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Citrus Lane – January 2013

Weird.  I thought I cancelled this subscription?  I checked my credit card to see if I was charged but nope, I wasn’t.  Did someone send me this as a gift?  It doesn’t say anywhere on my account at Citrus Lane.  I also never received the blue brag book that was supposed to be sent to me. I had received a pink one instead.  Is this to make up for it?  Whatever, I am happy and really surprised to see this arrive at my door a couple weeks ago!  I was mighty unhappy with the December 2012 box but the January box totally made up for my disappointment.  I love love this box!

They changed some things about the box.  Here we go!


Yay, nice to see you again, Citrus Lane!


When I first opened the box.  The packing list is on a folded sheet of paper now, not cardboard-type paper anymore.


Packing list!


25% off coupon at Skip Hop with a $30 purchase.
Have I told you how much I love Skip Hop?
Love love love!


Underneath all that yellow tissue paper.
Skip Hop!  *swoons*!  Just that alone has made up the unhappiness from the December box.


Another book – Bear About Town. ($6.99)
Both of my kids would love this book!


Episencial.  I love these products.  This came with a full sized tube of Soothing Cream and a sample of the Playful Wash.
I received a full size of Soothing Cream from Bluum last year and I still have it. It lasts for a long time and it really does soothe on itchy patches.
I’ve used it for myself, too!  A full sized tube of Soothing Cream is about $11.00.


A Skip Hop Elephant Insulated Lunch Bag! Yay! ($14.00)
CB received a Giraffe one over Xmas and I can give this one to BB when he goes off to school one day.


Ella’s Milk & Vanilla baby cookies.($4.21)

This is great! I’ve been wanting to give BB some cookies.
I got him some Mum-mums from Amazon and he loves them but the only downside is that it’s made in China!!
The Hot Kid website says that it tests all the Mum mums products so it’s all safe to give to your kids but I can’t help but feel suspicious about that.
Of course they’ll say that – but how much of it is true?

This is a great alternative to the Mum mums.
I’ve tried giving BB this but he doesn’t like the texture so much and it kinda dribbles out of his mouth on the side.
It’s a bit messy and it doesn’t have the certain crunch rice crackers have – which he loves so much.  Gah.


Clean Well Disinfectant Spray – I had gotten this from a prior Citrus Lane box.
I haven’t tried it yet though.  Have to soon! ($3.99)


Here’s the whole box! If you add all the prices that I’ve found, it comes out to about $40 for the whole box.

Not too shabby!

Love it! I hope I get another one mysteriously.  🙂

If you’re interested in joining Citrus Lane, please use my invitation code HERE.  I love Citrus Lane. I think it’s the best subscription box out there for kids!  If you click on that link and create your own subscription, you will receive $10 off their order and I’ll get a $10 credit!  So it’s a win win situation. 🙂

Loot Crate Review – December 2012 box

I am so behind on reviews.  I even missed out on some of them. Arrgh.  So many things to do, so little time.  We came back from vacation in Montreal and it was a nice break, overall.  More on that later.



Loot Crate is another monthly box subscription and it is solely for gamers and geeks.  Hee hee.  I was very curious about this box and we had purchased it for one of our dear friends for part of his Christmas present.  He loved it! I didn’t take any pictures of the November box because I wanted to keep it as a surprise but you can see on the website what the last boxes were.  The Master Chief shirt was a hit!  Here is the description from the website:

Loot Crate delivers epic geek and gamer swag monthly. The Loot Crate team hand picks 6-8 new items every month. It’s like GETTING A COMIC CON SWAG BAG IN THE MAIL!

There are 3 different subscriptions – monthly, 3 months and 6 months.  I got the monthly box and after I got the November box, I promptly canceled my subscription.  They were quick to respond and that was that. Or so I thought.

It’s pretty nifty box. I think if I were just a big younger and still in the gaming rage, I’d like the box a bit more.

So I’ve come to that day.  I’ve retired from FPS (First Person Shooter, like Halo 1, 2, 3 & 4) games.  I just find that my blood pressure and stress levels go up when I play.  Meanie says it gives him stress relief but I beg to differ because he’s always screaming at the TV at the other online players.  LOL.  I still love RPG’s (Role Playing Games, like Final Fantasy) but they are so time consuming and I don’t have that kind of time anymore, especially with little munchkins.  And I can play Mario Kart anytime, hee hee.  The bad thing is that I don’t really have time to play till late evening after the kids have gone to bed and by that time, I want to do a bunch of things like catch up on TV shows, read a book, play games, when I should really be sleeping!

So one day I checked the mail and found another Loot Crate in my mailbox!  I could have sworn I cancelled this subscription.  I did! I checked all of my credit card statements and nope, I haven’t been charged.  I think they forgot that I cancelled.  Would it be bad if I kept it?  I did open it and was pretty impressed with the box.  It also contained a membership card in our dear friend’s name.  Apparently having this card would give him some benefits but I don’t really know what.  Hee hee.  This is fairly a new subscription so I’m sure more details will come soon.  What’s also cool about this subscription is that every month, they will pick someone’s name to win an ultimate package.  It’s like winning the lotto!

I took pictures of this box:

Loot Crate 1


It’s a pretty small box but it’s jam packed with goodies.

Loot 2

Loot 3

Loot 4

The whole box!

Doh.  I thought I took more pictures of this and of the packing list but I don’t think I had.  I opened this box when I just returned from Montreal while super tired and suffering from feverish body aches.  Sorry.  From what I can gather from the picture, there is a Domo Superman stuffy! So cute!  A Honey Badger stuffy (LOL), a bottle opener/key chain, a Gamer/Geek bracelet, an Atari Joystick with candy in it and a bunch of stickers.

This is a great box for the gamer geek in your life or yourself!  🙂

Cravebox Review – Winter Favorites





Most resolutions are made to be broken. Here’s one you can keep. Repeat after us: “I will start this year with fun finds and cool stuff… with a little help from my friends at Cravebox.”

Ahh, I finally have time to post this review! I was hoping today would be a slow day at work but on the contrary, busy busy busy!  Another drawing for Cravebox is available today for the Resolutions box.  I was very tempted to enter the drawing but my funds are kinda low. It took a lot of will power to not enter the drawing.  For those who don’t know, Cravebox is a company who sends out boxes based on certain themes and these boxes usually include new products for you to try out.  They range from $11-$15 and you need to enter a drawing to see if you get picked to receive one.  It used to be a monthly subscription box service but they stopped that a few months ago.

I was a little reluctant to sign up for the Winter Favorites box since I wasn’t entirely too happy about the Thanksgiving box but apparently my willpower does not amount to much.  I’m actually very happy with this Winter Favorites box and I guess it’s better to end with a bang!

Here’s my box un-veiling:


What I saw when I first opened the box. Yay, the colorful confetti is back! 🙂
It’s the little things that count.



Coupons and a recipe book


The box is packed to the max!


Mary Kay lip gloss.  I think the color is beautiful!


Campbell’s Gourmet Bisques in Golden Butternut Squash. Mmmm.


BelVita biscuits – Never heard or tried these but looking forward to it!


Vitabath Sampler


Heinz Chili Sauce – a full sized bottle and a recipe card


Here’s the whole box!

Sorry I don’t have the usual breakdown of the box but I’m running out of time.  Here’s more information about the products in the box: CLICK.  I paid $14 for this box and I think the items in the box are definitely greater than the amount I paid.

So there’s the Winter Favorites box. Can’t wait to try out the stuff!

I’m off on vacation starting tomorrow so I won’t be posting up while I’m away.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a terrific new year!

photo (4)


Citrus Lane Review – December 2012

photo (3)

Yep, you saw that right, Citrus Lane!  I did cancel my subscription from earlier this year but I had a $10 credit waiting for me in my account so I used it for the December box.  🙂  I was excited to come back to Citrus Lane and I expected to be wow’ed by the December box but I’m not so wow’ed. 😦  Boohoo.

For those who are new to my blog, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that delivers boxes catered to your child’s age.  Citrus Lane calls their boxes “care packages for parents”.  Toys, baby food, feeding accessories are items that are usually included in the boxes.  I had a 3-month subscription earlier this year and totally loved them but I had to cancel because it was getting a little pricey.

So I jumped on this opportunity.  I don’t know if it’s just not an impressive box overall or is it just me?  What do you people think?

CL December2

This month’s theme is “a few of our favorite things”
Just from that theme itself, you would expect an awesome box, right? I sure did!

CL December3

Here’s the packing list – there are only 5 items in it. Well, 4, really and 1 coupon.

CL December4

1)  Green Toys Submarine – I was very happy to see this! I give BB baths in the bathtub and need some more bath toys.  This is great when he graduates to the bigger toddler tub.  He’s still in the infant/toddler the bathroom sink. He tends to freak out when I wash him in the adult tub, even though in his baby bathtub. 😦  This is priced at $14.99

CL December5


2)  Ecomom Offer – $15 towards anything.  This is great! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ecomom and I’m sure I can definitely use this voucher.

3)  Pearhead Brag Book – …in Pink…??  It’s a pretty book and all and I would love to use it but it’s in pink?  I’ve got two little boys.  I emailed Citrus Lane and asked if I could get one in blue.  They promptly replied to me, apologized and said that a blue one is on the way. Yay!  Anyone interested in a pink brag book?  Let me know!  This is priced at $8.95

4)  Renee & Jeremy It’s a Big World CD – I’m not familiar with this at all but I’m sure both CB and BB would enjoy this since they love listening to music.  This has terrific reviews on Amazon and it’s priced at $12.70 on Amazon.  The website of Renee & Jeremy priced it at $10.00.  Citrus Lane priced this CD at $12.00 so I’ll go with that.

5)  Madécasse 75% Cocoa Mini Chocolate Bar – I like dark chocolate – but I find the higher the percentage is, the grosser it tastes.  I hope I like this one.  This looks really yummy but the other flavors look so much better.   Sea salt and nibs?  Arabica Coffee? Yummie!  75% dark chocolate.  I’m cringing just a little bit but I just hope it’s not as bitter as I expect it to be.  This bar costs $1.50

This box costs $52.44 total counting the Ecomom coupon.  That’s not too shabby at all compared to the $15 I paid for the box this month with my $10 credit!  But this box didn’t wow me as much as the other ones.   I’m just a wee bit disappointed but I’m kinda glad I stopped this subscription. I just wish the December box was a little more impressive than this one.  😦

I got my Winter Favorites Cravebox yesterday!  I’m going to review it soon. I also have a Holiday Voxbox from Influenster on the way.  Yay! My first official Voxbox! 🙂


Conscious Box – December 2012 Review

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A little over a week.  For some reason, it feels like a really long time.  I know I’m behind on reviews and stuff.  I haven’t felt like posting after the latest tragedy.  My heart was and is full of so much sorrow over what happened.  I have to stop reading the news because there are times where I just feel like breaking out in tears over this sad time.  *sigh*

It’s a week till Christmas.  Where did all the time go?  Soon it will be 2013, if we survive the “apocalypse” on 12/21/12.  Hah, I just realized the date pattern.  12-21-12. Nifty!  I’m busy running around gathering last minute presents.  I thought I was done with everything but today I realized I forgot some people. Gahh!  We ordered 100 holiday cards this year and I think we used them all. That’s crazy.

I received my December Conscious Box about 2 weeks ago. What’s funny is that I had received an email from Conscious Box saying that the box was shipped.  I checked my email on my iPhone where 3 different email accounts are (which I kinda forgot about).  The email address I have for my PayPal account is totally different from my main account and I rarely check it.  So I received the email shipping confirmation on Sunday night on my iPhone and when I checked on Monday from my main account, it said my box was shipped!  So I got home, all eager to see my last Conscious Box only to realize that it hadn’t gotten delivered yet. So I was freaking out that someone else had gotten hold of my Conscious box and so I emailed Conscious Box that I had lost my box!  And then after everything was sent out, I realized that the shipment email was on my Hotmail email and that the tracking number I had sent to Conscious Box was from October, from an email sent to my Gmail account, when I bought the Mystery box.  I’m such an idiot.  I’m sure they’re cracking up over that. LOL  Conscious Box was very understanding and promptly emailed me back.  So sorry for my stupidity! 🙂

I was also waiting for the December Classic Packing List.

This is my last box of my subscription.  As much as I enjoyed Conscious Box, I regret this will be my last month.  It has certainly opened my eyes to new brands that are eco-friendly and good to the environment and the world.  The box is a wee bit expensive and I regret that I need to start saving money for 2013.  I had fun while it lasted, Conscious Box!

Here are my un-veiling pictures:

Dec CB 1

LOL, what jokers! 🙂

Dec CB 3

My very last Conscious Box, for now…

Dec CB 4

It was nice meeting you…

Dec CB 4a

I ❤ Bill Watterson! I miss Calvin & Hobbes…

Dec CB 5

What I saw when I opened the lid…

Dec CB 5a

Dec CB 6

I received 2 sets of these cards…

Dec CB 7

What was hiding underneath the tissue paper.
It’s a pretty heavy box this month!

Dec CB 8

1.  Beanfields – Bean & Rice Chips – Sea Salt & Pepper – 1.5 oz – Hmm…chips made out of beans?  I’m not an anti-bean person but I don’t love them, either. Sometimes I’ll eat them, sometimes I won’t. I know people who have bean phobias.  I tolerate beans.  I’ll try these but I don’t expect to be wowed.  They have good reviews so there’s a possibility I could get wowed.  A 1.5 oz bag goes for about:  $1.50 a bag according to Amazon

2.  18 Rabbits Granola – Pecan, Almond, Maple & Coconut Gracious Granola – 1.55 oz – The description off the website sounds super yummy:

The granola that started it all – Gracious Granola reminds Alison the most of what her mom made. A touch of butter and a hint of coconut add delectable warmth, with plenty of satisfying crunch from organic almonds and pecans. Try it atop tart, plain yogurt with a few strawberries for the perfect breakfast. Be Gracious to your body by treating it to a bowl of our original granola. 

That sounds super yummy! I’m going to try it!  It’s available on Amazon for:  $2.08

Dec CB 9

3.  the GoodOnYa bar – Peanut Butter Chocolate – One of the additional items of this month’s box.  I actually received several of the “additional” items whereas I was supposed to receive only one of the list.  But I hadn’t received one of the products – Good Nature Tea – so I guess it’s a good trade off…?

Non GMO | No Soy | No Dairy | 54% Raw | 10g Bio-available Protein | Good Fiber | Grain Free & Gluten Free

This is a no-brainer, and it’s always been our #1 seller for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love this classic combination? Only instead of junk it’s made real food and no fillers.  Our Organic Gluten Free peanut Butter Chocolate Bars are Loaded with protein and good fiber and the taste we all love. Raw, Organic Honey is our sweetener and there isn’t anything in here you couldn’t buy at the Co Op.

Yum, sounds good to me!

One bar costs approximately $2.50 from the website

4.  Truebar –  Fruit & Nut bar – $1.99 per bar – I had the opportunity to try the Cashew & Coconut Truebar via Swaggable.  Here’s the link for my post.  I totally snarfed down the Cashew & Coconut Truebar. I wished I had more. Funnily enough, Swaggable is also sending me the same Truebar as well as another one to try out but I haven’t received it yet.  I’m not a huge coconut fan but I loved that Cashew & Coconut Bar.  Truebar is a lot like the KIND bar but I think Truebar tastes better.

Dec Cb 10

5.  Bonus:  7th Heaven Naturals – Moroccan Clay Gentle Exfoliating Mask – I think I’ve seen these here and there at various drugstores but I have never tried one. This should be pretty interesting.  One packet costs about $2.99 according to the website.

6.  Lemi Shine – 2.5 oz –

Keeps dishes and glassware shining by removing hard water minerals in the main wash cycle of your dishwasher.

Lemi Shine Original Before and After
Dishwasher detergents are not formulated to remove hard water minerals during the main wash cycle. Lemi Shine® Original solves this problem. Combined with your auto dish detergent, Lemi Shine® Original removes tough hard water spots, stains, and film during the main wash cycle.

I do have a dishwasher but I rarely use it. I only use it when we have a lot of company.  Is that weird?  But this will be used when I have company in the near future.. 🙂

A 2.5 oz packet costs approximately around $1.64 (about $0.65 an ounce)

7.  Avalon Organics Soothing Vanilla & Rosemary lip balm.  – I love lip balm. I actually got this as a bonus in the last box and I love it! I’m so happy I have an extra one now. It moisturizes very well and the scent is amazing. Love, love, love!!  One costs about $2.49

8.  Eden Allure Argan Oil – Sample Size – To be honest, I have no idea what this is for but it’s gotten rave reviews everywhere.

I got this info from Amazon:

  • Rich in Vitamin F (omega 6), Vitamin E, Phenols, Triterpens, Squalene
  • Argan oil is a natural solution to defend against premature aging and UV exposure
  • Effective against aging and cell degeneration, as well as dryness, skin inflammation, acne and scars
  • Contains exceptionally high levels of fatty acids including linoleic acid (omega-6) which ensure skin’s repair and protective functions
  • Diminishes wrinkles and can even eliminate them completely

I guess it must work since everyone gave it awesome reviews!  I’m not sure how much this costs because it’s such a tiny bottle but on Amazon, 1 fl. oz costs about $18.99 Ow!

Dec CB 11


9.  Divine Chocolate (one of the additional items of box) – The name of the chocolate and the flavor of the chocolate has me convinced.  Milk Chocolate with Spiced cookies?  I haven’t ripped into this yet but I will, very very soon. And it’s fair trade! Yay!  This brand of chocolate has a variety of flavors that I would love to try.  Yum!  One bar costs about $1.99

10.  St. Claire’s OrganicsGinger Sweets Tin – costs about $2.99 – made out of organic molasses and ginger root, all organic.  Sounds good to me!

11.  EBOOSTNatural Orange – I’ve gotten several packets of this but I haven’t tried it out yet.  I think it’s a lot like Emergen-C except it also provides an energy boost as well as vitamins. It’s a perfect alternative to energy drinks and better for your health!  One packet goes for about:  $1.40

Dec CB 12

12.  Conscious Ink – Gratitude Temporary Tattoo – Cute but I doubt I’d be sporting this any time soon.  It’s made out of organic ink, etc.  The Gratitude tattoo costs $2.00

13.  Episencial Playful Washfree sample – I love Episencial!  When Bluum box first started out, one of the boxes had a full size of Episencial anti itch lotion. Love that stuff!  I haven’t tried the Playful Wash yet but I will very soon.  This sample is free.  By the way, this is for babies!

14.  Nurturme Sweet Bananas Baby food – I’ve always seen this around but haven’t tried it yet.  We’re traveling soon so I’ll be sure to try this to see if BB likes it!  The only thing that’s weird is that it’s like powder form.  Weird.  You just need to mix water or formula or breast milk into it to make it palatable.  One pouch costs $1.13

So there you have it, my final Conscious Box.  If I add up all the above amounts, I get about $24.70 but I didn’t count the Argan oil or the Episencial so I guess it costs around $25 total.  Not bad.  Overall, I liked the variety of this box and at how everything wasn’t edible, for me.  It was a fun run, Conscious Box. Maybe we’ll meet again in the near future…

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