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Productive Weekend

What a busy weekend.  It’s Monday and I’m super tired.  I’m feeling quite good because I did a lot this weekend.  Let’s see, I finally made some homemade baby food for BB with the Beaba.  I made some pureed sweet potato and some pureed apple and pear for BB. He’s loving solids right now.  He gets 3 meals a day, usually some rice cereal and some pureed fruit/veggies and he snarfs it all up.  I’ve been feeding him baby food pouches from Plum Organics or Ella’s Kitchen but those can get really pricey after a while.  I prefer those for travel (or when I’m feeling lazy).  I also found these at Costco:

GoGo Squeez Applesauce on the Go

I was a little worried that these wouldn’t be as pureed as finely as baby pureed foods go but it’s just right and little BB snarfs that up too.

I would like to mention that Happy Baby has great customer service.  I usually purchase their rice cereal (brown rice or oatmeal cereal) to feed my kids but sometimes I notice there’s a slightly rancid smell to these products when I first open them.  I encountered this product a few years ago when I was feeding CB and had bought a whole case via Amazon and noticed that the new ones had that icky smell.  I complained to Amazon and they refunded me right away.  This time I contacted Happy Baby directly and the representative explained that sometimes this happens and it is still safe to eat (she likened it to an overly ripened banana, which kinda makes sense – still good to eat, just a bit icky).  She also asked for my home address and mailed me some free coupons which I will gladly use!

I also dabbled in the kitchen and attempted to make Steamy Kitchen’s pork belly buns.  We’re going to have it for dinner tonight so all I need to do is steam the buns and put everything together.  I slow cooked the pork belly on Saturday and yesterday night, I braised them in the caramel sauce. It looks and smells so awesome!

Mmmmm….get in ma’ belly, pork belly!!

Browning pork belly in oil in a hot wok is a scary experience.  Next time I’m using no oil because the pork belly has quite enough fat so it won’t stick to the pan.  Thank goodness for oil splatter protectors because I was yelping a lot while trying to brown these suckers.  

Here’s another reason why I had such a busy weekend:

Who’s that I see?

BB started rolling around like crazy this weekend.  Yay, I’m glad that he finally reached this milestone but I’m also a little sad (selfishly) that he’s so mobile now.  That means I’ll be fighting a lot during diaper changes, feedings and everything really.  Soon he’ll be crawling.  Actually he can scoot backwards on all fours and I’m sure he’ll figure out in no time how to crawl (forward).  This whole weekend, he was practicing his rolling but then he would scream bloody murder because he’ll be stuck on his belly and did not know what to do next.  So I had to flip him around and teach him to roll back.  Sometimes I just left him on his tummy because he needs to learn how to roll back!  I won’t be there all the time to flip him over.  This morning, I found him sleeping on his belly!  I kinda freak out that he won’t be able to breathe but I guess if he’s able to flip around and stuff, he will be ok to turn his head to get some air….

I have a very important question – do your kids (if you have kids) wake up SUPER EARLY on the weekends and on regular days, like school days, have to wake up the kids because they refuse to wake up. CB has daycare but he wakes up at 7am, like the rest of us, to get ready for our days.  He always wakes up at 6am (or earlier) on the weekends and runs into our room saying GOOD MORNING!  HELLOOOO!!! and all happy and stuff while Papa and Mama Bear want to sleep just a bit longer especially since we stay up watching movies. (I know, we should really go to sleep earlier but it’s really hard to do that because we are SO behind on movies, etc.)

BB wakes up super early on weekends mainly because CB is so freaking loud.  But BB loves his big brother and CB can do no wrong in BB’s eyes.  The love and adoration BB has for CB makes me go Awwwwww.  CB loves BB just as much because he’s always saying “Hi” to him and always wants to give him kisses. So cute!!!

One more week to vacation.  I can’t wait! 🙂


Happy Bellies Organic Banana Puffs

Yesterday, we tried giving Carey some organic puffs, banana flavor ones.  My mom tried giving him Cheerios last week and she said that Carey looked like he was going to throw up while he was eating it.  I guess nothing compares to his milk or mom’s milk, huh?  Whenever Carey tries eating something new, he has this peculiar face – like he ate the nastiest thing ever or something along that line.  I remember when I was trying to breast feed him in the hospital, he would have that very same face every time I tried to put him on.  I thought it was the funniest thing and then started thinking, omg, maybe I taste bad (only after not showering for a couple days, lol).  But it turns out that Carey has that face all the time whenever he tries something new.

We went to a baby shower over the weekend and the baby closest to Carey’s adjusted age was already drinking from a sippy cup and eating puffs with no problem!  Age is confusing for a preemie.  Even though Carey has been out of the womb for a little over 9 months, his adjusted age is about 7.5 months but Carey was pretty gargantuan in size compared to the other babies.  I’ll have to see what’s up with his growth on Friday when Carey gets his 9-month well appointment.  Last time during his 6th month appointment, he was only like 10th percentile compared to other babies his age (not adjusted).  He’s huge and heavy now!

So yep, I gave him a puff yesterday and accordingly to the Amazon reviews, kids love it!  I think it tastes better than a Cheerio but it’s not much different.  It doesn’t really melt in my mouth like they said it would but I guess it melts more than an actual Cheerio.  Carey looked like he was going to puke when I gave him a puff.  I couldn’t stop laffing!  I don’t have any pictures of him cuz I was laffing too much but Meanie took some video.  What’s even funnier is that after he’s eaten his puff, he’ll open his mouth like a hungry baby chick so I can shove more in.  And when I do, he’ll make that puke face again as he’s trying to eat it.  LOL

I think the main reason why my baby got so big over the last 3 months is because of his formula.  Carey was only 3 lbs and 14 oz when he was born and he was PUNY.  He didn’t even fit into preemie clothing cuz he was so tiny.  He was in the NICU for 2 weeks and they put him on Similac Neosure formula, which is what I still use now.  They say you should use this formula till your baby is 9 months old (which is Carey’s age) so I’m wondering if I need to switch formulas now that he seems to be all caught up.

Now I have to teach him how to use a sippy cup.  I tried one time and told him to watch me as I sucked prune juice (ew) out of his sippy cup.  He didn’t quite get it.  It’s also more difficult to teach him because he only likes to drink milk.  He hates water and he hates juice.  Only milk!  He’s just like his dad.  Meanie said when he was young, he went through like 3 bags of milk (the milk is sold in bags in Canada!!; not in cartons or gallons) per week.  I have a feeling I’ll be going thru a lot of milk when Carey starts drinking cow milk.  Thank goodness for Costco!  = )

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