanks.  I rather go the vibrator route.  =P

Reviews to come later!

So much for blogging often.  Seems I blog like every 2 months. Hah, better than nothing!

May already. Craziness.  Time is flying way too fast and lots happening this month.  We go on vacation next week in Montreal for a week.  It’ll be nice to get away and get a change of scenery and food.  It’s always nice to go back there.  We are going solely to drive my MIL back to Montreal since she’s been staying with us for the past 3 weeks to take care of Carey while my parents are out in Taiwan.  We’re also going to celebrate all the April/May birthdays and there are a lot in my in-law family!

Carey will be starting daycare in mid-May.  My baby is a big boy now and old enough to go to daycare!  I’m both happy and sad about it.  Sad because he’s all grown up but at the same time I’m happy because he will be learning new things and interacting with kids his own age.  He’s talking a lot more these days and he babbles alot.  I’m sure he’s talking and saying words but it’s really hard to pick them out.  Lately, he’s been saying “What’s up?” as a greeting.  “What?”  His ultimate favorite word is “cow”. He calls everyone and everything a cow.  I have no idea why. He also knows what a cow is and when he sees one on TV, he will say “cow” and will point to a cow in his book.  LOL.  I just hope no one gets offended when Carey ends up calling them a cow because he probably will.  Hee hee hee. 

Whenever Carey calls me a cow, I always ask him where’s the cow?  Does Mommy moo?  MOoo? And he’ll say “Wherezit?”  Hehehe.  Last week, he was talking in his sleep and I guess it was a bad dream because he was whimpering and I heard “I..don’t..wanna..DO IT!!”  *sobs*  😦  But he was ok the next morning.  I just love that he is talking more!

These past 3 weeks I’ve been spoiled on the weekends and been allowed to sleep in because my MIL is around.  Carey always wakes up really early in the mornings, either between 5am to 8am but he’ll come to wake me up if I”m still sleeping. He’ll say “wake up!” or climbs up on top of me as if I were really a cow and smash his face to mine.  Or he’ll just stand to the side of the bed and just stare.  It’s really cute to wake up to your almost 2 year old toddler, smiling ear to ear just at the sight of you.  I love my happy baby boy!

He does have his bad moments too.  Lately, he’s been abusing me a lot. Smacking me in the face and so on.  I usually try to leave him once he starts doing that.  He only shows me this kind of abuse.  The articles on-line say that your kids do that because they love you the most and they know they can get away with it the most from you but I’m starting to think that whoever who wrote that article is just saying that to make the victims, like me, feel better. 😦

We went for his 21 month appointment back in March and he’s still little for his age.  I forget alot that he’s a preemie so he’s about 2 months slower than his actual age.  His height and head size is good and on target but his weight is less than normal. They call him a skinny baby. He’s inherited his dad’s stick legs and he’s got a tiny booty so most of his pants slide all the way down by his 3rd step.  I ordered something called Dapper Snappers. These things are awesome and they truly work!  Now Carey can wear his jeans and khakis now, aside from the sweat pants I usually put him in, with the help of Dapper Snappers!  They’re not the most attractive accessories but it’s usually covered by Carey’s shirts.  They also have mom-sized ones, too.  Good to use when you’re preggers!

I feel like I used my son as an advertising tool.  Too bad I don’t receive sales commission from these places!  I’ve been putting Carey in shoes that squeak ever since he’s started walking. He’s a runner so he’ll dash off to anywhere and I need to keep track of him. We are against those leashes so squeaking is the only way I can keep track of him.  I follow him like a hound, too. I usually buy Squeakers or Wee Squeak shoes from  The styles are cute and they squeak! And every time we go out shopping or something, we get a ton of comments and everyone with children wants a pair.  I think I’ve sent like at least 20 different people to their websites.  Where’s my sales commission?  🙂

I love the baby sales websites.  That’s where I get the bulk of baby stuff.  Sites like:

The first two links are my favorite. I’ve also ordered from Totsy which I do not recommend at all. Totsy’s prices are always very inviting but the shipping costs make up for the rest of the cost.  Their customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered before. It’s truly tragic because I was a loyal member of and they merged with  I REFUSE to buy anything from Totsy anymore because 1) they have always gotten my order incorrect, 2) always takes more than a month for something to ship out, 3) never give out refunds (I am still bothering them for my last refund and it’s been more than a month). I’ve also noted that their stuff sells quickly and then after a month, they sent out an email to you saying that they’ve been “short ordered”. Maybe more like “Oh, we didn’t realize our inventory sucked but we sold you something that we don’t have anyway” type of BS.  Beware at your own cost, literally!

On the Bzzagent front, I signed up for the Children’s Claritin campaign except that I don’t know anyone who has kids with allergies.  I hope Carey doesn’t have them but it’s too soon to say.  So I’ve got a bottle of Children’s Claritin in Grape flavor.  Is there anyone who would be interested in having it?  I’d love your opinion on it, too.  These bottles generally cost like $12 in the drug store. It’s pretty steep. I also have coupons if anyone is interested in it, too. Let me know!

Catch you later!

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