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Kidz Kuts & Morning People

We did a lot this weekend. It was sunny outside and it was relatively warm for October.  My mom and several other people have been telling us to get CB a haircut because he was getting rather hairy. His last hair cut was in the summer when we went to the mall and we swapped kids with my in-laws.  Meanie and I took our nephews to play at Dave & Busters and Meanie’s big bro and sister-in-law took CB and BB to go shopping. When we got our kids back, CB had a new shirt on, new sneakers and a new hair cut!  🙂 But that was in the summer and since then, CB has gotten hairy again.  He got his school pictures back this year but he doesn’t look as good since he’s starting to resemble Cousin Itt.  Ha ha, not that bad but getting there. He’s still scared of hair cuts and hair dressers so it’s like pulling teeth to get him to have a hair cut.


Picture taken from here.

I know there are hair salons that specialize in kids hair cuts but the ones in my area were either really far away or got scary reviews via Yelp.  So despite the bad review on Yelp, we headed to a local Kidz Kuts ($17 for a hair cut).  It’s located in Livingston Mall, in Livingston, NJ (duh! LOL) and it’s a small section of the adult salon called Professional Hair Salon (this place got the bad review).  They had the taxi cars, planes where the kids ride in, all equipped with a TV, DVD player (Elmo for CB, of course!) and friendly hair dressers.  I was also a little worried about going to Livingston Mall. I used to go there a lot when I was younger and it was decent, for a local NJ mall. But as time progressed, it got severely ghetto and I stopped going there because it was just so unpleasant to be in.  It’s gotten a lot better since then!  I never brought Meanie there so it was his first time and I was pleasantly surprised to see it improved since the last time I went there (gotta be in the 90’s).

CB screamed and cried and tried to climb out, as we expected him to but he did OK!  Luckily, the place wasn’t overly crowded so there wasn’t a huge crowd witnessing this whole debacle.  We pretty much had the whole section to ourselves.  It was done in just 10 minutes, max, and CB looks great now!  And he was super happy afterwards and pretty much for the whole weekend.

I found a blog where someone had their kid get a haircut here, too.  I didn’t take any pictures because it wasn’t pretty with all that crying and screaming.  There’s a picture of the same hair dresser CB had, too! I think his name is Joe.  We will definitely be back again so Joe can cut CB’s hair!

Have you ever seen those long-haired dogs, like a Shih-Tzu or a Maltese, get their haircuts in the summer when it’s too hot?  They no longer have their long hair and they are SO HAPPY to not be burdened by long hair in their faces, etc.  CB reminds me of those dogs cuz he was SO SO SO HAPPY the whole weekend.  🙂  He also got a lollipop afterwards for being so good.

Here’s a before picture:


And here’s an AFTER picture:


Haha, so Happpiee!

He looks like a totally different kid, huh?  Here he is in a carousel ride for kiddies:

I plopped in a buck for this ride and he quietly sat there, waving to me and eating his lollipop. Ha ha.  He also got to ride it 2 more times after that since the other parents whose kids were on the first time I put in a buck, “paid” me back in rides.  So nice of them!

CB was very happy this weekend but Meanie, BB and me were not so happy.  CB is a morning person.  He wakes up at the most insane times (like when it’s still dark outside).  He will chatter non-stop and plop himself right in our bed, in the middle. Luckily for me, he’s a daddy’s boy so he will bug Meanie instead of me.  Ha ha.  But I still hear him! Gah.  BB hears him too, from his own room and a slightly closed door!  Meanie, BB and I LOVE to sleep.  We are rather cranky without sleep.  When Meanie and I were younger (i.e., BEFORE kids), we would sleep the day away and be happy with that.  So much for those days.

My parents are totally morning people.  They believe in getting up very early in the day and running errands (which I do agree to but not happy about because I need my beauty sleep!)  I think my parents’ Morning Person-ness skipped a generation because I certainly don’t have it and neither does my sister, and went all into CB. Wahhh!  He was up at 3:30am last night.  5am Friday night.  Goodness gracious.  How am I supposed to teach him to stay in bed till it’s a normal time to get up.  8am would be nice.  9am would be even better!  *sigh*

This post is entirely about CB.  BB feels left out. He’s going to be 9 months on Friday!  Time flies so fast!

You can see his two teeth on the bottom.  He’s not crawling yet but more like bulldozing with his head and looks like an inchworm trying to get to his point of destination. LOL.  I don’t think he knows he has to move his hands and knees simultaneously to crawl somewhere.  It’s a work in progress.  He has a hearty appetite.  He snarfs down his solids, 3 meals a day and sucks down his bottles. He’s a big boy! He’s sure to catch up with his big brother soon.

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