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Citrus Lane Review – December 2012

photo (3)

Yep, you saw that right, Citrus Lane!  I did cancel my subscription from earlier this year but I had a $10 credit waiting for me in my account so I used it for the December box.  🙂  I was excited to come back to Citrus Lane and I expected to be wow’ed by the December box but I’m not so wow’ed. 😦  Boohoo.

For those who are new to my blog, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service that delivers boxes catered to your child’s age.  Citrus Lane calls their boxes “care packages for parents”.  Toys, baby food, feeding accessories are items that are usually included in the boxes.  I had a 3-month subscription earlier this year and totally loved them but I had to cancel because it was getting a little pricey.

So I jumped on this opportunity.  I don’t know if it’s just not an impressive box overall or is it just me?  What do you people think?

CL December2

This month’s theme is “a few of our favorite things”
Just from that theme itself, you would expect an awesome box, right? I sure did!

CL December3

Here’s the packing list – there are only 5 items in it. Well, 4, really and 1 coupon.

CL December4

1)  Green Toys Submarine – I was very happy to see this! I give BB baths in the bathtub and need some more bath toys.  This is great when he graduates to the bigger toddler tub.  He’s still in the infant/toddler the bathroom sink. He tends to freak out when I wash him in the adult tub, even though in his baby bathtub. 😦  This is priced at $14.99

CL December5


2)  Ecomom Offer – $15 towards anything.  This is great! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ecomom and I’m sure I can definitely use this voucher.

3)  Pearhead Brag Book – …in Pink…??  It’s a pretty book and all and I would love to use it but it’s in pink?  I’ve got two little boys.  I emailed Citrus Lane and asked if I could get one in blue.  They promptly replied to me, apologized and said that a blue one is on the way. Yay!  Anyone interested in a pink brag book?  Let me know!  This is priced at $8.95

4)  Renee & Jeremy It’s a Big World CD – I’m not familiar with this at all but I’m sure both CB and BB would enjoy this since they love listening to music.  This has terrific reviews on Amazon and it’s priced at $12.70 on Amazon.  The website of Renee & Jeremy priced it at $10.00.  Citrus Lane priced this CD at $12.00 so I’ll go with that.

5)  Madécasse 75% Cocoa Mini Chocolate Bar – I like dark chocolate – but I find the higher the percentage is, the grosser it tastes.  I hope I like this one.  This looks really yummy but the other flavors look so much better.   Sea salt and nibs?  Arabica Coffee? Yummie!  75% dark chocolate.  I’m cringing just a little bit but I just hope it’s not as bitter as I expect it to be.  This bar costs $1.50

This box costs $52.44 total counting the Ecomom coupon.  That’s not too shabby at all compared to the $15 I paid for the box this month with my $10 credit!  But this box didn’t wow me as much as the other ones.   I’m just a wee bit disappointed but I’m kinda glad I stopped this subscription. I just wish the December box was a little more impressive than this one.  😦

I got my Winter Favorites Cravebox yesterday!  I’m going to review it soon. I also have a Holiday Voxbox from Influenster on the way.  Yay! My first official Voxbox! 🙂


Conversations with CB – #2

Hello, sorry for the hiatus in posts. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or a nice weekend if you aren’t in the US). We were busy little bees.  First, we had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house.  It was more like a one-sided family reunion.  It was really fun and there were lots of kids. My sister has plenty of toys and space so all the kids were very entertained.  BB had his first turkey day, complete with a turkey bib.  I did not get a picture – I know, I’m a bad mom. My dad did, though, but I haven’t seen them yet.  BB also had his first bits of turkey (not pureed!), some cheese, beer bread and other yummy treats.  I also fed him some brownie from McCafe and he seems to love it.  He’s becoming a pro at eating and chewing very well.  Hee hee.  He just hasn’t figured out putting the food in his mouth yet. He’ll try but he hasn’t grasped the idea of dropping the food in his mouth. I just see him gnawing on a fist.  Ha ha.

We also went to Boston for the first time in more than a year.  Meanie has family up there so we often go and visit every couple months.  We also get our haircuts up there, too!  So it’s been over a year since I’ve gotten a haircut.  I got about 6-8 inches chopped off.  Quite drastic, yes, but I’m free!  I think CB was wondering where my hair went, though.  He grabbed my tiny stub of a ponytail and looked bewildered as to where the rest of it is. Doh!

I wanted to introduce you to Carey’s babies – James & Bear-Bear.  🙂


James the Giraffe (given name) and Bear-Bear (named by CB)
They’re posing for a picture in BB’s crib
Yes, one of Bear-Bear’s eyes is unraveling. CB doesn’t seem to care.

James is about 1.5 years old.  We discovered him at a zoo in Montreal in a sea of giraffes, fell in love (me) and bought one for CB.  It was love at first sight for the two of them.  He now looks like he’s decades old, not just 1.5 years old.

He used to look like this:

All fuzzy and fluffy.
If you want him, he is sold at Amazon.

I know he’s got the shortest neck ever for a giraffe but he’s still a cutie.  Ha ha.

Bear-Bear also came with a blankie.  CB was so attached to this blankie but not to Bear-Bear at the time.  I had to buy a bunch of blankies because I had to wash them all the time cuz it got really gross and yucky so I had to recycle them.  So I had 5 blankies and 5 bears.  I’ve been gifting those bears to baby boys, without the blanket. Sorry, guys! 🙂  But he’s a very cuddly bear. He used to look like this:

Yep, all nice and fluffy.  Not any more!
He’s available at Amazon, too, but this listing has a bad review!
If you’re interested, he’s a Cocalo Bear and Blanket set but he’s from 3 years ago
so I don’t see him on their website anymore.

James and Bear-Bear are his babies.  The first thing he runs for when he gets home is for the two of them.  I think if he had to choose one over the other, he would totally choose James but the two are usually together.  I wash them every weekend (that’s why they’re not fuzzy anymore) in the laundry machine and if they are away “taking a shower” and he is about to take his afternoon nap, he asks for them.  “James?”  “Bear-Bear??”  “James???”  “Bear-Bear??!!?”  I just have to tell him that they are taking a bath at the moment but they will be with him when he wakes up from his nap.

I’ve caught CB in the act of feeding James (usually not Bear-Bear, don’t know why) whatever snack he’s eating.  He was trying to shove a pretzel rod in James’ mouth one time.  He will get a tissue to wipe James’ mouth or nose, because maybe he was sniffling, too.  He’s always hugging these guys and I’m sure he talks to them, too, because we hear him yapping away in his room before he goes to nap/sleep at night.

So we were leaving Boston on Sunday and I was packing his babies up.  I threw them in my bag and CB starts these bloodcurdling screams because apparently I was murdering them by throwing them in my bag.

So I said, “Fine, fine, I’ll leave their heads out so they can breathe, too, ok?”

I zip up his babies to the head so their heads are sticking out of my bag so you know, they can “breathe”.

CB is still screaming bloody murder….

I give up, threw him his babies and tell him not to forget them because we are not driving back for them!

CB gingerly holds up James and Bear-Bear, looks into their faces lovingly, and says to them in a worried voice, “ARE YOU OK, BABY??!!??!”

I was on the floor.  ROFL. Funniest and cutest thing ever.  LOL.  🙂


BB is 10 months old this past Monday!  We went for his 9-month well visit last week (a little delayed because of Hurricane Sandy) and his measurements are:

Height:  28.25 inches

Head:  46 cm

Weight:  18 lbs, 10 oz

We are mostly surprised by the weight because we were convinced he was at least 20 lbs!  My dad was convinced that he was no longer 25th percentile for his weight because he’s so heavy but he’s not even that heavy. He just feels really heavy.  He gained 2 lbs, right on schedule.

He’s not crawling yet but he’s rocking/swaying on his hands and knees. He might be crawling by Christmas! He’s also loving “people food” (our food, not in puree form anymore) but he does love his oatmeal cereal and whatever purees I’ve made for him.  Fruits and veggies.  I also made him a chicken puree with sweet potatoes and carrots.  He looked really grossed out the first time he had it. I think he almost vomited.  LOL but he kept on opening his mouth for more. I think he looked really grossed out because it wasn’t sweet like the other purees he’s had in the past.  He’s definitely a sweet tooth, I think!

10 months, yay!
Can’t believe he’ll be a year old in 2 months!


>Sleep Deprived

>I need a sleepcation.  My baby woke up at 5am screaming bloody murder and wouldn’t go back to sleep after that.  I think he had a really disturbing nightmare and he just couldn’t sleep after that.  I tried comforting him by holding him but nothing helped.  Every time I put him back in the crib, he’d start screaming as if someone was trying to kill him.  =(  So we brought him to the bed with us.  I don’t want to make co-sleeping a habit but if it’s the only way I’ll get sleep, I’ll do it.  He slept for maybe half an hour to 45 minutes and after that, he just started making this noise (think something like the horror lady from “The Grudge”) and started poking me. Yes, my baby pokes me when I’m sleeping.  Wahhhhh….

Me = one unhappy exhausted momma. 

I can only drink one cup of coffee max per day or else I get really bad shakes and feels like I’m getting a heart attack since my heart palpitations are so rapid on caffeine.  Blegh.

I really hate this post-pregnancy hair issue.  Approximately 3 months after you give birth, all the hair you had while you were pregnant starts to fall out.  I would see softball sized hairballs after I took showers.  It was really disturbing.  Luckily I have a lot of hair to begin with so I didn’t end up bald but my hair got really really thin.  And then after that, your hair starts growing back.  Baby hairs galore.  Mine grow back slowly and they stick straight up. So the hair at the front of my head (the bang area) sticks straight up.  You know, like these birds:

Now my baby hairs are half grown out so some are sticking up, some are sticking left, right, down, or just against the way how my hair is growing.  So annoying.  Luckily I found a stick of hair wax in my medicine cabinet and applied it.  My hairs seem to be behaving for now but who knows what’ll happen at the end of the work day.

*Sigh*  The stuff mothers have to go thru for their children….*shakes head*  My sister was lucky.  She didn’t have this hair problem after both her pregnancies. 

Anyways, here are some more product reviews.

Carey got this for his Christmas present from his Aunt Jenny, Uncle John and the kiddies:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I think Meanie and I were excited more than he was.  This was the present we were waiting for.  This thing is a God send if you want to save your arms.  At a certain age – like around 6 months or so, your baby is going to want to jump alot.  All..the..freaking..time.  Usually we hold him under the armpits and he starts jumping no matter where he is.  On the bed, on the floor, on the couch, on your gut..etc etc.  But when you want ur hands free, you just plunk him into this and he jumps like crazy.

When I first put Carey in it, his feet didn’t even reach the floor so he just kinda hung there.  I don’t think he even knew that he could jump in it.  I even bounced him by myself for him to get a clue.  He didn’t figure out it gave him the ability to jump until when his dad was trying to take him out.  So Carey was trying to get away from his dad and started jumping to get away.  But once he figured out he can jump in the thing, that’s what he exactly did.  I have several videos of him.  It’s totally hilarious when he screams at the top of his lungs and starts jumping.  He also likes to jump to music.  That’s my son! 🙂

There are 2 music settings – one that plays continuous music or the other is that music will play whenever he starts jumping.  There are also toys on the side that will entertain him and a bird and a gecko hanging from up high which Carey likes to stare at while jumping.  The only bad thing is that the seat is a little tight so putting your baby in is slightly difficult and that it takes a lot of room.  But I definitely recommend it!

When my sister had her kids, she didn’t have a jumperoo (I’m sure she regretted it because she got Carey one, lol). But she had the Evenflo exersaucer, several of them. LOL One for home, one for maternal grandparents’ home and the other for paternal grandparents’ home. I have 2 now (hand me downs) but it’s a great contraption to put your kid into when he starts holding up his head. Mine are pretty outdated but the ones on Amazon look really cool!

The one I have is similar to this one.
But the other ones look so fun:
OR there’s a 3 in one:
Wow!  The EvenFlo ExerSaucer Triple Fun.

I’m really envious of the babies nowadays.  I didn’t have cool toys like that when I was a baby.  And the diapers are so awesome too.  I remember leaky, damp and itchy diapers from way back.  Ugh.

My blog is too long.  I’ll do toiletries next like shampoo, baby wash, etc etc. eventually.

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