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Product Review – SheSpeaks

This post is long overdue. My apologies!

I joined SheSpeaks over the summer because I was looking into more websites that were similar to BzzAgent.  I like the idea of trying out new products and spreading the word.  I was doing that for a while but I was buying the products myself.   If you join these sites, you may get picked to test some new products, depending on where you stand – usually like age, area, etc etc.

SheSpeaks is a community for women where you can read blogs, share reviews, read opinions and be chosen for free product testing.  It’s quite nifty.

I mentioned Shespeaks a few posts ago about these websites who promote word of mouth marketing.  Clickety.

Since joining this past summer, I’ve been offered 2 products for testing.  The first was Clear Shampoo and Conditioner but it took a while to arrive due to shipping complications.  I received the products about 2 months later after I accepted the invite to test these products after I contacted them through their main website that I still haven’t received the products.  Their customer service was very prompt and polite and shipped it out to me in a few days.

I was excited to use Clear Shampoo and Conditioner!  I’ve been seeing these commercials over and over since I was catching up on shows on Hulu Plus – which isn’t commercial free.  You’re forced to watch 1-2 commercials when they have commercial breaks.  It’s not pure torture but it sucks that I can’t fast forward through them.  But after viewing these commercials, I wanted to try these products!  (Their partnership with Hulu Plus worked – I NEEDED to try these products LOL)  So imagine my excitement when SheSpeaks offered me to product test these items. 🙂

When I finally received my box, I ripped the box open and went to wash my hair.  Please note no pictures were taken of my box because I literally ran off with the products to go wash my hair.  Seriously.

What my hair has been looking like for the past 6 months and still does. 😦

By the way, it’s almost 9 months AFTER I gave birth to BB and I’m still dealing with post-pregnancy hair.  I went through the hair loss about 3 months post-labor and now my hair is long as fark. (Not anyone’s fault but mine) But I’m STILL dealing with the baby hairs that stick STRAIGHT UP and I look so silly!  Nothing works for those stubborn baby hairs.  Hair wax, hair spray, gel, mousse.  Nope.  They are SO defiant.  I first realized my hair was sticking up when BB kept on staring above my eyes and I was always wondering what he was staring at.  He was/is staring at my baby hairs and how silly his mommy looks. 😦  I look so stupid and old with my salt and pepper hair.  That’s what having kids does to you – turn your hair white and grey.  I’m in serious need for a dye job and a hair cut. What’s taking so long?  I get my hair cut in Boston by a specific salon and a specific person.  LOL

Ahh, I digress.  Just had to get that out there.  Anyone dealing with post-labor ostrich hair?

So I tried the shampoo and conditioner and I love the smell.  It smells great!  I found the shampoo lathered well but I have SO MUCH hair that I need to use a large amount to get the lather that I need.  I usually use Dove Moisturizing Shampoo and a smaller amount of that lathers just right for my hair.  I have to use this insane amount of Clear Shampoo to acquire the lather I’m used to and to cover all of my hair.  It also rinses well and doesn’t feel like it leaves any build up in my hair.  I also love how it makes my hair smell so good the very next day, all day long.  I just sniffed my hair and it still smells good!

The conditioner is also great, too. It smells great and it really moisturizes my hair and leaves it really soft and shiny.  I find that I use the conditioner more often than the shampoo. It really bothers me that I need to use  A LOT to acquire the lather that I need to ensure all of my hair and scalp would be clean.  I wish they would make it more lather-able. Is that even a word?

I’m the type of person who needs to alternate products they use all the time.  I can’t use just one thing because I either get sick of it or my hair/skin/body doesn’t like it.  I crave for variety.  So I alternate using the Clear shampoo and using the Dove shampoo and I’m happy as a clam.  I doubt I’d be happy using it every day.  Nor my hair. But that’s just me!

What REALLY bothers me is the design of the bottles.  Yeah, it looks very modern and sleek but it’s not well balanced. They topple over every day in my bathroom.  You will always hear two loud bangs and me cursing because it landed on top of my head or my toes.  Me not happy. 😡   Overall, I really like the two products and I would probably buy the conditioner more than the shampoo in the future.

The second product I tested from SheSpeaks is the Enfagrow Older Toddler Ready to Drink Milk.  They marketed this to picky toddler eaters because the milk has the nutrition the toddlers need if they aren’t eating all too healthy.  They come in two flavors – Regular and in Vanilla; and they also come in powder form, if that’s preferred.

CB is a picky picky eater.  If he likes the food, he’ll gobble it up.  If he doesn’t, he’ll hold it in his mouth and let his saliva disintegrate his food into nothing and THEN he’ll swallow it.  Gross, isn’t it?  He won’t spit it out if he doesn’t like it and if we pry it out, he screams bloody murder when we do.  It’s a lose-lose situation and it’s always a puzzle trying to figure out what he will eat.  Even if he liked one type of food one day because he gobbled it down, there are times when I serve it again and then he’ll just hold the food in his mouth.  Gross.

CB is totally skinny. He’s got skinny legs and arms and is so skinny.  BB is way chubbier than him.  BB is ready to eat the food we eat. He always looks so sad when he sees our food and then looks at his food (oatmeal cereal mixed with fruit and veggie puree).  He snarfs it down anyway.  I can totally picture in the near future CB refusing to eat his food and BB totally grabbing it and stuffing it in his mouth.  TOTALLY.

I actually remembered to take pictures of the contents in my box this time.  Actually I got this shipment BEFORE I got the Clear products.  Ha ha.




Enfagrow Older Toddler drinks contain:

  • DHA and iron—two building blocks of a toddler’s brain
  • 19 nutrients to help support growth
  • Natural Defense® Dual Prebiotics® Blend—designed to help support your toddler’s immune system

Their packaging resembles the Horizon Organic Milk cartons that come in Vanilla or Chocolate. CB drinks those a lot and loves it.  I used to drink those when I was pregnant.  They are quite yummy!  I served these at CB’s birthday party one time with other kiddie drinks and juice boxes and all these kids were crying for their own vanilla milk!  Like crying and whining!  The power of Horizon Vanilla milk.  Hee hee.  Good thing I had plenty to go around.

So one weekend, I gave CB an Enfagrow milk.  He seemed happy to try it because it’s almost identical to the Horizon milk. He took one sip…and never touched it again after that.  I figured it was just that one time so I served it again but he knows what it looks like and it’s NOT his favorite vanilla milk and it goes untouched.  I served it another time and he tried to force it down Meanie’s throat.  3 times.  I know Meanie or my mom has tried giving it to him.  Always untouched.  It’s obvious he doesn’t like it.  I tried it for myself to see what it tastes like.  There’s a faint vanilla taste but it’s not as flavorful as the Horizon milks.  And it doesn’t taste like organic milk.  You know, yummier than regular non-organic milk.  But I don’t taste anything bad or vitamin-y or anything like that. For some reason, my child avoids this like the plague.

I have a bunch of coupons for this.  Anyone interested?  Please don’t base your decision on my child.  He is SUPER picky and I’m not surprised he doesn’t like it.  I read other reviews on this product and other peoples’ kids love the milk.  It’s good for you and tastes great.  But if your kid has had a taste of the Horizon organic milks, there’s a huge chance your kid won’t like these either.  Just sayin’.

[Disclaimer:  Please note that I received both products complimentary for testing purposes from SheSpeaks.  This is my honest opinion.]


Influenster & Other Sites

In addition to my addiction to subscription boxes, I’ve been looking into websites with free product testing and the like.  I used to blog on Xanga about anything and everything (just like here on WordPress) but I would also do a lot of product review. For example, if I used something I really liked, of course I had to blog and rave about it.  People would always tell me to join those websites where you would get free products to test and I had no idea there were such websites such as that!  If I had searched earlier, I would have totally jumped on that bandwagon.  I’m on it now and it’s never too late to start.

There are SO many websites out there so I’m just going to start on the ones where I’ve gotten products to review so far (except for Influenster).

I just joined Influenster over the summer. They just revamped their website and their Facebook page so it’s a little more inviting to the eye.  I’ve never gotten a Voxbox yet but I’m eagerly waiting for my very first one.  Basically you just need to unlock badges on the website and write reviews for products.  That’s all I know for now since I’m fairly a new member.  Supposedly when you qualify for a new product, they will give you a survey to fill out and then maybe a Voxbox, for free?  I just did my first survey and I’m waiting to be picked.  Here’s hoping!

I copied this from their website about what Influenster is all about:

What Is Influenster

Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products.

So…what exactly is Influenster? So glad you asked. Here’s a handy definition that would make Merriam-Webster proud:

Influenster [in-floo-uhn-ster]


An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters (such as yourself) come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other. 2. The hotspot you just bookmarked on your web browser that turns your social influence into sweet rewards.

Basically, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly — they just want to know what’s up).

Click here to read all about it!  If anyone of you are interested in joining, please send me your email and I can send you an invite.  Or you can just join from the website.  Whatever is easiest. 🙂


I’ve been a BzzAgent since January 2011. Since then, I have joined in on about 20 different campaigns for different products.  BzzAgent is the leading social market company (according to the website) that relies on Word of Mouth Marketing.

“Connecting people and their favorite brands since 2001, BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company. What’s that mean to you? We put products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more. We wouldn’t call ourselves heroes, but it’s okay if you want to.” Click.

If you qualify for a campaign, they will send you a BzzKit that usually contains the item(s) that need to be reviewed plus a bunch of coupons you can share with your friends and family.  I love BzzAgent! It’s my favorite program and I love doing campaigns for them.  If you have free time, I totally recommend you to join if you’re interested in this type of stuff.  I’m on 3 different campaigns right now – Covergirl & Olay; UnReal Candy; and Glade Expressions.  I completed the first two by blogging (you don’t need to have a blog to be a BzzAgent) and telling people in person or by Facebook or anything sort of communication.  Just as long as you spread the word about the product and if you liked it or not.


SheSpeaks is another one I’ve joined. Here’s how it works:
“We inspire women to discover, influence and share products. SheSpeaks is a community powered by women who love to get the latest scoop and share what’s hot. SheSpeaks gives you many ways to have a say, share and inspire others. Read and comment on our blogs, share hot deals and offers, create a review or join our discussion boards. You’ll get helpful information, tips and expert advice on a range of topics, to keep you in the know. It’s free to join and if you participate regularly in our community you might just get something free delivered to your door.”

So you join, comment on blogs and forums and so on and you may be qualified for some product testing.  I believe SheSpeaks and Cravebox (subscription box) are affiliated with each other.  I’m on the wait list for the subscription list for Cravebox but I’ve been winning the drawings of their Limited Edition boxes.  So far, I’ve won the drawing for the Summer Beauty LE box, Summer BBQ LE box and I just recently received an email that I won the drawing for the Book Lovers LE box which should be arriving sometime this week so look out for a review from me in the near future!

Oh gawsh, I went off on a tangent about Cravebox!  I was talking about SheSpeaks!  Gahhh.

My first product testing that was offered to me was the Clear Shampoo and Conditioner..except I never received it.  I joined this “campaign” (I don’t know what else to call it and so used to calling them campaigns) back in the summer and it’s now October and I still haven’t received it.  I know SheSpeaks had some shipping issues.  I checked the forum on the websites and some people had mentioned that they just contacted SheSpeaks and they reshipped the products to them.  So I did that yesterday, received a prompt email from SheSpeaks and they will reship the items to me.  So I hope to get it soon! I’ve been looking forward to trying out Clear Shampoo and Conditioner!

I received my second product testing before my first one – for the Enfagrow Older Toddler Milk Drink.  This didn’t go all too well with CB.  He refused to drink it after a taste and then tried to force feed (sharing) with Meanie.  I tasted it and it’s a little bland in the taste department.  It tastes like the Horizon Organic milk but just not as flavorful.  I think CB prefers his regular organic whole milk to these drinks.  If anyone is interested in these coupons, please let me know!


I’ve heard about Swaggable through some blogs and news articles (forgive me, I forget which) and promptly signed up.  I believe they’re still in Beta testing.  Soon after I signed up, I was offered to try a Coconut Cashew Truebar and I quickly signed up for it.  I hadn’t received a product for a very long time until one day I received this weird looking envelope and out popped my Truebar!  Hah!  It isn’t a hoax! (I admit, I was thinking this was a non working program or something).


Above is how Swaggable works.  It’s a lot like the other sites.  🙂 I haven’t been offered another product to try out for but I will definitely jump on that opportunity whenever it arrives.

That’s it for now!


I used to blog a lot on several pages about my life experiences, entertainment and mainly, products that I have tried recently and wanted to share with people about how great (or not) they are. Friends have suggested to me that I should do it more often since I like to spread the word so much. I had no idea that such activities existed.  I found out about BzzAgent when I was reading product reviews on Amazon. It seemed awesome to me that I could get free product samples and in return, I only had to review them or spread the word (word of mouth advertising).  That is totally me!  So I signed up for BzzAgent in 2010 and have been on about 17 different campaigns since then.  Now I’m currently on absolutely zero campaigns and I feel like I have a void I need to fill.  So I searched for other word-of-mouth websites programs, like BzzAgent, and found that there were some. I signed up for several but so far, no news yet.  Here’s hoping something comes along my way soon.

I also signed up for HouseParty which seemed like a very interesting idea to me.  It’s similar to BzzAgent where they will send you stuff but you just need to hold a house party and distribute the items they sent you.  The parties are themed differently so you can apply if you’re interested.  I applied for a Lego party and if I get picked, I plan to hold a play date at my house!  It’s works out great because we regularly invite guests over for food and for fun so this will just be an added perk.

I’ve also looked into Subscription boxes. If you don’t know what a subscription box is, it’s basically like a magazine subscription but instead you get a box of goodies.  I’ve been subscribing to Bluum since they started and every month, I get a little box full of products and samples.  Bluum is catered to mom & baby items and at first I was very happy with the contents of the box but lately not so much.  I find the subscription price a bit expensive for the items I get in return.  Basically, I don’t think the products I’m getting are worth the money I spend on my subscription.  It had so much promise but now I just want to end my subscription.

Lately the Bluum boxes (or bag) have been filled with only sample sized products.  Like tiny itty bitty ones.  It seems like a ripoff to me for $11 per box.  The initial boxes used to have one full sized product and a bunch of sample sizes but now it’s just a bunch of sample sizes which in my opinion, is a total ripoff.  And on my search for other Bluum box reviews, it seems to me that I’ve been jipped for more than one month because the boxes I received seemed like they were missing 1-2 products.  What the heck!  Me no happy!

I’ve looked around and I”m delighted to find out there are several other subscription boxes catered for mothers of young children. Citrus Lane boxes look pretty nice and I might join that after I cancel Bluum.

On a whim, I joined CraveBox, which is another subscription box company.  Unfortunately, all the subscription box spots are all taken up so I joined the waiting list. It costs about $10 a box.  From what I can gather, you will get a box every month if you have a subscription to CraveBox.  But they also offer limited edition boxes where non-members and non-subscription people can apply for a limited edition box.  You are not guaranteed a limited edition box when you sign up and they supposedly pick the winners via some kind of lottery process.

So I signed up for the Summer BBQ box:

I left my credit card number in case I got picked for it (I wasn’t expecting it at all) and I was very surprised to see that I received a Federal Express tracking number yesterday.  My reaction was like, what is this?  What did I order?  And I was very surprised to see that my Summer BBQ limited edition box was on its way! I haven’t received it yet but I am looking forward to it.  I joined the CraveBox Facebook page and it seems like the majority of the people who received are very happy with it.  I’ll be sure to update my blog with the contents of the box!  According to the tracking number, I should be receiving this box tomorrow which is perfect because we are holding a BBQ on Sunday! Yay!


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