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Still here…

I know I’ve been MIA on this blog but it’s been hard to find time to blog since I officially became a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) since last Thursday!!  Yep, a full-time mother.  No more full-time working mother.  It sure beats waking up early in the morning to hop on a commuter bus for two hours, work till 5:30pm, jump on another commuter bus going back home for another 2 hours and rush home to wash up and feed my kids.  I’ve been working in NYC for about 15 years and it was time to go!  I had the biggest smile on face since Thursday evening.  I wasn’t even sad to leave! 🙂

Now that I’ve left I can blog about all the crap that happened at my job. Ha hah!

I haven’t mastered the SAHM thing but it’s been rewarding so far to spend time with my toddler.  Whatever happened?  I used to have a baby and a toddler.  Now I have a toddler and a preschooler!  Where did all that time go?  It’s so sad how much time I’ve missed but I’m glad I jumped ship now better than later.  At least I have some time to enjoy them before they grow up to be really big.

I’m totally behind on product reviews and stuff like but those will come in time.  Right now, I’m enjoying my kids.  It’s been long past due.  It’s a lot of work but I rather spend time with my children than dealing with adults acting like children at a workplace.  At least my children have a right to act like children.  🙂  

Conversations with CB #2

Me:  Hi CB, how are you?  Did you have fun today?
CB: Gordiya!  *Huuu Huuu Huuu*
Me:  (bewildered) Whaat?
CB:  Gordiya!!
Me:  Gordita?  You want Mexican food?  (frazzled)
CB:  Gordiya!!!  *HUU HUUU HUUU*
Me:  Uhhhh…
CB:  *sees this on TV (Baby Einstein)*:

















Me:  OHHHHHHHHHHH….Gorilla!!!

Those R’s and L’s are a killer for little ones. LOL.  Not just little ones!

Conversation with CB #1

I had my first real conversation with CB this morning. I was in bed, trying to get the last few minutes of sleep before my alarm went off.  Meanie went to dress CB for daycare and then I heard baby elephant feet coming my way so I threw the blanket over my head so I can try to get some more sleep.  CB plopped himself in the middle of the bed, waiting for someone to turn on Sprout on TV and give him his morning milk.  And then my alarm went off and I threw off the blanket and turned it off.

CB:  Ohhhh, hi Mommy!  Good morning!
Me:  MMmfff..moornninngg…
CB:  Helllooo!  Hi Mommy!
Me: Good morning, Carey!
CB:  You’re sleeping??!
Me: Yes, Mommy is still tired…zzzzzzzz
CB:  OHhhhhh okaay.  *pats me on head*

Hahahah! So adorable!  I know it doesn’t seem like much of a conversation at all but this is a breakthrough for CB.  Even at 3.5 years, he’s not really communicating yet or really putting words together.  He can talk but mostly he’ll call out animals and expect you to make the sounds the animal makes.  For example:

CB:  Cow!
Someone else:  Moooo!
CB:  Chicken!
SE:  Bok Bok bok!
CB:  Sheep!
SE:  Baaa!

etc…. That was the extent of our “conversations”.  This makes me happy that my little boy will probably start yapping very soon.  Other people have come to us (other family members) have tried to bring to our attention that there’s probably something wrong with him because he’s not fully talking.  I just think that people expect way too much from children these days.  Every child progresses at a different level.  There’s no one correct level or wrong level.

People tell me all the time that boys are just slower than girls when it comes to talking.  I believe it!  I know sooner or later, that speech switch will be turned in the “on” position and then he won’t stop talking.

We are actually in the process of bringing him to the school district to be evaluated for special preschool classes. The special classes will work on his speech and also his interactions with other children. We have gone to the initial meeting to meet with the Child Study Team, which is comprised of 4 different teachers who specialize in different subjects.  We have two more appointments in October which is the actual evaluation.  I’m kinda hoping he does qualify to get in because it will cut our daycare costs by a lot!  Here’s hoping!  And it can’t hurt but only be helpful for him.

I’m definitely looking forward to more conversations with my CB!

Happy 8 months!

I can’t believe my BB is 8 months today!  How time flies. 😦 He’s come a long way from being a runty little thing that refused to gain weight those first few weeks. He preferred to sleep at the boob, instead of eat. So I was forced to pump and force feed him with a bottle so he would gain weight.  We had to go to the doctor every other day for a weight check.  It was a really stressful time and look at my BB now!


Here’s my chubby bunny!

He’s a chunky monkey now!  Just last week I tried putting him in 9-month clothing only to find that his pants are capri-length on him.  When did he grow so fast?  He now comfortably fits in 12-month clothing.  He’s got a little “toof” on the bottom and I’m starting to see a second “toof” emerging right next to the first “toof”.  He enjoys his solids immensely.  Of course!  He can sit unsupported most of the time but once in a while he’ll topple over and he’s such a happy little baby. Can’t you tell in the picture?

Oh, and he loooves his big brother!  Luckily, CB loves him, too!  BB is the only one who gets real kisses from CB all the time.  CB just gives air kisses to most people and once in a while he’ll plant a slobbery one right on your lips. Hahaha!  I know soon BB and CB will be running rampant in the house and driving Meanie and me nuts.  Yay.

CB is a funny boy. He’s a clown.  Lately, Meanie tries to teach him to say “I love you” but only “I wuff Mommy” comes out. I gotta record this before he stops saying this.  These are the precious times.  My babies are growing way too fast!!

(Near) Future Partners-in-Crime

Apps for Kids

I have an iPad, first generation.  I got it for Mother’s Day in 2009 right after CB was born.

Correction:  CB has an iPad. I just use it at night when he’s sleeping. 😛

We’ve been toting around the iPad when we go to restaurants and other public places to reduce the chances of a meltdown in public.  Those are always fun.  CB’s been using the iPad for quite a while.  In the beginning, he used to watch the movies we uploaded onto it – mainly Baby Einstein videos.  I also bought the Baby Einstein application, which costs around $1.99 which is misleading.  For $1.99, you get like 1-2 snippets of a partial video and then you have to buy the rest for like 99 cents each.  Or 1.99 each, if you’re going for the flashcard part of it.  I bought the whole damn thing for CB because he loved it so much.  It wasn’t too shabby because he still goes to it these days to use it and he’s way too old for Baby Einstein now.

At first we would get disapproving stares from people in restaurants because we would crack it out once CB would start screaming or something, which is pretty often.  But hey, Meanie and I want to eat out at a restaurant, please don’t mind my kid who is sitting there quietly and watching his Baby Einstein video. All of you are all just mad because you didn’t think of it first, you disapproving people!  😛

Other times we would get admiring looks.  Not admiring of us but at the skillz my kid has.  He can zoom around on the iPad, swiping and sliding here and there.  It wasn’t like that in the beginning.  I’d have to do it for him all the time after he screamed he wanted something.  One day, I sat down with him and taught him to slide and sweep around on the iPad. Now he’s a pro.  He can totally show up some old-timers on the iPad/iPhone (like my parents, lol).  Although at times, I crack up when CB goes up to the laptop/desktop screen/TV and tries to swipe stuff around.  I’m sure everything will be all touch screen in due time.

Have you guys ever heard of Puzzingo?

It’s a kid’s application that resembles a lot like the wooden kiddie puzzles, just in app form! It’s pretty nifty.  I found it a while ago on the App Store.  Once in a while, I browse through the Top 25 looking for new apps for me and for CB. If it looks interesting, I’ll download it and see how it goes. I don’t need to show CB these new apps.  He has specific folders on both my iPhone and iPad so he knows where to look.  Lately, he’s been playing Puzzingo. A LOT.  He goes nuts if it’s not working properly and it’s a total meltdown city.

Here’s how one of the puzzles look.  You just touch the objects on the right side and slide it to where it belongs.  It’s also educational because there’s a woman’s voice that names the object and after you place it into its spot where it belongs, you can touch the object and it makes the sound. In the case of a bee, it would make this Bzzing sound.  So it’s not just a game, it’s a learning game.  I usually prefer to download educational apps for CB. I want him to learn and to have fun.  And he does!

I don’t disagree with that.  I believe it is one of the best apps for kids.  Very entertaining.

One day last week, I was playing with Puzzingo (Ok, I like it, too, so shoot me!) and I noticed that in the corner that you can gain access to a secret puzzle!  Hey, why not?  All it required you to do was to leave a great review on the App Store so I did.  And then you send an email to 77 Sparx (the company that makes Puzzingo) and tell them which review is yours.  I received a reply fairly quickly and was asked to do a customer interview via telephone for feedback purposes.  So I did.  Today, in fact.  I hope I was coherent and not as giggly as I tend to do while nervous.  I don’t do phone work all that well. I prefer to do communication in person or in email/text.  Am I weird?  😦  Also, they offer you a gift card for your time.  How nice is that?

In short, download Puzzingo for your kids.  It’s a real favorite with CB.  77 Sparx also makes other apps so I’ve downloaded/purchased them too.  CB hasn’t really discovered them yet but I’m sure he will, in time.

Here are some other apps that CB prefers:

Kideos – it’s an app based on the website.  It’s basically a bunch of YouTube videos that are categorized into age groups.  CB prefers the dancing animal ones (like the dog or techno chicken, don’t ask). He’s also found some other videos that are pretty entertaining, like The Elephant Song, The Rhino Song and Gummi Bears. LOL

[Warning:  These songs will repeat in your head over and over again, especially if your kid has it on repeat.]

Another app that CB likes is Tozzle.  It’s a lot like Puzzingo but for some reason, CB prefers Puzzingo.  I’m not sure why that is.

Are you familiar with the TV channel called Sprout?  It’s basically a TV channel where they play kiddie shows, a bit like Nick for Kids, Disney channel, etc. We first discovered this channel in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office.  They have it playing all day so we got hooked. I was delighted to see that FIOS has it in its channel listing so now our TV’s are permanently on Sprout for CB.  And for BB!  🙂

They have an app called Dress Chica – where you can dress the little chicken from the show.  [When I told the people at Puzzingo about this, I could literally hear them ROFLing in the background. I’m sure my colleagues were like WTF is she talking about??] Hee hee.  By the way, this app also lets the kids take a snapshot of their dressed up Chicas.  I can’t tell you how many times I went to view my photos on my iPhone and found countless pictures of Chica in various states of dress. LOL

CB also loves the Super Why application. He loves the show and he loves books, so why wouldn’t he love Super Why?  I like it how it’s good and educational and now he knows his alphabet, I’m starting to see he can recognize words and maybe read a little bit!

Mickey Mouse Road Rally is another favorite. Yes, he has quite a lot of favorites.  I’ve noticed CB has incorporated a lot of Mickey Mouse language into his own.  Sometimes when he wants something, we ask him to say the magic word and he’ll say:  “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!” Which is the password to get into the Secret Clubhouse.  Hah!  He also likes to say “Oh Toodles!” a lot too.  Haa haa. it’s really all too cute.

I also have a variety of flashcard apps that CB enjoys as well.  I really believe that these apps are helping him learn new things every day and he’s having good fun out of learning, too. That’s a huge plus in my book!

Do your kids have any favorite apps on your tablet/mobile phones?  Please do share!

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